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V5 Inc Ret Ps On TD Bank Statement


To find out “what does v5 inc ret ps signify,” you clicked on this post.

This may have appeared on your TD bank statement, and you are curious as to what it implies.

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What does v5 inc ret ps mean?

V5 inc ret ps on a TD bank statement

This indicates that a check you deposited has been returned unpaid or that the check’s writer has placed a stop payment on it.

This happened to me recently with TD Bank. The name of the company with which you completed a transaction is V5 INC RET PS. They charge your debit card, as you mentioned.

Someone in your family is almost certainly using your debit card to make purchases at the company.

To find out who used your account, simply call your service provider, who will supply you with the date, amount, and time that individual used it.

No one can steal your money from your account unless the holder authorises it, but even if they do, all transactions are logged, so you can always track where your money goes.

V5 inc ret ps meaning on a bank statement

The v5 inc ret ps merely indicates that a check deposit was attempted but failed.

Just keep in mind that if the check you’re trying to deposit has been returned or the writer has placed a stop on the check, the v5 inc ret ps will most likely appear on your bank statement.

What should we do when we see v5 inc ret ps on our bank statement

When you see this on your account statement, don’t freak out.

Of course, an unauthorised transaction in your account is impossible.

Even if it happens, which is unlikely, you can keep note of whose account the money went to, which can help you figure out where the money ended up.

However, in most circumstances, if you find anything unexpected in your statement, you should contact your service provider.

So, the next time v5 inc ret ps appears in your statement, you’ll know how to handle it because you already know what it implies.

What does ps mean on a bank statement

PS stands for Priority Sector. PS has five different meanings in banking terminology.

All connotations associated with the PS abbreviation are limited to Banking terminology.

There are 5 distinct meanings of ps on a bank statement

1. Priority Sector

2. Perbankan Syariah

3. Petugas Sentra

4. Pradesheeya Sabha

5. Pre-Shipment

How long does TD Bank hold check deposits?

The first $100 is available instantly for ATM, Store, and check deposits (including drive-thru), and the remaining monies are normally available the next business day, unless a hold is issued.

Deposits made after 8 p.m. ET, on a weekend, or on a holiday will take an extra business day to process.

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Monday – Friday 8 a.m. 6:30 p.m.
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TD bank locations

TD bank provides services in different locations in us like Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, D.C.


Q: What are td bank customer service hours?

Ans: You can contact TD bank for support between 9 am to 11 pm ET Monday to Friday; 10 am to 7 pm ET Saturday and Sunday. They are ready to help you with any kind of issue.

Q: How do I contact TD Bank Online?

Ans: 1 (416) 983-5393

Q: Is TD Bank Canada customer service 24 hours?

Ans: Yes! you can contact them 24/7 td bank, there are different methods available to contact td bank Canada customers like online support, live chat, and phone number.

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