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Ranboo Face Reveal | Did He Do a Face Reveal? | Every Details You Must Know


mes Ranboo is a prolific content creator best known for his YouTube and Twitch streams. His fan base has grown immensely due to his entertaining and engaging videos; one thing which keeps them guessing though, is who is behind all this mystery; having never revealed their face, many are eagerly searching for glimpses.

Ranboo Face Reveal

Unfortunately, Ranboo has yet to fulfill fans’ requests and do a complete face reveal yet. But during a live stream in 2021, he uncovered some of his face by taking off his glasses in order to reveal more of his eyes for those watching on stream.

Later he posted images without his glasses on his Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube community tabs; marking the first time more of his face had been revealed than anticipated by the audience – yet keeping their fans guessing!

Did Ranboo do a Facial Reveal?

Yes, Ranboo has not completed his full face reveal. Instead, he has only shown small portions of it during live streams or social media platforms such as YouTube. Even though many fans had anticipated such an unveiling event would happen sooner rather than later; Ranboo continues his online persona by wearing black-and-white masks, sunglasses, and gloves in order to protect his anonymity online.

Ranboo Age

Born November 2nd 2003 and originally hailing from San Francisco Bay Area of United States. Graduated high school June 3rd 2021. Has recently relocated to Brighton UK as his place of residence.

Ranboo first gained recognition through TikTok. On his first day posting content to YouTube, he managed to amass 200 subscribers; shortly thereafter a raid by Punz of 5,000 viewers further expanded his following. Eret and Nihachu became fast friends through streaming Minecraft together.

On November 27, 2020 he made an unexpected announcement: his candidacy for L’Manberg nation on Dream SMP server. Ph1LzA and Fundy attacked his stream, prompting Dream to invite him into their server. By January 2021, he had amassed one million YouTube subscribers and quickly become one of the most beloved creators on SMP.

What Does Ranboo Appear to be Like?

As Ranboo has not done a full face reveal yet, his exact facial structure remains unknown to the general public. Fans eagerly anticipate more information about who lies behind his screen persona.

Ranboo Social Media Links

Ranboo can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These are the following links:

1) Instagram:


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2) Twitter:

3) Youtube:

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