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Lana Rhoades Kid: Twitter Thinks Blake Griffin Fathered a Child With An Adult Actress


Lana Rhoades Kid: Lana Rhoades has become someone’s mommy. But not in that way. In January of this year, she gave birth to a boy. Milo, the boy’s name, has been a topic of memes since he was born.

There is one problem everyone is having. But who is the father of the child’s child? Everyone is asking her this question. Rhoades, however, has not revealed the identity of her father.

These things have all changed over the past few months. Lana Rhoades’s decision to hide the name of her father is one example. 

Who is Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy?lana rhoades kid

Lana has not yet revealed the identity of her father, but many people believe it to be Mike Majlak, author and podcast host. Mike and Lana had a long-running relationship that was rocky for many years. They split up in February 2021. Lana shared a list of Mike’s “pros” and “cons” about their relationship in May 2021.

Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive hosts Mike. He said that they split up after they started fighting and it was draining.

He said, “When these fights become the norm for many months, months, or even years, and it takes more energy from you than it gives to your life, then it’s time to think about ending the relationship.”

What was Mike’s reaction to Lana being pregnant?

Soon, Mike noticed that his fans were asking him if he was the father. In a deleted tweet, he asked to be a guest on Maury’s show. “Does anyone know of a contact at Maury? “No big deal,” the tweet was removed. He later clarified that he was not the father on the Impaulsive podcast.

Rumours suggest that Kevin Durant could also be the father of the baby.

Lana shared her story about how a Brooklyn Nets basketball player asked her out on a date during the episode of her podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen. Although she didn’t specifically mention Kevin Durant, she did say that the Libra in question was her date. Kevin Durant is the only Libra on this team, according to reports.

Lana did not have much to say about the date or this person. She called him “boring” as well as saying that he wasn’t spicy enough for her tastes. She also explained that the athlete brought another woman to their meeting as a “backup date”.

Although it seems that things didn’t go as smoothly as expected on a first date with an athlete, that doesn’t stop the internet from speculate about Kevin’s possible father. The rumor has not been confirmed by either Lana or Kevin. It seems a little out of reach, considering Lana’s lackluster comments about their interactions.

Lana gave birth in January 2022 to her baby, but it is still unknown who the father was.

Lana Rhoades Kid: Lana’s initial Instagram announcement included a due date. It was above the sonogram which said Jan. 13, 2022. If she assumes that this is nine months after she became pregnant, it means that she was conceived in April or May 2021. This happens after Mike and she are reported to have split up in February.

As expected, Lana gave birth to Milo in January 2022. Lana is very private about her personal life and has shared only one photo of her baby on her story, with the caption “Mom life the best life.”

It’s possible that Lana conceived by someone else, despite the rumors.

Some believe Lana’s baby could have been Bryce Hall’s. They were both accused of cheating Mike last year. They were seen having a casual conversation at a restaurant, which was a good sign that they are friends.

Whatever Lana’s baby daddy may be, it is clear that Lana would be the only one to reveal his name at this stage.

NBA Twitter has confirmed that Blake Griffin is Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy

Lana Rhoades Kid: Lana Rhoades gave birth to her son 10 months ago. After calling out NBA players for being rude, the question about who the father is reopened.

She said, “I swear to God that I thought NBA players were nice men.” “The next thing you know, I said that I was pregnant ‘… and he told me to go F by myself.”

Two men named as the fathers of the child, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant, based on the evidence. The same was not to be repeated when Rhoades posted a video of Rhoades taking her son sneaker shopping.

Griffin and his relationship history

Blake Griffin was the #1 draft pick in 2009 NBA Draft. Griffin was drafted by the Clippers and spent eight years in Los Angeles. He was at his best and a dominant presence on the court. Griffin was a huge success in the NBA and was loved by Tinseltown’s ladies.

Griffin has a long history of dating, including several supermodels. Blake has been with Kendall Jenner and Bryn Cameron, Kari Klotenborg, Kate Upton and Danielle Grace, among others.

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