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20 Famous Nacho Libre Quotes That Are Worth Knowing



Nacho Libre Quotes: Jack Black portrays a monastic orphanage cook who wrestles as a luchador at night in Nacho Libre. We can’t stop laughing at it since it’s full of great lines!

Nacho Libre, directed by Jared Hess, has one of Jack Black’s most renowned comic roles. The storey follows a cook who works as a cook during the day and wrestles as a masked luchador at night in a monastic orphanage. The film may not have grossed a lot of money at the box office, but it’s still a fan favourite.

20 Famous Nacho Libre Quotes

Nacho Libre Quotes

There are numerous amusing lines interspersed throughout the film, and the film is filled of heart, hope, and flatulence-related humour from Ignacio’s lowly beginnings as a luchador to his glorious victory over Ramses.

Tanner Fox updated this page on November 27th, 2021: Over the years, Jack Black has proven to be a divisive figure; while he’s starred in classic comedies like School of Rock, he’s also appeared in flops like Gulliver’s Travels. However, because to his involvement in the Jumanji remake series, he has revitalised his career in recent years.

Of course, his low-brow kind of humour appeals to children, which made him ideal for his role in Nacho Libre in 2006. Although the film does not rank among Jack Black’s greatest, admirers of the actor are still quoting phrases from it fifteen years after its release.

Nacho is caught in the act of telling a white lie.

“I Saw A Bum Here,” says the narrator.

Nacho has a hard time concealing his double life most of the time. Not only does he have to keep an eye on the kids, but he also needs to keep his actual personality hidden from Sister Encarnacion, his love interest and coworker.

Nacho’s justifications for why he’s continually running away aren’t always the most convincing. He tries to make it seem like he’s supporting his faith by reportedly sharing the gospel to a poor man, but, as is often the case, his white lies fall flat.

Nacho explains his origins.

“They attempted to convert each other, but instead were married—and then died.”

Ignacio and Sister Encarnacion have an unpleasant talk while eating toast in Sister Encarnacion’s room. Ignacio shares his past after being prodded by Encarnacion, revealing how his parents met despite coming from quite different backgrounds.

He tells her that they married despite their attempts to convert each other. He then abruptly informs her that they have dead before pulling out a photograph of the two from his robe.

Nacho Talks About His Recreational Clothes Nacho Talks About His “Recreational Clothes

“We Find A Man Beneath The Clothes, And Beneath The Man, We Find His… Nucleus.”

Nacho is always trying to impress the good sister, and when she sees him in his expensive-looking “recreational attire,” he attempts to remind her that he is still only a guy, no matter how impressive he is.

It’s an odd line, and he obviously has no idea where he’s going with it. As he tries to break himself down further, he reaches the “nucleus,” which Sister Encarnacion—and the audience—clearly doesn’t make much sense.

Nacho performs an impromptu baptism for Steven.

“We’re going up against Satan’s cavemen tonight, and I just thought it would be a good idea if you sang praises to the Lord.”

The topic of religion is a cause of disagreement between Ignacio and his companion; whereas Ignacio is a devout Christian, Esqueleto insists on becoming a scientist.

Before a Luchador match, Ignacio mentions the problem, but Esqueleto remains unmoved. Concerned for his friend’s salvation, Nacho immediately fills a bowl with water and dunks his partner’s head in it numerous times while yelling this remark, granting him an emergency baptism before the match.

Nacho is a man who always pays his debts on time.

“I owe you $4.99 plus tax, Jesse.”

Nacho attempts to be a people’s man, but just a few people in the monastery like him. Perhaps it’s because of his eccentricities or his bad cooking, but no one in the neighbourhood likes him.

Of course, thanks to his alter-ego, he eventually changes the public’s mind. The eagle-inspired wrestler, on the other hand, makes an effort to do the right thing by others, even offering to pay tax on the money he owes in a funny moment.

Nacho Attempts Some Lyrics Improvisation

“At This Party, I’m Singing.”

Nacho enjoys singing, but he struggles when he’s put on the position. He’s placed into a scenario where he has to sing a song while at a party honouring Ramses’ fame.

Nacho begins singing about… well, singing at the party, with a befuddled band behind him. It doesn’t sit well with his honoured guest, who responds by hurling a drink in his face.

Nacho isn’t hungry at all.

“Get that corn out of my face!” exclaims the narrator.

In the movie, there are a lot of jokes concerning things to the face. Nacho is obsessed with personal space, whether it’s a drink to the face or a punch to the face.

When his friend Esqueleto offers him corn on a stick in the middle of an argument, he accepts. Nacho yells at him in frustration, swiping away the corn and generating a classic scene that will be remembered for a long time.

Nacho merely wishes to establish himself.

“I don’t want to get compensated for losing! I’d like to win!”

Nacho gives it his all to become a luchador, but for the majority of the film, he struggles to achieve true greatness. At first, it’s enough for him to show up to wrestling contests and get beaten up since he’ll still get paid at the end of the day, and that money will allow him to provide nicer meals for the orphans.

Nacho becomes discouraged as the video proceeds, and tells his wrestling partner that he just wants to win for a change. Despite the fact that Nacho Libre does not appear to be a genuine contender, consistently falling short can bring out the worst in anyone.

The Eagle Egg’s Power Doesn’t Impress Nacho.

“They didn’t provide me with any nutrients!”

Nacho takes Steven’s friend’s suggestion and goes on a short search for an eagle egg in order to improve his wrestling skills. Nacho will be blessed with eagle powers if he consumes the yolk of the egg, according to Steven’s acquaintance.

Nacho is disappointed since, despite everything, he perceives little change in his performance. He tells Steven that the eggs were a deception after another loss in the ring. Nacho exclaims, “They didn’t give me any nourishment.” Maybe the advise wasn’t as wise as it seems.

First and foremost, Nacho is about safety.

“Hey! Relax and enjoy yourselves!”

Nacho is a tad overconfident on his first night in the ring. He plans to send Steven into the ring on his own while he tries to win over the audience. He becomes so engrossed in it that he loses sight of the torment Steven is undergoing in the ring.

Nacho is shocked when he finally turns around and realises what’s going on. “Hey! Relax and enjoy yourselves! “He screams at the opposing wrestler. He tries to avenge Steven’s beating, but he ends up inflicting one on himself.

Nacho Is Self-Assured In His Cooking

“Juan Pablo, be grateful. Today Is Particularly Delectable.”

Fans aren’t sure what kind of ingredients Nacho has to deal with on a daily basis at the orphanage, but they know they’re not great. One of the first scenes in the movie shows him serving lunch to everyone at the orphanage. No one is overjoyed to receive it, and one of the boys, Juan Pablo, vents his displeasure to Nacho.

“Can’t we just have a salad for a change?” says the narrator. Nacho is the one who asks Juan Pablo. “Juan Pablo, be appreciative. Today is particularly delectable “Nacho attempts to calm him down. Nacho then gives the concoction a go, almost choking on it and inhaling it through his nose. Nacho makes an effort to assist the orphans in making the best of their circumstances, but he is not always successful.

Nacho Is Extremely Excited

“Everything you just said is my all-time favourite thing to do!”

Sister Encarnacion instantly attracts Nacho’s attention when she arrives at the monastery/orphanage. He approaches her in her room one evening and asks if he can come in, which Encarnacion hesitantly agrees to.

Nacho tries to get to know her more while they share a toast. He asks her to tell him about herself, and she responds with a list of her own favourites. After a few, he stops her and informs her that he enjoys the same things she does. Nacho may be a novice when it comes to romance, but he’s already failing miserably.

Nacho isn’t a trustworthy liar.

“My Life Is Wonderful! Exceptional!”

Everyone has faked how they feel about their lives at some point, whether in front of friends, parents, or odd acquaintances. When Nacho notices some of the orphans wrestling, he puts an end to it and attempts to persuade them that wrestling is bad.

He talks about a variety of things he does that may not seem perfect to many people, yet he concludes by declaring, “My life is wonderful! Exceptional!” Nacho’s intentions may be noble, but he’s no happier than the kids he’s supposed to be chastising in this moment.

Nacho is apprehended

“It’s all in good fun!”

Nacho makes every effort to keep his wrestling ambitions hidden. However, one of the orphans soon notices him experimenting on his wrestling gear.

Nacho tries to justify his attire by claiming that when you’re a guy, you have to wear elastic pants on sometimes. It’s a lousy justification for a lie, but Chanco swears Nacho that he’ll keep it hidden.

Nacho Isn’t Very Well-versed In The Bible

“It Is Against The Law To Wrestle Your Neighbor,” says the Bible.

Nacho aspires to be a great Luchador, but the orphanage where he lives bans him from pursuing his ambition, considering it to be futile. Ignacio does his hardest to obey his instructions, but he’s not very good at hiding his genuine desires.

Sister Encarnacion begs Ignacio to scold a bunch of orphans who are pretending to be Lucahdors. He informs the children that “it is in the bible not to wrestle your neighbour” before babbling on how much he enjoys his life at the orphanage. Ignacio, as the audience knows, knows a “buttload of garbage” about the gospel.

Nacho Sings A Touching Song

“I ate some grass and some bugs. I wiped my tears with my hand.”

Ignacio’s pathetic attempts to attract Sister Encarnacion provide a lot of the comedy in Nacho Libre. During his time in the “wilderness,” he claims to have created a song about his affections for her, which he sings for Esequeleto.

He describes his time away from the orphanage in it, using this statement to emphasise how tough the situation was for him. Although Jack Black has some genuine musical aptitude, his character’s songwriting abilities are non-existent.

Nacho Can’t Seem To Get A Break

“It’s Horrible Being Me Right Now!”

Nacho, played by Jack Black, makes numerous errors during the film, but probably his most egregious is meeting his wrestling idol, Ramses. The wrestler completely ignores Nacho as he sneaks into a party in order to meet Ramses.

Nacho is dismayed by his interaction with Ramses and the losing trend they can’t seem to break the next morning when Nacho and Steven return to the monastery/orphanage. “It sucks to be me right now!” Nacho informs Steven.

Steven Isn’t a Godly Man

“I’m not a believer in God, but I am a believer in science!”

Nacho and Steven don’t have their act together the first night they travel to the hamlet to wrestle. They’ve done some home improvement training, but it’s not quite enough to get them ready for this night.

Nacho encourages Steven to pray to God for strength before the match begins. Steven says simply “I’m not a believer in the existence of God. I am a firm believer in science.” It’s the ideal example of Nacho and Steven’s disconnect and how far they’ll have to go to genuinely become a team.

Guillermo is a man of great faith.

“Didn’t you say these were the Lord’s Chips?”

The majority of the monks appear to be great people, but one of them, Guillermo, isn’t fond of Nacho—and probably for good cause. Guillermo expresses his disdain with Nacho’s cuisine after Nacho completely misses his bowl while serving him.

Nacho tries to explain his predicament, which includes a shortage of decent culinary ingredients and the theft of his chips by a robber. “Did you not tell him those were the Lord’s chips?” Guillermo inquires of Nacho. If the robber had known, he would not have taken the chips.

Nacho Is Constantly Trying

“They think I’m clueless when it comes to the Bible, but I’m not.”

Ignacio is a good man, but he lacks the ability to express himself. He explains to Sister Encarnacion that he makes soup at the orphanage, but that the brothers won’t give him money for fresh ingredients, and that they don’t respect him.

“They assume I don’t know a buttload about the Gospel, but I do,” he says, which is an exquisite way of expressing his dissatisfaction. That moving quote undoubtedly influenced Sister Encarnacion.

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