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How to Prevent and Resolve V5 INC RET PS Issues with TD Bank


As a customer of TD Bank, you may have come across the V5 INC RET PS code on your statement. This signifies that one or more checks you deposited has bounced and could not be processed by the bank – an experience which may prove both frustrating and perplexing if money was expected in your account at that moment. Here, we will discuss what this V5 INC RET PS code entails as well as why checks bounce and what measures can be taken to prevent or resolve these problems.


Why Checks Bounce

A check may bounce for various reasons, including:

  •  The sender did not have sufficient funds in their account to cover the total amount of the check.
  • On the check itself was incorrect or missing information such as recipient name, date, amount or signature.
  • The check was returned unpaid due to being cancelled by either its sender or issuing bank before clearing by its receiving bank.
  • It had been damaged, altered, or altered any way before clearance by its receiving bank.

When a check bounces, the bank will return it to its sender and assess a fee. Furthermore, both sender and recipient may receive notice of its non-payment; should this happen to them they may also incur overdraft fees or insufficient funds if they relied on this check as payment for bills or expenses.

How to Prevent V5 INC RET PS Issues

To avoid V5 INC RET PS TD Bank issues, avoid depositing checks that are likely to bounce and follow these tips:

  • Accept only checks from people or businesses you can trust and confirm their identity and contact information.
  • Ask the sender for proof of funds such as bank statements that show they have enough money in their accounts to cover the check.
  • Review each check carefully and sign it by its sender before depositing it as soon as possible, to avoid having it expire or become stale-dated.
  • Keep a record of both the deposit slip and check in case there are issues later.

How to Resolve V5 INC RET PS Issues

If your check has bounced and generated the V5 INC RET PS code on your bank statement, here are a few steps you can take to rectify it:

  • Contact the sender of the check and ask them why it bounced and how they plan to repay you. Alternatively, request that they send another payment option such as money order or wire transfer instead of sending another check.
  • Contact your bank and explain the situation, asking them to waive or reduce any fees related to a bounced check that was not your responsibility, as well as refund any overdraft or insufficient funds fees that resulted from it.
  • File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if the sender refuses to pay or is unresponsive, as well as legal action if your amount is significant and there is evidence supporting your case.


V5 INC RET PS codes are an increasingly prevalent issue for TD Bank customers depositing checks that bounce, often leading to financial hardship for recipients. By following the tips and steps outlined in this article, however, this problem can be avoided and resolved effectively – saving both money and improving credit scores in the process.

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