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Grouten Farms: A Family-Owned Business with a Passion for Farming


Grouten Farms is a family-owned enterprise that has been operating in rural New South Wales, Australia since 1978. Producing crops such as wheat, barley, canola, sheep and cattle; operated by John and Mary Grouten who inherited it from their parents as well as their three children James, Anna and Tom who assist with daily tasks at the farm.

A Passion for Farming

Grouten Farms
Grouten Farms

The Grouten family takes great pleasure in farming due to their deep love of both land and animals. Working outdoors brings with it challenges such as weather and market changes; and seeing their labor come to fruition makes them proud of both their farm and products, which they sell both locally and internationally.

A Commitment to Sustainability

The Grouten family is dedicated to environmental stewardship. They practice organic and natural methods when growing crops and raising livestock, without using harmful chemicals and antibiotics. Crop rotation, soil conservation, water management and waste reduction are among their practices in order to minimize environmental impact while conserving natural resources for future generations.

A Vision for the Future

The Grouten family has a clear plan for the future of their farm and community. Their ambition is to expand their business while adhering to high quality and ethical standards while supporting other local farmers and businesses and contributing to regional social and economic development. Furthermore, they wish to inspire others about farming’s benefits as an environmental solution and the necessity of sustainability.

Grouten Farms is more than just a business; it is part of our family, our lifestyle, and our legacy. A reflection of their passion for farming, their dedication to the land and animals as well as respecting both past and future generations; Grouten Farms respects each aspect of this legacy with gratitude while looking ahead with anticipation.

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