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Constance Ford: The Actress Who Played Ada Hobson for 36 Years


Constance Ford was an American actress and model who rose to prominence during the 1950s for her role as Ada Hobson on Another World, playing it from 1967 until shortly before her death in 1993 – one of longest-serving cast members ever on any daytime soap opera! We will explore here her life, career and legacy.

Early Life and Career

Constance Ford
Constance Ford

Constance Ford was born Cornelia M. Ford on July 1, 1923, in The Bronx, New York. From an early age she displayed an aptitude for acting; participating in numerous school plays and theater productions along with dancing, singing, modeling and modeling work.

She first made her mark on television in the late 1940s, appearing as an actress on shows such as Studio One (1948), Armstrong Circle Theatre (1950) and Goodyear Playhouse (1951). Additionally, she appeared in several films and series such as A Summer Place (1959), Home from the Hill (1960) Rome Adventure (1962) Perry Mason (1958-1963) The Twilight Zone (1959), Gunsmoke (1955) Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1955) and Rawhide (1959).

Another World of Constance Ford

Ford joined Another World as Ada Lucas Hobson, a wealthy socialite married to John Lucas. Over three decades, she became one of the show’s most beloved and memorable characters due to her intelligence, elegance, generosity, loyalty, courage and sense of humor; additionally she would develop romantic relationships with multiple other characters on-screen during that time.

Ford earned critical acclaim and numerous awards for her portrayal of Ada Hobson, including nominations from various organizations like Writers Guild of America, Directors Guild of America and Television Critics Association.

Ford continued her portrayal of Ada Hobson until shortly before her death on February 26, 1993 from cancer at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City at age 69, which left millions of fans shocked and mournful for this stunningly talented actress who they had come to adore and appreciate over time. Ford was later laid to rest at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Legacy of Constance Ford

Constance Ford was an American actress and model best known for her long and distinguished career as Ada Lucas Hobson on Another World from 1967 until shortly before her death in 1993. She appeared in numerous other popular shows, such as Perry Mason, The Twilight Zone, Rawhide and Gunsmoke; being praised by her co-stars and directors alike for her versatility, charisma and professionalism. She earned herself a nomination for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Television Series Drama (99 and 44/100% Dead) that year, as well as acting roles in movies like A Summer Place, Home from the Hill Rome Adventure, Shane, A Summer Place Returns Home From the Hill Rome Adventure and Shane. Constance Ford married actor Shelley Hull from 1946 – 1957 before succumbing to cancer at age 69 on February 26, 1993 and will forever remain one of Hollywood’s greatest and respected actresses ever.

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