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Stobe the Hobo, the internet’s most famous train hopper


STOBE THE HOBO: Hi, Friends Today I am going to share some interesting information on the topic Stobe The Hobo. The Star of becoming a You tuber and life on becoming a You tuber. 

Stobe the Hobo, the internet’s most famous train hopper

Stobe the Hobo
Stobe the Hobo

James Stobie – Stobe The Hobo 

This was almost one year ago when I first consider Stobe the hobo videos on youtube. I am not sure what attracted me the most from him. The excitement of hopping on a train, the cinematography, the piano playing is having familiar tunes or was it the midnight sounds and poetic commentary. I was attracted to it all, and I also watched hours more.  

But I re-watched the ones I had already seen on youtube.  we are all very excited to watch his videos. I really watch a Stobe video once a day. All that was because of one man, and that is James Stobie, Hobo Stobe.

The Hobo, John Stone. Having watched around 100’s of hours of youtube videos which he made. I want to know more about him. And I think about how does this person is doing. How can he afford to take these long trips, sipping beer, and eating fried chicken?  

Who Was Stobe The Hobo?

 Jim was extremely knowledgeable about the freight trains. A skill to obtained over time. 

From my account, he has been riding since the year 2005, around 10 years give or take. Traveling with friends for the first time, and forming the infamous Kolonels Freight Crew is also known as KFC.  

He had the classic hobo personality down, with a little jug of wine and some scraps of food that were tossed out as a bonus but he waits in the darkest hours of the night for the next train out of the town. 

James Stobie created his now popular youtube channel namely Hobo Stobe on the year February 15th, 2012. 

It has contained around 37 episodes, which are around 25 minutes each.  Traveling from the pacific northwest as far south as Miami, in Florida. 

But before his channel, he also made 2 full-length Movies namely Attack of the Stobe Hobo, Canada by Cargo Train. Both those films are now on the youtube channel, under You tuber Hobo Stobe Archive.

And an awarded movie compiled from flash drives found at the Northern Command posted by, Jefferey James Halvorson. Kolonels Freight Crew rides again 

Jim was bold disobedience doing this on his own talent, as quoted from an episode.  As far as I could tell, he lived his life like a true homeless person, who is making a little money through some donations by his dedicated audience base to keep filming and editing his videos. 

About James Stobie 

He is born in Colorado on the year October 23, 1984, to Mike and Mary Stobie. James grew up and graduated high school in the place of Evergreen, Colorado. He later attends Colorado State University and graduates with a bachelor’s degree in music. 

But attending CSU, Jim was an intern for the college radio station. 

It was during his junior year of college, where he started very active trains. The tracks ran right by the campus, and that is where he found his interest in an unknown adventure. 

Mary is Jim’s mom, Jim got his Bachelor’s degree in hobo studies. 

He would take trips with his friends, and on one trip in the year 2007. He met a future member of KFC. 

In the year 2010, Stobe joined the United States Coast Guard. He would serve 3 years, finishing in the year June of 2013. 

In the year 2015, Stobe took off to teach English in the places of Jakarta and Indonesia. 

Jim taught for a year documenting and publishing his videos on his YouTube which he created. 

It is safe to say that once he returned from teaching, he started to document his train lively journeys full-time. 

Becoming a YouTube Star 

It was Jim’s intention to become a Youtube star. Jim was a filmmaker and a good one that he had a good eye for scenery and interesting topics which most of the peoples would have looked. 

For the time Stobe  Hobo was around. The youtube was a great platform for his videos.  And over time, his audience grew to around 11 thousand subscribers. 

Those interested not only helped his channel to grow more, but it also provided a little bit of revenue, enough to keep him on the rails of filming. 

stobe the hobo

stobe the hobo
stobe the hobo

Stobe also created a pattern, where his fans could give a little more and he offered bonus material back. 

Those videos were weekly updates of his adventures and plans. He also would allow private access to his Distributed Power Unit videos. which he doesn’t want to be published, likely to avoid future riders. 

Some of his videos are very famous ones. Stobe had a wonderful vocabulary, that flows when he was reading poetry. 

So, this is interesting information on the topic Stobe The Hobo. Please go through this article, here I am mentioning about this you tuber and his interest as a passion to be a You tuber. 

If any Queries or Questions is persisting then, please feel free to comment on your viewpoints.

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