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Burmese Ruby: The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Valuable Gemstone


In this article, Ruby is one of the world’s most valuable gemstones, and among all rubies from Burma (also known as Myanmar), Burmese rubies stand out as being especially sought-after. Burmese rubies boast an intriguing history, stunning appearance, and high value that make them popular with jewelry collectors and enthusiasts. In this article we’ll provide all the knowledge necessary for understanding Burmese rubies from their origin and characteristics to meaning and benefits.

burmese ruby
burmese ruby


What is a Burmese Ruby?

Burmese rubies are mined from Mogok in northern Myanmar (formerly Burma). This region has long been considered home of some of the finest rubies worldwide. Their intense red hue has earned them fame worldwide as “pigeon blood red”, often described as blood-red. This shade comes from two factors combining: slightly bluish-red body color combined with red fluorescence which amplifies saturation and brightness. Burmese rubies also boast silky appearance due to tiny rutile inclusions which scatter light.

How to Identify a Burmese Ruby?

Burmese rubies may be difficult to distinguish, particularly after heat treatment. While heat treatment enhances color and clarity by eliminating blue and purple tones as well as silk inclusions, this practice lowers their value and rarity significantly, thus decreasing their rarity value; natural Burmese rubies are much more valuable than treated ones and require a certificate from an independent laboratory to prove their origin and quality. Some features that help identify Burmese rubies include:

  • Color: One of the main traits distinguishing Burmese rubies from other rubies is their distinctive hue. Burmese rubies feature an intense red hue with subtle blue undertones for an eye-catching and saturated appearance, without any brown, orange, or pink tints; their intensity should remain consistent under all lighting conditions without diminishing or darkening under different light sources.
  • Clarity: Burmese rubies should contain inclusions as an indication of their natural formation and origin; however, too large, numerous, or visible to the naked eye inclusions should not negatively impact transparency and brilliance of the stone. Inclusions that create star effects known as asterism or cat’s-eye effects known as chatoyancy are particularly prized as these optical phenomena result from reflection of light off rutile silk within the ruby stone.
  • Cut: Burmese rubies are generally cut in oval, round, or cushion shapes to maximize color and weight of the stone. Other shapes such as pear, marquise or emerald may also be possible depending on rough material availability and cutter preference; any shape must be symmetrical and proportionate with no windowing or extinction (when one portion appears lighter than others).
  • Carat: Burmese rubies are both rare and costly, particularly the larger varieties. An average Burmese ruby weighs less than one carat; anything above two carats is considered exceptional, and as its price increases exponentially with carat weight; larger stones tend to be rarer and more desirable; nevertheless color/clarity matters more than size as a smaller gem with better qualities can often prove more valuable.

What is the Meaning and Benefits of a Burmese Ruby?

Burmese rubies are not only beautiful and valuable; they also hold special meaning for their wearers. According to ancient lore and traditions, rubies are associated with love, passion, courage, power and healing properties – these characteristics being believed by some as beneficial properties in wearing one. Some meanings and benefits associated with Burmese rubies:

  • Love and passion: Burmese rubies have long been seen as symbols of romance and devotion, representing both its fiery intensity and passion. Many believe they attract and increase feelings of romance both within themselves and others; as well as helping rekindle sparks or attract potential partners into relationships or spark up new ones. Burmese rubies have also become traditional presents on 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries to honor and commemorate love’s longevity and fidelity.
  • Courage and power: Burmese rubies have long been considered symbols of royalty and nobility, worn by kings, queens and warriors throughout history. According to legend, they can help boost confidence, courage and leadership and overcome fear or anxiety while aiding goal achievement and overcoming challenges or obstacles. Furthermore, Burmese rubies have long been seen as symbols of wealth and prosperity because they attract abundance and success.
  • Healing and Protection: Burmese rubies are powerful stones of life and vitality, with strong connections to blood circulation, immunity, metabolism, inflammation relief and various ailments such as anemia, fever, infections or inflammation. Furthermore, Burmese rubies provide emotional balance by soothing emotions, mind and spirit as well as spreading joyous feelings. Finally, Burmese rubies serve as powerful stones of protection by shielding from evil energies, negativity or danger.

How to Buy a Burmese Ruby?

Burmese rubies are among the world’s most valuable and expensive gemstones, and should therefore be approached with great caution and research prior to purchase. Here are a few tips on how to purchase one:

  • Select a Reputable Seller: The initial step should be selecting a trustworthy and reputable seller who can provide you with an authentic certificate from an independent laboratory such as Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), or Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF). Additionally, your certificate should include details regarding color, clarity, cut carat weight and any treatments or enhancements applied to it.
  • Compare Prices: The price of a Burmese ruby depends on several factors, including its quality, size, shape and origin, as well as market demand and supply. Prices can range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars per carat depending on these elements; so it is wise to compare sellers and sources in order to find the one with the best value for your budget. However, be wary of prices which seem too good to be true as these may indicate fake or low-grade stones.
  • Examine the Stone: The best way to appreciate the beauty and quality of a Burmese ruby is to examine it in person, under natural or white light. You should look for the color, clarity, cut, and carat of the stone, and check for any flaws, inclusions, or treatments that may affect its value and appearance. You should also ask for a loupe or a microscope to inspect the stone more closely, and to look for any signs of origin, such as the rutile silk or the fluorescence. You should also ask for a return policy or a warranty, in case you are not satisfied with the stone or you find out that it is not as described.


Burmese rubies are the ideal gemstones for anyone who appreciates red hues, the culture and history of Myanmar, as well as the meaning and benefits of rubies. With rarest and most valuable rubies available worldwide – each burmese ruby boasts its own special charm that distinguishes it from other stones – Burmese rubies are gems to treasure throughout your lifetime, and will bring joy and happiness for years to come If you’re searching for your own or someone else’s Burmese ruby then follow this article’s tips & advice and you’re sure to find your ideal stone Burmese rubies will bring joy & happiness for years ahead.

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