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Kolkata Fatafat: Check Kolkata FF Result


Kolkata Fatafat Live Result: Kolkata Fatafat, a lottery-based game where people wager on a specific number. Every day, the game is played. It is played in Kolkata, and is one the most popular lottery games. Officials release Kolkata Fatafat Results every day. The officials release the FF results 9 times a days, which makes it more exciting. This article will provide you with the most recent information on the Kolkata Fatafat Result, including price money, today’s Kolkata FF results, and how to check the Kolkata FF results. You can check the latest Kolkata FF Results here every day.

Live Result for Kolkata Fatafat

kolkata Fatafat

It is called the legal sutta, and many people have put money into it in order to win the lottery. The lottery game will require people to guess the number. An official will draw it and reward those who correctly guess the number. This is a simple game of guessing, but Kolkata Fatafat will allow people to choose from the available numbers. This is a slightly different game.

It has many videos for people. The videos will help you understand the game. You can now see the result for today on our portal. Scroll down to see the live result today.

Name of the article Kolkata Fatafat Results
Name of the game Kolkata Fatafat
Game Type Lottery
Lottery price in Kolkata Rs. 6 per lottery
Date of the Result 22 September 2022
Modal of the Result Mode Online
Status of Availability for Results Now Available
Portal Authorized https://www.kolkataff.com/

Timing of KK Fatafat Result

The game has 8 rounds or baazis per day. Every day except Sunday, the officials played 8 rounds of the game. Only 4 rounds are played on Sunday. You can play the lottery eight times in one day. Below is the timing of each round:

Rounds/ Baazis Timing
1. 10:00 AM
2nd Round 11.45 AM
Third Round 01:15 PM
Fourth Round 02:45 PM
Fifth Round 04:15 PM
6th round 05:45 PM
7th Round 07:15 PM
8th Round 08:45 PM

Prize for Kolkata FF Lottery

The lottery prize money will be awarded to all winners. The position of the winners will determine the amount of the prize money. The prizes will be awarded to the Top 5. Below are the details about the prizes.

Position Prize money
First Prize Rs. 1 Crore
Second Prize Rs. 9000/-
Third Prize Rs. 500/-
Fourth Prize Rs. 250/-
Fifth Prize Rs. 120/-

How do I check the Kolkata FF Result for Today 22 September?

Anyone can check the lottery result online. You can also check the lottery results below, which are updated every day. Here are the steps to verify the result for 22/09/2022

    • First of all, go to the official portal of Kolkata Fatafat i.e., https://www.kolkataff.com/
    • The portal’s home page will be displayed on the screen.
    • Scroll down to see the most recent result.
    • You can now see the results from there.

Kolkata Fatafat Live Result (22 September 2022).

10:17 AM 11.45 AM 01.15 PM 02.45 PM 04.15 PM 05.45 PM 07.15 PM 08.45 PM
389 479
0 0

Fatafat Previous Results

9th of August 2022

10:17 AM 11.45 AM 01.15 PM 02.45 PM 04.15 PM 05.45 PM 07.15 PM 08.45 PM
377 457 399 236 679 390 560 110
7 6 1 1 2 2 1 2

8th of August 2022

10:17 AM 11.45 AM 01.15 PM 02.45 PM 04.15 PM 05.45 PM 07.15 PM 08.45 PM
239 679 589 114 136 789
4 2 2 6 0 4

7th of August 2022

10/17 AM 11.45 AM 01.15 PM 02.45 PM 04.15 PM 05.45 PM 07.15 PM 08.45 PM
330 279 580 488
6 8 3 0

5th of August 2022

10:17 AM 11.45 AM 01.15 PM 02.45 PM 04.15 PM 05.45 PM 07.15 PM 08.45 PM
479 123 189 270 166 258 247
0 6 8 9 3 5 3

3rd Aug 2022

10:17 AM 11.45 AM 01.15 PM 02.45 PM 04.15 PM 05.45 PM 07.15 PM 08.45 PM
140 469 348 457 688 550 170 250
5 9 5 6 2 0 8 7

Kolkata FF Result Important Points

  • On Sunday, there are only 4 rounds or baazis.
  • The game can be played by people in Kolkata.
  • If someone doesn’t win the house, they won’t get their money back from the lottery.
  • People will have to place their bets at least an hour before the result is announced.
  • The time when the result is announced doesn’t change.

What is Kolkata FF?

Kolkata FF  which is based on the “Satta Matka” game pattern, is a very popular game in the area. Though Matka is banned in India, few working Matka is available like Kolkata Fatafat. Participants who want to play the lottery must sign in at www.

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KolkataFF.com, which is the official website. In Kolkata FF, players will guess about the different kinds of Bazi’s.

In this game, unlike most lotteries where the numbers are already set, the player has to figure out how many records will be passed. A lot of people in Kolkata play lottery games. The way this lottery is played is like the game “Satta Matka.” Even though Matka is illegal in India, there are not many Matka works that are supervised like the Kolkata Fatafat . The winner of the game is the person who guesses the right number after everyone else has. Along with the game above, the games Worli and Kalyan Matka are also very popular in the area.

Why to Play Kolkata FF?

Every day, there are a lot of poor people in West Bengal who barely make it. Poor people in the state can’t celebrate Durga Puja and other religious holidays. And the reason is very simple: they don’t have enough money to buy things for their families on that religious or holy day. People play Kolkata Fatafat to make money because of this. A lot of people want to play this game, so it is very popular in the area. The game’s winner will get a prize, and the value of the prizes at the Kolkata FF ( ) varies. Also, the amount each player wins is different.

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