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Joel Embiid Wife



Joel Embiid Wife: ESPN’s May Cover Story, Thursday, featured Philly 76ers center Embiid discussing his NBA career as well as his relationship with Anne de Paula, a model.

Through a mutual friend, the pair met at a New York City meal in 2018. De Paula said that they never spoke to each other and she did not know that he was a basketball player. She said that the night was not the beginning of a relationship but a “beautiful friendship.”

According to ESPN, the 26-year old model said they were connected because they shared a lot of common interests. They both love soccer and speak French. She also hopes to start a family.


“We FaceTimed every single day for a while.  He has a personality that motivates you. He pushes everyone to be their best, including his family, and now Arthur,” she stated. “That’s the kind of person you want around.”

This article will tell you about Anne De Paula, her career, net worth and relationship with Embiid.

Make sure you read the entire article to learn everything about her. Let’s begin with some facts.


Joel Embiid’s wife?

Joel Embiid Wife

Anne De Paula is a beautiful Brazilian lady and Joel Embiid’s wife. She began dating Joel Embiid back in 2018. They met through mutual friends at a New York City meal.

In October 2018, the couple made their first public appearance. They kept their relationship private online at first. He is now his mother, Arthur Elijah de Paula Emiid. The child was born in September 2020.

Quick facts

Full Name Anne De Paula
Nickname Anne
Age 27
Birthdate March 31, 1995
Birthplace Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mother’s name Leila De Paula
Father’s name Rod De Paula
Siblings Not available
Marital Status Married
Husband Joel Embiid
Husband’s occupation Basketball player
Children One son, Arthur Embiid
Religion Christianity
Nationality Brazillian
Size 32-24-35
Height 5’9″ (179.8 cm)
Weight 57 kg (125.6 lbs).
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Shoe Size 8(US)
Tattoos No
Zodiac Sign Aries
Profession Model
currently signed with Wilhelmina Models
Salary In Review
Net Worth Around $14 Million
Social Media Instagram Twitter Facebook
Merch Joel Embiid’s Jersey, Joel Embiid’s Rookie Card
Last Update September, 2022


Embiied is a Cameroonan who has made a huge fortune. Joel earns most of his income playing pro basketball.


Joel signed a five year contract worth $178 million with the 76ers in 2017.

According to the contract specifications (from Bobby Marks at ESPN), Joel received $25,467,000.250 cash per year in 2018-19.

He also collected $25,785, 250 for 2019-20 and $29 542,010 for 2020-21. Joel is also expected to make $31,579-390 in 2021-22, and $33,616,770 2022-23.


He also endorses brands such as Amazon, Under Armour and Hulu. These endorsements increase his annual earnings by $6-10 million.

Add Embiid’s endorsements and basketball earnings, and his net worth is $31.2 million. This figure will likely grow as he becomes more popular.


Everyone knows Embiid’s humorous persona and social media fame. This generous personality is leading a lavish life.


Is Joel’s house in the right place?

Embiid resides in Philadelphia with his girlfriend Anne de Paula, and their son Arthur. He owns a $2.1million apartment.

Are Anne De Paula & Joel Embiid Having Children Together?

Paula gave birth on September 17, 2020 to a handsome baby boy. Their baby was announced by Joel Embiid , a NBA player.

He added humor by saying, “First of 11? He tried to convince her but he wasn’t winning .”. Furthermore, he stated that he only wants to build a soccer team.


Arthur was the couple’s baby boy. Sources say that Arthur was named after Embiid’s younger brother, who died in a car accident in Cameroon in 2014.

Joel Embiid’s Short Wiki: Career, Net Worth and More

Joel Embiid plays professional basketball for the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Cameroonian NBA player was born on March 16, 1994. He is currently 28.


He has made a huge fortune through his outstanding career achievements.

Joel is also an endorsements performer, which helps him make more. He signed a five year contract with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2017 for $178 million.

Embiid and the 76ers signed a four year, $196 million extension on August 17, 2021


Joel is 7 feet tall and has an athletic build. He is approximately 127kg.

He is black and his zodiac sign Pisces.

His apartment, which is on the 48th floor of this building, measures 2,250 square feet and has three bedrooms and three and half bathrooms. Joel is content in his cozy, scenic apartment for now.


Joel also bought a house in Cameroon for his parents. Although the exact price of this home is not known, it should be worth one million dollars.

This house was bought to erase the terrible memory of his brother’s murder.

Which car does he drive?

Joel didn’t buy a car until 2017, as he didn’t have a driver license. He used to ride in Uber. Later, Embiid purchased a Range Rover.


NBA player Joel drives a nice automobile around his hometown.

He buys shoes and clothes. Joel wore nice shoes indoors and outside.

Embiid is a wealthiest NBA player thanks to his exposure.



Joel must have had a difficult time moving from Cameroon into the United States. Joel had to learn how to drive and eat healthy.

Embiid grew up with American culture and lifestyle despite initial difficulties.

Joel is more than a basketball player. He is a star who has made his mark among the most successful and wealthy athletes. Joel lives in central Philly, owns a luxury car, and enjoys great vacations.


Joel Embiid can be found on Twitter at @JoelEmbiid. He can also be found on Instagram under @joelembiid

Joel shares his matches and other games on social media, but he keeps it professional. He does occasionally talk about Anne De Paula or their baby Arthur.

He has 2.1M Twitter followers and 5.9M Instagram followers. You can follow him on Instagram to learn more about him, his games, and other information.


What was Anna De Paula, Joel Embiid’s wife and early life like?

Anne De Paula was conceived March 21, 1995 in Rio De Janeiro.

Her father is Rod De Paula and her mother Leila De Paula. Unfortunately, no information is available about her siblings.

It is believed that her mother is a radiologist and her father is an RN, but this is not confirmed.


Anne is very private with her family. The beautiful model shares photos with her parents via social media, however.

Joel is able to afford nearly anything, but he is always willing and able to support his family and friends.

What type of charity does Joel work with?

Joel is well-known for his outstanding performance on the basketball court as well as his charitable work. Last year, Embiid donated $500,000 to help with coronavirus relief.


He also donated a six-figure sum to fund antibody testing for healthcare workers.

Embiid also announced support for Philadelphia’s homeless shelters in March.

He pledged to give $100,000 to combat homelessness. This was in addition to the award he received from NBA All-Star Game.



His assistance will include meals, clothing, COVID-Vaccines, and special funds to support homeless youth.

Joel announced his donation and the Philadelphia 76ers declared they would donate $100,000 to the same cause.

Embiid, whose parents are Cameroon’s leaders, has also established a foundation to combat poverty in Cameroon.


Embiid is a prominent role model in fighting social inequality.


Anne loved soccer as a child growing up in Rio De Janeiro. It was her father, however, who encouraged Anne to play soccer.

Anne played soccer for her school’s soccer team. She was even a member of her local soccer team. According to sources, he wanted her soccer player.


Anne’s mother insisted that Anne try modeling. Anne quit soccer at 13 and began modeling.

Anne was introduced to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue by her mother. She was inspired and began working towards becoming a bikini model.

De Paula’s career

Anne made her SI Swimsuit debut in 2017 with the 2017 SI Swimsuit model hunt.


Anne was the victor of the SI Swimsuit Search Contest 2017.

She who won the contest, said that it was difficult for her from Brazil to be able to leave Brazil.

The contest won her more followers and gave her a great media presence.


She was also the SI Swimsuit 2018 rookie, which secured her spot in the steamy SI Magazine.

SI Swimsuit Magazine featured her in 2019. She stunned her audience with her images, which displayed great glamour and beauty.

Anne has been signed by Wilhelmina Models, a New York City-based modeling agency.


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Anne De Paula: Age and Body Measurements.

Joel Embiid’s wife turned 27 in March.

Anne De Paula is a strong personality. She stands 5′ 9″ tall and weighs in at 57kg.


This stunning swimsuit model is 34-26-35 in chest-waist hip.

Anne De Paula: Dating History

Anne’s modeling career is not the only thing that has kept her in the media spotlight. Her relationship with Danny O’Donoghue is also a highlight of her media career.

That’s correct. The Brazilian babe had been with Danny O’Donoghue, an Irish singer and songwriter before she married Embiid.


Danny is also the lead singer of a rock bank called’The Script. They met while working together on a music video entitled’No good in Goodbye.

They kept their relationship very low-key at first. After three years of dating, Danny finally made his red carpet debut in December 2017 with Anne, his model girlfriend.

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In this article, Bath bombs are more than just fun additions to any bathwater; they’re also an effective way of relaxing and pampering yourself using natural ingredients and essential oils from Lush’s handmade bath bombs that are vegan, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced. In this article we’ll look at their benefits as well as ways they can create your own spa-like experience in your own home.

lush bath bombs

What are Lush bath bombs?

Lush bath bombs are spherical or cylindrical-shaped products designed to dissolve in water and release various effects, usually associated with citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch and oil; as well as additional ingredients like fragrances, colors glitter or flower petals. Each Lush bath bomb varies in terms of its ingredients used; depending on these factors it can have soothing, energizing, moisturizing or therapeutic benefits depending on what combinations are selected – these features make bath bombs from Lush unique compared with traditional bath bombs made of ingredients like citric acid, baking soda cornstarch or oil to produce these effects.

Lush bath bombs are both environmentally and socially sustainable products, made with recycled or biodegradable materials, without synthetic preservatives, parabens or sulfates. Lush supports numerous causes and campaigns like animal rights, human rights and environmental protection by donating portions of profits or creating special products just for these causes and campaigns.


How to use Lush bath bombs?

Utilizing Lush bath bombs is simple and enjoyable – simply fill your bathtub with warm water, drop a bath bomb of your choosing in, and watch as it fizz away in a fun spectacle of fizz and color transformation Additionally, mix-and-match different bath bombs for an invigorating citrus bath bomb combined with herbal bath bombs; or try pairing sweet bath bombs with floral bath bombs for romantic and relaxing experiences.

Once the bath bomb has dissipated, you can relax in its soothing aromatherapy and skin benefits for as long as you wish, adding candles, music or books for an enhanced bath time experience. After your soak is over, rinse off with clean water before applying lotion or oil to lock in moisture and fragrance for lasting enjoyment.

What are some of the best Lush bath bombs?

Lush has an array of bath bombs available for every taste and preference – here are some of their most recommended ones:

  • Intergalactic: This bath bomb will take you on an intergalactic adventure Packed with peppermint, grapefruit and cedarwood for an intoxicating scent experience that creates stunning swirls of blue, pink, yellow and green in the water, plus glitter and popping candy for extra fun.
  • Snow Fairy Bath Bomb: For an exciting holiday treat that will transform you into a princess-worthy fairy, Snow Fairy is a festive bath bomb with sweet aromas of candy floss, vanilla bean and pear that creates magical pink and white foam in the water – complete with shimmer and sparkle for extra glitz.
  • Muscle Recovery: This bath bomb provides a soothing remedy that will help you relax and recover after a hard workout, providing soothing aromatherapy from lavender, rosemary and sage as it produces green and yellow foam in the water with some extra soothing benefits from Epsom Salts and Arnica for additional pain relief.

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In this article, Tequila, a Mexican spirit made of blue agave plant distillate, is one of the world’s most beloved alcoholic beverages; enjoyed around the globe either as shots, cocktails or simply sipping it neat. Tequila comes in different varieties that vary by ageing process and additive use – one popular variety being silver (sometimes known as blanco or white tequila).

Silver tequila is unaged and bottled shortly after distillation to retain the natural flavors and aroma of agave, maintaining its authentic flavors and aromas. With its clear color and crisp, citrusy taste, silver tequila makes a delicious mixer or accompaniment for light dishes, not to mention being budget-friendly Silver tequila may also be cheaper than aged varieties – making it the ideal option for budget drinkers. However, not all silver tequilas are created equal as some varieties tend to have smoother, richer or more complex flavor profiles depending on quality of agave used, production method employed and brand reputations compared with others.

To help you select the ideal silver tequila, we have assembled a list of some of the leading brands on the market, ranging from affordable to premium options. No matter whether it is to enjoy alone, mix into margaritas, or impress guests; we have you covered.

silver tequila

silver tequila

Best Overall: Patrón Silver Tequila

Patron Silver Tequila is one of the world’s best-known and esteemed tequila brands for good reason, boasting 100% Weber blue agave harvested in small batches handcrafted using traditional techniques combined with modern ones to produce its smooth yet balanced flavor reminiscent of citrus, pepper and agave notes – perfect for sipping straight up or mixing into high-end cocktails alike. Plus it’s widely available and reasonably priced too – making it a fantastic value proposition.

Best Budget: Sauza Silver Tequila

Sauza Silver Tequila is an excellent budget pick. One of Mexico’s oldest and largest tequila producers, Sauza has produced their silver tequila for more than 120 years using both fresh and cooked agave, double-distilled to achieve clarity and smoothness, creating a light yet refreshing flavor profile with notes of green apple, lime and agave that works great when mixed with other beverages or ingredients to craft cocktails that taste amazing while being inexpensive enough to bring to parties and gatherings.

Best for Margaritas: Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver Tequila

Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver Tequila is an outstanding option for making margaritas. Crafted from 100% blue agave, aged for at least two months in oak barrels for optimal flavor development and featuring notes of citrus, vanilla, oak and smooth crisp finish; perfect pairings include lime juice, orange liqueur and ice to create refreshing margaritas Moderately priced and widely available making Jose Cuervo Tradicional Silver Tequila an efficient and reliable option.

Best for Sipping: Don Julio Silver Tequila

Don Julio Silver Tequila is one of the world’s finest and prestigious tequila brands, and its Silver Tequila stands as an embodiment of their quality and craftsmanship. Crafted from 100% blue agave harvested at peak ripeness and slow-cooked for 72 hours to extract its natural flavors – citrus, honey, and agave aromas come through beautifully when sipping this refined spirit – Don Julio Silver Tequila should be enjoyed neat or on the rocks to fully appreciate its smoothness and complexity – or for special occasions Although expensive it will certainly impress.


Best for Palomas: Cazcabel Reposado Tequila

Palomas are an enjoyable Mexican cocktail made of tequila, grapefruit soda, lime juice and salt – refreshing yet straightforward ingredients for creating this refreshing beverage They pair especially well with reposado tequilas. Reposado tequila is defined as any tequila that has been aged for at least two months but less than one year in oak barrels, giving it its signature golden hue and flavorful profile.

Cazcabel Reposado Tequila is an outstanding example of reposado tequila, made with 100% blue agave that has been aged for nine months in American oak barrels and then finished off with natural honey for an aromatic touch. Cazcabel Reposado Tequila features a sweet and silky taste, with notes of caramel, vanilla, honey and grapefruit soda balanced by citrus notes from grapefruit soda and lime juice. At an attractive price and easy availability it makes Cazcabel Reposado Tequila an excellent option for crafting palomas.

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Perms for Men: Everything You Need to Know Before Getting One



In this article, Perms (permanent waves) are an effective way of adding texture and volume to your hair by breaking and reforming its bonds with chemicals. Perms come in various varieties; you could end up with curls, waves or straightened locks depending on what type of perm you opt for and its technique.

Perms are not limited to women either; more and more men are turning to this hairstyle in order to express themselves visually and individually. But before getting one yourself there are a few things you need to know beforehand such as types, pros/cons of perming as well as how best care for permed hair care – we will cover everything here so don’t worry about getting an inferior permed perm for men.

men perm

men perm

Types of Perms for Men

There are various kinds of perms designed specifically to men. Their variety depends on your desired curl size and direction of waves or curls – here are a few popular varieties:

  • Spiral Perm: This form of perm creates tight corkscrew curls from roots to ends of hair. Ideal for men with long or medium-length locks looking for texture and movement in their locks, spiral perms are achieved by wrapping small sections of hair around long thin rods placed vertically on your head.
  • Body Wave Perm: This perm creates loose, natural-looking waves to add body and volume to your hairstyle. Ideal for men of all hair lengths looking to enhance or subtly change their natural wave pattern or experiment with their current one, body wave perms are done by wrapping large sections of hair around thick rods placed horizontally across your head.
  • Digital perm: This type of perm combines heat and digital technology to produce soft, bouncy curls that last longer than traditional perms. Ideal for men with medium-length or long hair who wish to achieve a modern and trendy look, digital perms involve applying chemical solution directly to the hair before attaching heated rollers controlled by digital machines that adjust temperature and time according to your hair type and condition.

Straight Perm: Also referred to as Relaxers or Japanese Straightening, these perms use chemicals to permanently straighten hair by permanently eliminating frizz or curl. Ideal for men with curly or wavy locks who desire sleek and smooth results, straight perms require applying a chemical solution followed by using a flat iron to seal in its effects and produce long-term straightening effects.

Pros and Cons of Perms for Men

Perms for men offer both benefits and drawbacks depending on your personal preferences, hair type, lifestyle needs and desired look. Here are some pros and cons of perms:



  • Perms can give your style and personality a fresh new edge that suits both of these elements.
  • Perms add texture, volume, and movement to the hair making it more desirable and versatile while at the same time emphasizing natural features of your face shape, eye color or skin tone.
  • Perms can save both time and money when it comes to styling products and tools, as your hair will already have the shape you desire.
  • They can last several months depending on their type and how well you take care of it.


  • Perms can cause irreparable damage to your hair due to their chemicals; weakening, drying out or breaking apart strands is only one potential side effect of perming; moreover they may also cause allergic reactions, irritations or burns if applied improperly or by those with sensitive skin and/or lack proper aftercare practices.
  • Perms may restrict your options when styling your hair, as they require professional salon services as well as specific products and tools for maintenance.
  • Perms may also be expensive as they require the services of a stylist and their own products and tools for upkeep.
  • Perms may gradually lose their shape over time if exposed to heat, humidity or chlorine.

How to Care for Your Permed Hair

If you opt for a perm, it’s essential that you take proper care in maintaining its health, shine and beauty. Here are some helpful hints on how to care for permed hair:

  • After receiving a perm, allow at least 48 hours for all the chemicals to fully set and bond to your hair before washing your locks. This will enable them to do their work as desired and remove the need for post-perm care and maintenance.
  • Use mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that have been specially developed for permed hair to gently cleanse and moisturize without stripping away its natural oils or the perm effect.
  • Avoid hot water, blow dryers and flat irons on permed hair as these will dry it out, damage it and change its structure. Instead use cool or lukewarm water with air drying or use a diffuser on low settings as alternatives to create beautiful waves or curls in your perms.
  • Apply a leave-in conditioner, serum, or oil to permed hair to nourish, protect, and enhance its curls or waves. In addition to that, try applying curl cream, gel, or mousse as these will define and hold in your desired curls or waves in place.
  • Trim your permed hair regularly to avoid split ends, frizz and tangles, and to keep its natural curly look. Additionally, get touch-up perms every few months to refresh your style and maintain curly locks.

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