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Lebron James Brother: Relationship With Alleged Half-Brother



LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers’ star, sent a touching tweet asking Akron residents to help solve Ericka Weems murder. Ericka Weems, the sister of Brandon Weems, Cleveland Cavaliers Scouting director, was found shot and killed in her apartment. She was killed in her Akron home. LeBron James, a friend and NBA icon, reached out to Brandon to seek help following the incident. The star of the Los Angeles Lakers pleaded for help from Akron, asking for justice in the loss of his life.

Who is LeBron’s brother?

Lebron James Brother

McClelland could be James’ father. This would mean James has a half-brother. Aaron McClelland Gamble. Gamble, like James, was born in Akron (Ohio) in 1987. McClelland was so far removed from his half-brother that McClelland wouldn’t have known anything about James.

However, McClelland became famous when he took over the nation as high school student. Gamble’s story is similar to James. His father conceived his mother, then fled the country. Gamble had an aversion and no desire to parent. Gamble is related to a sibling, who was probably conceived by another father.


He has seen James become an international star and has tried to establish a relationship with him. James apparently did not respond.

James is now able to be seen on social media working hard and dedicating himself to his fitness. However, he does so without a half brother. Gamble’s mother died from cancer, and he didn’t have enough money for treatment. If true, this speculation could jeopardize James’ reputation as a family man. However, it is more likely than that.

Brandon Weems, LeBron James’ brother, killed Ericka.

James wrote, “My brother’s sister died in her home this weekend.” Their family needed answers to the murder, he said. Akron’s native asked his fellow Akronians to help him find out who did this “awful and shameful, disgusting thing” to such a loving, caring angel. He added a “#Justice4EricaWeems” hashtag at the end, urging people to use the same. James received many condolences from his followers and fans. Outside Akron, supporters prayed for justice and reached out to Weems family in every way possible. Nearby users offered their assistance and promised to do so.

Investigating the murder is ongoing. Although there are not many details, Akron’s Summit County Medical Examiner declared her death to be a homicide, according to Kristian Winfield of The New York Daily News.


The investigators do not have any suspects at this time, and the investigation could continue for some time. The Cleveland Cavaliers released a statement in this regard. The entire Cavaliers team was shocked to hear about Ericka Weems’ tragic death. The team expressed their deepest sorrow and grief at the senseless act.

The team offered their condolences for the Akron family. They promised to support Brandon in his difficult time and offer any assistance they can to bring justice.

While talking to Cleveland 5, Brandon spoke of his sister. He said, “She loved and cared for everyone.” She had the most generous heart. She will be missed greatly by me. Darrell Weems Sr spoke with Akron Beacon Journal to discuss the loss of his daughter. He said that he didn’t understand why anyone would want to harm her. He also stated that they became concerned when she did not call them back after returning home.

Family and siblings of LeBron James

James, age 35, is Gloria James’ only child. When he was a child, his father, Anthony McClelland passed away. James is not close to his half-brother Aaron McClelland Gamble, who is also his half-brother. James is said to be very close with his Akron friends, who he often spends time with. Brandon was James’ friend while he was at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School, Akron.


Is LeBron James a man that should be part of this man’s life?

It is difficult to grow up without a father. Gamble may have a passing resemblance with James, but iJames might feel pressured to form a relationship if it becomes clear that they are brothers.

James has seen many people claim paternity over his once-famous status. It is possible that someone would attempt to make a fortune off James’s millions. Gamble’s story is not in the news, but it has been praised as much as James.

Both men were raised in fatherless homes, and they have both used this experience to make themselves better. Gamble is the father of a daughter and, like James, seems determined to avoid making the same mistakes as his father.

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