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Slate News Quiz: A Fun and Challenging Way to Stay Informed.


Are you an avid trivia-lover who wants to test their knowledge of current events and pop culture? The Slate News Quiz offers the perfect way to do just that; with questions covering politics, business, culture, sports and science. Hosted by Ray Hamel of Slate who has devised questions pertaining to each news category imaginable (politics, business, culture sports & science etc), at its conclusion you’ll be able to compare your score against both that of an average contestant as well as that of someone willing to take the quiz on record!

How It Works

Slate News Quiz
Slate News Quiz

To play the Slate News Quiz is straightforward; all that’s required to get started is internet connectivity and browser that supports cookies. Once clicked on, the quiz will load in a separate tab or window where you can track your score and progress as well as view how other contestants fared by clicking their names. Each question on this quiz worth one point has 10 seconds allotted per attempt before time runs out or incorrect answers occur; each correct answer earns you one point; incorrect answers or timeout results in no points at all – plus skip or review any question by clicking “Skip” at the bottom of screen before clicking “Review” at any time to go back through them all again for an opportunity!

Why it is Fun

The Slate News Quiz can be fun for several reasons. First, its challenges make for engaging gameplay: questions are neither easy nor obvious and require knowledge and critical thinking skills for optimal success. Some questions can be confusing or misleading; there may be multiple correct or no definitive answers available for them. Furthermore, recent events or trends might not be familiar or relevant to everyone; thus making some questions tricky or misleading as well as informing. Finally, answering such queries provides informational value as it broadens one’s knowledge base and increases awareness. Questions in this quiz will test your knowledge of current events and pop culture; they tackle topics that matter in today’s society, such as politics or international affairs – prompting discussions among readers. Some questions relate to business and economics; they might offer insights or opinions into market trends or consumer behaviors. Others focus on culture or entertainment and reflect tastes or preferences among readers. Finally, sociality plays an integral part. This quiz is interactive and collaborative; you can compare your score against that of other Slate readers to compete in friendly competition. Furthermore, results may be shared via social media channels like Facebook or Twitter using hashtags like #slatequiz or #slatenewsquiz for sharing on these platforms.

How It Helps

The Slate News Quiz is both entertaining and beneficial in several ways. First, it serves an educational function; by providing you with facts about current events and pop culture that may otherwise remain hidden to you, as well as expanding your knowledge base and perspective on various subjects. Second, it engages; keeping you interested and entertained through various types of questions and scenarios designed to provoke thinking critical analysis on various issues or topics; it stimulates curiosity while stimulating creativity by challenging you to think creatively while stimulating critical and analytical thought on various issues or topics; thirdly, rewarding; by giving you feedback about how well your performance compares against that of other readers!


The Slate News Quiz is an entertaining and challenging way to stay up-to-date on current events and pop culture while testing your knowledge against that of other readers. Play it online from any browser supporting cookies! Each week, this series consists of 10 questions covering topics from politics to business, from culture to sports and science – providing both informative and entertaining questions on relevant subjects in today’s society. Slate News Q is both educational and entertaining; helping you discover new facts while stimulating curiosity and creativity. Plus it’s rewarding and social; giving feedback for your performance while comparing yourself with other readers! If you enjoy trivia, current events, pop culture challenges, feedback or social interactions then Slate News Q should definitely be tried out!

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