Who is Ian Miles Cheong, and why does the internet care where he lives?

January 21, 2021
Ian Miles Cheong

Who is Ian Miles Cheong, and why does the internet care where he lives?: Hi, Friends Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic Who is Ian Miles Cheong, and why does the internet care where he lives? 

Many socially active tool users were shocked to learn this week that Ian Miles Cheong, who is a prominent pro-Trump conservative, is not actually living in America. 

Who is Ian Miles Cheong, and why does the internet care where he lives?

Ian Miles Cheong

Ian Miles Cheong

Who is Ian Miles Cheong? 

 He is well known best for his commentary on Twitter. Cheong has made a name for himself in the right-wing circles by regularly weighing in on United States politics. 

Long before his name into the United States on domestic issues. Cheong was best known for his work as a gaming journalist and for his character as an effecting moderator on Reddit. 

Where does Ian Miles Cheong live?

 Many Twitter users critical of Cheong started stating online that the pundit lived not in America but on the opposite end of the planet. Specifically, in the southeast Asian country of Malaysia. 

So, is Ian Miles Cheong actually living in Malaysia? The question is still appears. The conservative has made enormous references to the information over the years. 

Just in the last year, Cheong referenced living in Malaysia but explaining why he did not believe in climate change. 

Some people asked me why I am not a part of the climate cult because Malaysia experiences typhoons so you are directly influenced by climate change. Cheong said. Typhoons have been complaining about the peninsula for millions of years. A few decades of the industry is not going to change that. 

 I am Miles Cheong has also tweeted out pictures in the month of April of Malaysia around the coronavirus lockdown. Stating that the images came from where I am recently living. 

The state of Malaysia has taken the strictest measures against the coronavirus in the world. Apart from China,” Cheong said at the time. So many cases like 5,251 cases, 2967 recovered. Everyone including businesses is getting an allowance, tax relief, and discounted internet, water supply, and power. 

This week is far from the first time Twitter users, who have referenced where Cheong is living while pushing back on his political issues. 

A journalist in the month of April pointed to Malaysia while telling Cheong to stop dictating how the Americans should react to the coronavirus situation. 

Although Ian Miles Cheong’s residency is no more secret, the clue for many over the last week or so led to a destructive attack of trolling against the conservative figure. 

The replies in nearly every current tweet of Cheong’s are now filled with the users telling him to out of United States politics. 

Cheong for most seems uninterested in responding to the criticism since his location seemingly becomes a topic of conversation every few months. 

The History on Ian Miles Cheong’s controversial

 The incident is not the first time with Ian Miles Cheong. It has become a topic of discussion online. The conservative has found himself touched in numerous controversies over the years. 

One of the first controversies came in the year 2012. When Cheong was out from Reddit after it was learned.  He was promoting his own sites on some of the platform’s biggest topic without disclosing the ties. 

In the year 2014, old chat logs showing Cheong praising Nazi leader name Adolf Hitler also had a controversy. Cheong responded to the pushback by blaming the toxic gaming community. 

So, this is interesting information on the topic Who is Ian Miles Cheong, and why does the internet care where he lives? Alon and enjoy reading it with miles controversy and his historical background. Please go through this article and enjoy reading it. 

 If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints. 

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