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Mark Wood of England Is Struggling To Be Fit For The Pakistan Final


Mark Wood, who was unable to play in the semi-final match against India, will not be playing in Sunday’s final against Pakistan. He says he is available in case Jos Butler needs him.

“If the captain desperately needs me and I’m fit enough then I’ll put my name in the hat like everyone else,” Mark Wood said on BBC podcast “Good Pace for Radio’. “I tried my best to make the last game but I couldn’t bowl at the intensity and speeds required to play for England.”

“I couldn’t get my hip going. Hopefully if required I can try and get it right for this game – I don’t know if I’ll be able to.” So, it does, look highly doubtful that he will be available for the final. Wood, who missed the entire summer with an elbow injury, starred in the recent series win against Pakistan in Pakistan.

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Mark Wood’s Scooter Ride to breakfast in Adelaide

Mark Wood
Mark Wood

Tymal Mills said, “I knew that you were struggling. We had intended to go to breakfast when landing in Adelaide. The hotel was only 20 meters down the road. But you were walking slowly and it was hot. You were struggling. So we had to get a scooter.”

“I was desperate to bowl, and thought I had a chance and I only had one practice session. I bowled much more than usual. It was a great training day. I feel great and have been playing well. It’s understandable why Chris Jordan chose to go with me. Wood says that CJ did a great job bowling three overs at the death.”

Mark Wood on watching England beat India

In the end, the game against India was not what I wanted. I wanted to keep watching8ing and stay there. It was almost as if I wanted 240 to chase me. It was amazing.

Mark Wood on the first 10 overs when India were just 66 for 2

Excellent seamers lengths. Junior (Sam Curran), the mix-up was excellent; Rohit couldn’t hit him off that long. Woakes was blessed with a good wicket from KL, which bounced a little. The lengths were excellent. We were running through the overs (over-rate), fielding was excellent, and we were on it. We were running around and putting the pressure on. We were playing at the highest level in those 10 overs. Semifinal game against India is a huge game. You can be nervous, or standoffish, but the intensity was great.

Wood on England’s batting

It’s something I could talk about all night. Hardik Pandya tried at one point to get the crowd moving, and they succeeded. Jos Buttler scored a four! It was the majority of Indian fans, and I loved how we treated them. They took a backward step, which was a waste of time. They made some good cricket shots. Jos made a huge straight six to the ground. It’s a great performance.

On the Indian crowd

There were many Indian flags, as well as the ones with random signs. By the end of the game, all of them were on the floor. Halfway through when they were playing batting, I can recall hearing the screaming of the women and men behind us. They were quiet when we were batting. This was a sign that we were doing well. The usual Indian crowd was quiet by the end. We could only hear the Barmy Army. It was nice to see them enjoying and celebrating.

We will be talking about Adelaide night in 3-4 years. Remember that night when Jos did it? Even after retiring, we will continue to talk about it. Jos doesn’t give much, but I can tell that he was happy.

What about the moment they run four? Laughs. Hales was exhausted after the all-run four. He needed a drink, didn’t he?

Mark Wood on how he felt sitting out of the semifinal

I played the game perfectly. It was just before that that I learned that I was not going to be playing – that was hard. I’ve been bowling in good form, but it hurt. This was the semifinal of the world cup. They don’t happen every day in my life. It was difficult.

This dressing room is full of trust. CJ (Chris Jordan), came in with few games behind his back, but everyone trusted him and supported him. If Tymal Mills had been there, it would have been exactly the same. Everyone in the squad knows what they can do, trusts their abilities, and is not selfish. Although it is easy to say this in a podcast interview, it is real. Everyone is trying to help each other. I want to do the same for you. All of us help one another. It’s a great team environment. Malan and I couldn’t run in. It seems like your job was doubled last night. (Mills laughs).

Mark Wood on Pakistan

They are a dangerous team and They are just like us, dangerous. They have very fast bowlers and are very dangerous. Tymal Mills: We might have a medal around the neck, fingers crossed! It will be a great way to show your family that you were world cup champions. I was struck by the number of lads who were drinking beer and other beverages and thought it would be fun to see if there was milk in the fridge. I enjoyed a glass of milk! I like milk! Is it strange?


Q. What is the age of Mark Wood?

A. 32 year old.

Q. Who is Mark Woods father?

A. Mark Woods father is Derek Wood.

Q. What is the bowling speed of Mark Wood?

A. The bowling speed of Mark Wood is 154.74 kmph.

Q. Who bought Mark Wood?

A. England fast bowler Mark Wood was bought for £734,000 by new franchise Lucknow Super Giants on day one of the Indian Premier League auction.

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