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Katherine ‘Kady’ Allen: The Daughter of Tim Allen Who Shuns the Spotlight


katherine 'kady' allen

Katherine “Kady” Allen is one of Tim Allen’s three daughters. Born in 1989 to Tim and Laura Diebel – whom he divorced after 15 years of marriage in 1999 – Kady is older sister to Elizabeth Allen Dick who was born to Tim and Jane Hajduk shortly thereafter in 2009.

Kady has chosen a more private life than either her father or younger sister, who made her acting debut in The Santa Clauses (Disney+ spinoff series of The Santa Clause movies), making no public social media accounts or public appearances with her family.

Although, Kady remains close with both, although unfortunately due to his career demands was not able to spend as much time with his daughter as he wanted when she was younger.

katherine 'kady' allen

Kady has also demonstrated her interest and talent for art, according to sources. She has been described as an experienced painter/drawer who expresses their creativity and inventiveness through paintings/drawings.

katherine 'kady' allen

Kady has attended some special events such as her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in 2004 or Toy Story 4’s premiere event. She has even graced red carpet events alongside her father at some points such as this ceremony or this movie premiere event in 2019.


Kady Allen Dick is a daughter of legendary comedian and actor Tim Allen (enjoying millions of viewers with his comedy and acting skills over time), Elizabeth Allen Dick (following in Tim Allen’s footsteps as an actress), and has her own passions to pursue. Kady is proud to belong to an exceptionally talented family that supports one another’s dreams and ambitions.