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Corn Pop story explains by Joe Biden: Corn Pop was a nasty guy



Corn Pop story explains by Joe Biden: Corn Pop was a nasty guy: Hi, Dear All, Today, going to sharing more excitable information on the topic of the Corn Pop story explains by Joe Biden: Corn Pop was a bad guy.

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What is Joe Biden’s Corn Pop story?

A story from Biden’s youth that he recounts during a speech. He has come back now. Joe has intension as president-elect of the United States. It all starts when 19-year-old Joe Biden works as an expert swimmer at an all-black pool in Wilmington, Delaware.


1962: Teenage Joe Biden’s Difficulty on Corn Pop

He says, 100 years ago when I was in high school. So starts Joe Biden’s story of involving heated arguments, all the way back in the year 1962.

Biden’s autobiography – Promises To Keep: On Life And the Politics – Tells of a closely avoids spat between the future POTUS. The leader of the Romans is the biggest gang in Wilmington, Delaware.

Biden was working as a Lifeguard. He told the gang leader not to sit on the diving board.

Encourages to tell the story during a speech at the very free time center where it happens, Biden grateful.


Biden’s upbringing in Jim Crow-era Delaware

It was a different time, Biden explains. And indeed, it was. “I did not know any black people. But, of course, one did not know any white people both ways.’ So Biden says to a crowd of black youth listening to his speech.

Biden’s neighborhood was undergoing a specific sector of a population shift at the time. A sizeable connection the road development had forced many black families. Into a group of housing projects at the bottom of a hill. They called it “the bucket.”

The local pool became a frequent visitor for neighborhood gangs. Biden, who works there as a Lifeguard, was the only white employee.

He recalls learning a lot from his black co-workers on the Separate Gametes and Discrimination they experiences. Then he moves on to talk about an incident involving a young man known as Corn Pop.


What happens between Corn Pop and Joe Biden?

According to Biden’s story, Corn Pop was a Local Gang Leader. “Corn Pop was a bad guy. He ran a collection of bad boys,” he says.

One day Corn Pop was sitting on the diving board. There he should not have been. He was wearing a bathing cap to protect the scented ointment in his hair.

Joe Biden continues the story. “I said, ‘Hey Esther, as in Williams, the cause to occur swimmer. Hollywood starlet, one, off the board. I will come up and pull along you off.’”

Corn Pop allegedly responds by saying: “I will meet one outside.” At the end of his shift, Biden went out to his car. He saw Corn Pop “waiting there for me with the three guys and straight razors.”


How does the story end?

On the advice of the pool maintenance guy, Biden allegedly met Corn Pop with a six-foot length of chain wraps around his forearm.

He met him face to face and said: “First of all when I tell one to get off the board. One gets off the board, and I will pick one out again. But I should not have called one Esther Williams. I apologize for that.”

And that, he says, was that. Corn Pop put his razor away, and they became friends. The story has done the rounds several times.

Now Biden is president-elect of the United States. So this story has come up one more time as a part of the country’s curiosity on the future’s POTUS’ past.


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