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What Does “On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery” Status Mean?


You’re waiting for a delivery, and you just got a tracking update that says “On FedEx truck for Delivery.” What does this actually mean?

Is it time to wait by the front door in anticipation? Your package will arrive that day or the following? Can you monitor the FedEx vehicle’s progress?

In this comprehensive introduction to the “On FedEx truck for Delivery” tracking update, we’ll address all of these questions and more.

What does on FedEx vehicle for delivery mean

on fedex vehicle for deliveryIf the tracking status of your shipment is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery“, it simply means that your package is on its way to its final destination. It does not necessarily mean that your package is in a moving vehicle or an aircraft or truck. It may be at a FedEx facility.

FedEx has a reputation for making lightning-fast deliveries, even to locales that appear challenging to reach in a matter of hours – or even overnight.

FedEx is by far one of the most popular shipping firms in the United States (and, for that matter, the world), and everyone appreciates the speed and regularity it provides.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the message “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” appear faster than you could have imagined!

At the same time, other consumers have been disappointed by the same notice when they were expecting a delivery the next day – only to have it delayed, sometimes indefinitely.

This is why it’s critical to understand what this type of statement means, how to use FedEx tracking information to determine where your box is at all times, and how to resolve a problem in which your FedEx shipment has been lost or delayed.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide!

So sit back, unwind, and let’s get this party started.

On FedEx vehicle for delivery in Transit meaning

  • This is one of the most self-explanatory FedEx texts you can expect to get (or any other shipping company, for that matter).
  • When FedEx says your box is on a FedEx vehicle for delivery, it means what you think it means: the package is on a car and on its way to your house as soon as possible!
  • When consumers expect FedEx goods to arrive that day, though, things might get a little out of hand.
  • Yes, that is exactly what this message indicates the vast majority of the time (maybe 99.99 per cent of the time).
  • It usually indicates that you will receive your shipment within a few hours of seeing this notification in your tracking information.
  • However, this is not always the case.
  • Something happens now and then that causes your product to be delayed or your delivery to be postponed.
  • FedEx may even scan your shipment erroneously, causing it to be updated for delivery far sooner than it will arrive.
  • This is why it’s critical to be cautiously optimistic when confronted with this type of message.
  • Get excited because there’s a good chance – a perfect chance – that your package will arrive that day.
  • Just be aware that it’s conceivable that your shipment will not arrive on time – but be mindful that there are steps you can take if this happens!
  • With the facts noted below, we can assist you in navigating this issue!

What is the best way to track my FedEx package?

  • It’s pretty simple to track your FedEx package.
  • A Transportation Control Number (TCN) will be applied to every package handled by FedEx.
  • That number is unique to your box, and it will allow you to track its progress across FedEx’s system.
  • The TCN number is generated simultaneously as your shipping label (sometimes even before FedEx gets a hold of your package itself). This is the code you’ll use to track your progress.
  • You may enter that number (which is also on your receipt and in the email FedEx provides you) into the FedEx Tracking part of their website or any major search engine like Google once you discover it.
  • You’ll get the most up-to-date information about your package’s whereabouts in the FedEx system right away.
  • The best part is that you may check at any time of day or night, 365 days a year.
  • You can virtually track your delivery as it travels across the state or the country, receiving updates along the route.
  • Each update will also contain a unique description, ranging from “Package Accepted” to “In Transit” to “FedEx Vehicle for Delivery”…
  •  to the message we’ve all been anticipating — “Package Delivered.”
  • Is it possible to track the exact location of my package once it has been dispatched?
  • Every shipping company’s ambition is to provide specific GPS tracking location information for every shipment they handle – however, even though technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years or so, that is still a ways off!
  • Of course, the following step is available through FedEx via their FedEx Delivery Manager portal.
  • This platform (which is entirely free to anyone who wants to sign up) provides you with extensive information about where your package is at any given time by tracking the vehicle it is on (as accurately as possible, anyway).
  • You can also take advantage of a few extra benefits and incentives that you wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of with the regular monitoring information below.
  • Even after the “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” message has been changed, you should be able to reroute, divert, or reschedule your delivery.
  • That’s game-changing information!
  • The most compelling reason to use FedEx Delivery Manager is to understand better where your box is as it travels through the FedEx network.
  • You’ll be able to trace your box as it travels through the FedEx system in real-time, from its origination address to your doorstep – even if you decide to redirect it somewhere else along the way.
  • This level of control is ideal for people who have a lot of shipments out at once and want to keep a closer eye on everything that is expected to come without having to rearrange their schedule to accommodate these deliveries.
  • However, to use these capabilities, you must first register for the FedEx Delivery Manager platform on the FedEx website.
  • The services are free. However, there will be a minor delay in using the features.
  • That’s because FedEx needs to send you a postcard with a number to confirm your address and provide you access to information on any FedEx packages on their way to you.
  • You’ll be up and running with much better tracking and other tools not otherwise available as soon as you obtain the code (which generally takes three to five business days).

On FedEx vehicle for delivery but not delivered

It usually indicates that you will receive your shipment within a few hours of seeing this notification in your tracking information.

However, this is not always the case. Something happens that causes your product to be delayed or your delivery to be postponed.

On FedEx vehicle for delivery but estimated delivery is tomorrow

I’m expecting a package, and the tracking is odd. My hunt changed this morning to “on a vehicle for delivery”, and the delivery date was set for today (Monday)

It still states on the vehicle for delivery two hours later, but the scheduled day has been altered to tomorrow.

Is it possible to reroute my package once it has been delivered?

You certainly can!

  • One of the main benefits of using the FedEx Delivery Manager platform, which we just described, is that you have a lot more influence over your item – and where it travels – even after the “Out for Delivery” indication in your tracking information has been changed.
  • To begin, you can have any of your deliveries redirected to one of the thousands of FedEx offices across the country, as well as local Walgreens, Dollar General, and grocery store locations.
  • This alone can be pretty beneficial to FedEx clients, particularly those who want to simplify their errands for the day without worrying about their items being left outside on their front steps or in their driveway.
  • The ability to redirect a box that is “On FedEx vehicle for delivery” to a Walgreens or grocery store that you know you’ll visit later that day relieves a lot of tension and anxiety.
  • You know your box will be kept safe until you come to pick it up (in a parcel locker that only you will have access to, no less).
  • Even after you’ve gotten the “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” message, you can choose to have your box temporarily held by FedEx for up to two weeks.
  • Maybe you have an emergency and won’t be able to collect your box that day, but you don’t want it to sit around until you can get home.
  • Maybe you ordered many items while on vacation and didn’t realize how quickly FedEx could deliver them to your house.
  • Whatever the cause, using the FedEx Delivery Manager tools, you may easily place a quick hold (even after you’ve been told it’s loaded into a truck for delivery).
  • This service shines when you add in improved monitoring, better alerts, and the possibility to plan delivery time (where applicable, and usually at an additional cost).

On FedEx vehicle for delivery scheduled for delivery next business day

The ground is only open Monday through Friday in most areas. Because FedEx doesn’t work on Sundays, the truck will be loaded by FedEx on Saturday morning.

You’ll most likely get your package on Monday, barring some ludicrous unanticipated event.

But there’s a snag. Due to the overlap of Ground and Home Delivery routes, several locations run six days a week. As a result, there’s a chance you’ll get the box today. But I’m looking forward to Monday.

On FedEx vehicle for delivery pending

  • FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” basically says that FedEx is doing everything necessary to ensure that your delivery arrives at its final destination (perhaps your doorstep) as soon as feasible.
  • It could also indicate that your item has been delayed due to circumstances beyond FedEx’s control (inclement weather always throws a monkey wrench into things).
  • Still, it’s possible that anything went wrong somewhere along FedEx’s logistical chain, slowing or delaying your item.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind about this message is that it will be updated frequently when the delivery promise changes.
  • You may wake up to a “FedEx Scheduled Delivery Pending” notice, recheck it in the middle of the morning to see if it hasn’t changed, and then check again at noon to see if it has been updated to a “Package is Out for Delivery” message.
  • Perhaps it will remain with the Schedule Delivery Pending notification for another 24 to 48 hours until something in the FedEx chain “shakes loose” and your box begins to move again.
  • Continue to check the tracking information every couple of hours if you get this notification to see if any modifications have been made. The good news is that it’s nearly there.
  • The bad news is that it isn’t yet available for purchase – it’s almost there, but not quite.
  • What if I’m unable to locate my package after it has been marked as delivered?

While receiving the statement “On FedEx vehicle for Delivery” is usually a reason for joy, returning home and discovering your box missing is always a source of tension, anxiety, and aggravation.

The first thing you should do is look for it somewhere other than your usual FedEx drop-off location to see if a new driver or “fill-in” delivery person accidentally left it somewhere you didn’t expect it.

You’d be amazed how frequently this occurs!

  1. If you’ve searched your property and still can’t locate a package that was meant to be delivered, you should call FedEx directly.
  2. You can use FedEx’s precise and streamlined claim process to have FedEx assist you in either finding your shipment or replacing (or paying for) whatever was lost.
  3. Go to the FedEx website and look for the “File a Claim” link under the Support section.
  4. After logging into your FedEx account, you’ll be given access to many online tools that will allow you to file the claim.
  5. After being asked a series of questions about your identification and address, you’ll be questioned about the contents of your package as well as its worth of it.
  6. FedEx will then notify everyone who came into contact with your package to conduct a quick search for it, as well as reach out to the delivery driver to see what occurred.
  7. Suppose the company cannot locate your parcel within a reasonable length of time (typically a week or less).
  8. In that case, they will compensate you, generally sending your claim reimbursement via Electronic Funds Transfer so that you may receive your funds quickly.
  9. You can also expedite the claims process by calling the FedEx Claim Department directly at 1-800-463-3339.
  10. For better package management, choose US Global Mail.
  11. FedEx does an excellent job of tracking your shipment until it arrives at your door – but what if you have a PO Box and the USPS refuses to accept FedEx deliveries there?
  12. Or perhaps you aren’t home when regular FedEx deliveries arrive and don’t want to risk having your packages stolen off your porch.

So, what are you going to do now?

As a US Global Mail customer, you’ll never have to worry about package management issues again — whether with FedEx, UPS, DHL, or anybody else!

This virtual mailbox service allows you to have all of your parcels sent to a single address (a street address, which provides more privacy and anonymity).

These packages are guaranteed to be received and safely held for you until you need them again.

Furthermore, you will receive a digital notification each time a shipment is delivered to your US Global Mail mailbox.

That digital message will also include a photo of the box, so you’ll know what arrived.

You can then have it redirected to you (at a savings of 80% off typical shipping fees), kept for you, or delivered someplace else, all without having to go to the post office or do any heavy lifting yourself.

There are also more significant advantages to using the US Global Mail service, which you can learn about by visiting their website or contacting them directly now.

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