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Kristy Althaus: What happened to The Former Miss Colorado Candidate


Kristy Althaus became famous when she was crowned Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012. She was reportedly involved in a controversial career, and her crown was taken away from her.

Beauty pageants have a number of rules and moral standards that they must follow. In the past, models on runways like Vanessa Williams or Genesis Davila were accused of various scandals. What happened to Kristy Althaus. Follow Centralfallout.com to get daily updates

Who is Kristy Althaus 

Kristy Althaus

Kristy was born May 1994 in Aurora Colorado USA. If any of her siblings and parents aren’t available, they will be. Her religion and ethnicity are also unknown.

Beauty pageant contestant who is recognized for having been the runner-up of the 2012 Miss Colorado Teen USA pageant. As in 2022, Kristy Althaus age is 28 years.

The former beauty queen went to high school in her hometown before she went on to pursue higher education. “Where did Kristy Althaus go college?” Although the exact institution is not known, she began modeling while in school.

Stage Name Kristy Althaus
Real Name Kristy Althaus
Profession(s) Pageant Contestant,
Birthday May 2, 1994
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Age 28 years
Gender Female
Birthplace Aurora, United States
Hometown Aurora, Colorado, United States
Nationality American


Kristy took part in Miss Colorado Teen USA 2012 pageant. Jacqueline Zuccherino came in second. Her position allowed her to step in for the winner if she was unable to fulfill her duties. A year later, however, an adult video was posted online. Althaus was seated on a mattress in front of the camera.

A man behind the camera asked Althaus how old she was and if this was her very first video.

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 She answered in the affirmative.

At the time, the runner-up was only 18 years old. Kristy lost her title as Miss Colorado because of the scandal. Future Productions, pageant promoters, removed all references to Kristy shortly after the video was released. They also removed Kristy’s name from the official website, and deleted the YouTube video in which the results of the competition were announced.

Surprisingly there was no confirmation Kristy was the one in the video. When the drama unfolded, Miss Teen Colorado 2012 runner up deleted her Twitter account. Althaus and the event promoters did not make an official statement regarding the scandal.

There were many reactions to the incident from netizens around the world, with some claiming she did not do anything illegal. Others believe that she violated the Donald Trump-owned event’s moral code.

Where is Kristy Althaus Now

According to rumours, Althaus was once a runway model and then took up adult videography as a full-time job. Althaus had previously been linked to Derek Wolfe, an NFL player who played for the Denver Broncos. He publicly supported his lover via social media after the video was released, declaring his affection and love for her.

The two fell apart when Kristy began a new career. After the NFL player had deleted his social media accounts, he split with Kristy. Kristy’s whereabouts at the moment are unknown. After losing her title on websites such as ”Girls Do Porn”, Kristy appeared in a few videos. She has appeared in many adult videos since then. Althaus created a premium Snapchat account in 2019 for her followers.

She crowned the beauty contest runner-up

Kristy Althaus

Kristy did well in the pageant, and named the first runner-up to Jacqueline Zuccherino, Miss Colorado USA Teen winner 2012. In the event of an emergency, the champion’s duties will be taken over by the first runner-up.

Kristy said in public after the competition that she was ready to play her part if given the chance. The moral code of pageant queens requires that they live in compliance with it and not act in a manner that could jeopardize their title. Otherwise, they may lose it. Even though Miss Althaus was not the winner of the 2012 title, it is her fate.

A pageant queen’s duties include being a goodwill ambassador and working with important causes and organizations to bring attention to their good work. They also help raise funds for charities and causes that are most closely related to their constituency.

Miss Colorado must promote local issues and charities, for example. The most important role for a Pageant queen is, however, to be a role model for young girls. Many young girls will view the Pageant queen as an example of what it means for a woman to be successful.

Althaus spotted sitting on a bed in black jeans, black top, and black heels more than a year ago. Future Productions, the promoters for the pageant, saw the video go viral and decided to remove all references to Althaus from their website and promotional materials.

What’s she doing right now?

Derek Wolfe, an American football player who played for Denver Broncos, was the link between the pageant queen and the fledgling porn actor. When news of Kristy’s participation in the adult film broke, he remained by her side and supported.

When it became clear that Kristy intended to pursue a career in adult entertainment full-time, Derek split the two of them. He then deleted all his social media accounts. Kristy is now even more popular with her fans in adult entertainment. Her pageantry career as well as her porn movies have earned her an estimated value of $500,000.

Kristy, once pageant runner-up, has appeared in more erotic movies.

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She has launched a premium Snapchat instead for her fans as of October 2019. This promoted from her Twitter account in 2019.

The accessibility and distribution of porn is changing with the changing face of internet communications and social media. Kristy seems to have the industry knowledge to keep her porn career on the cutting edge of technology, as she switches from movies to social media.

 Kristy Althaus Net Worth

Althaus estimated net worth in 2022 is around $500,000.

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