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Who is Craig Charles Henderson? Why He is in Lucifer’ Season 5 ?


Craig Henderson: Many viewers have wondered who Craig Charles Henderson is and why he’s in ‘Lucifer Season 5: Part B’ Check out the full story.

Lucifer Season 5 Part B has been a long-awaited release. It finally premiered today on Netflix. May 28, 2021. Netizens are buzzing about the new season of Tom Ellis-starrer Lucifer. It has also raised fans’ excitement for the sixth and final season.

Many viewers are curious about Craig Charles Henderson, as Lucifer made a special tribute to him at the beginning of the new season. Read on to learn more about Craig Charles Henderson. Follow Centralfallout to get updated.

who’s Craig Charles Henderson in Lucifer 5B?

Craig Charles Henderson

Netflix renewed Lucifer for a second season. It was to consist of 16 episodes. The streaming giant released the first half of the fantasy TV series in August 2020. Today, the 8 remaining episodes were available. The series continues to be loved by the masses.

Lucifer Season 5 Part B featured a title card that honored Craig Henderson. The title card said: “In loving memory Craig Charles Henderson, 1947-2019.”

Unknown are the person’s series contributions. Daily Express recently reported that Craig is a relative to Lucifer’s showrunner Joe Henderson.

However, their connection has yet to be confirmed. Joe is known to follow a Twitter user called Craig Henderson, but their activity stopped one year prior to the date on the title card for season 5.

Craig’s tweets about Lucifer were the most recent. They were written at the time that Fox canceled it before it was re-launched on Netflix. It seems that he was a key player in raising awareness about Lucifer’s popularity. He also wanted to see the series survive, so he frequently used the hashtag #SaveLucifer in his tweets.

Craig Henderson’s last tweet on Twitter was a retweet from a Lucifer fan group that tweeted “Thank You.” We love you! #LuciferSaved”. His last tweet said, “Never give up save Lucifer.”

It is not clear if Craig was actually part of Lucifer, or just a passionate fan of the Netflix series. His Twitter account has only one follower: Joe Henderson, co-showrunner. As of now, the makers of the show are not revealing the reason for paying tribute to Henderson in season 5 part 2.

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