One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler Alert, When will it be out?

September 28, 2022
One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler: will be out soon, but people who read it might have some problems.The last battle between Luffy and Kaido is almost over. Both men have done everything they could. Wano Country is on the Straw Hat’s shoulders, so he needs to finish the job soon.

Like the other episodes, One Piece Chapter 1046 has been a long time coming. Whether or not Luffy can beat Kaido is still a mystery. This article will tell people when the next chapter will come out and what to expect from it.

Spoiler Alert for One Piece Chapter 1046

One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler

One Piece Chapter 1046 Released Date and Time

Soon, One Piece Chapter 1046 will be available! We won’t

be making spoilers public for the first chapters of One Piece, due to various reasons. This is why we will explain briefly. We will briefly explain when you can expect the official release date.

Manga Plus is a website that transliterates Shonen Jump to English for western audiences. One Piece Chapter 1046 will be released on April 10th at 8.00 EST. The entire chapter will be simultaneously released in multiple languages. The final chapter will not be available until Sunday.

This time, there won’t be any spoilers

For the most recent information, spoiler communities used to have until Tuesday. Redon, a Spanish leaker who has already leaked information, won’t provide any summary information at this time. At least, not yet.

Shueisha Publishing Company plans to sue for One Piece spoilers. This includes Friday scalations. When the unofficial chapters are published, they lose a lot of money. It is unlikely that many people will visit their Manga Plus website.

Soon, One Piece Chapter 1046 will be available! We won’t be making spoilers public for the first chapters of One Piece, due to various reasons. This is why we will explain briefly. We will briefly explain when you can expect the official release date.

Redon will keep his distance in order to protect Pirateking’s website. Redon will not reveal spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1046, but he will. But, readers can still expect them. Do not expect spoilers to Tuesday’s events as in the past.

What has happened up to now and what can you expect?

The battle between Luffy and Kaido was the focus of the last chapter. One Piece Chapter 1046 will likely continue where they left off. Both men are exhausted from the Onigashima Raid. Momonosuke, Yamato and others will likely be watching from the sidelines.

Luffy is just starting to show off his new skills with gear Fifth. His Awakened Devil Fruit abilities allow him to transform any object into rubber. He can transform into a giant to tower over Kaido’s dragon form. Readers can’t wait for Luffy to reveal his plans.

One Piece Chapter 1046: Raizo’s redemption

One Piece Chapter 1046 starts on the Live Floor of Onigashima Castle. As the towers burn, someone shouts for help, and Chopper asks Nami whether she’s okay. He adds no other Straw Hats are with them, wondering if they’re in the fire.

Nami says they couldn’t search even if they wanted to. She claims Onigashima is ablaze, with no safety unless the island lands. Chopper tells Zeus to use his rain, but he says a fire this big will burn him.

Bepo, Penguin, Brook, Robin, and assorted Beast Pirates and samurai fodder are trapped. Nearly everyone here has given up.Sanji, Apoo, Franky, Usopp, and Zoro fight the flames. leave, or give up. Franky tells Zoro “his life is in jeopardy” in an interesting encounter. Fans knew the Mink serum and his fight with King had a toll, but his life is in jeopardy here?

One Piece Chapter 1046 reveals Raizo’s plot on the fourth floor. He and Jinbe have finished preparations and are ready to execute the plan. Raizo says he’s been preparing since Oden castle was destroyed.

Despite his ninja skills, he couldn’t protect Lord Oden or his family, he says. He says “Zou” in preparation for his jutsu, the word meaning “elephant” instead of the area.
A flashback to his time in the Mokomo Dukedom on Zunesha’s back shows him splashing water.

He apologises for the wait while activating his Scroll-Scroll Fruit powers. He uses “Shower of Zou,” where Zou means elephant.

Jinbe and Raizo hope the strategy will succeed when they view other floors. Killer and the Kid Pirates hear the water and pronounce themselves saved.

One Piece Chapter 1046: Final pages

ne Piece On the last page of Chapter 1046, Yamato tells Momonosuke to hurry up. He asks her why she’s saying this, so she tells him about Kaido’s flame clouds. It looks like the clouds have reached their limit and are starting to fade, just like their makers’ strength and time in the fight. Yamato says again that Momo has to make flame clouds to replace Kaido’s, because if they disappear, Onigashima will crash into mainland Wano. She says over and over that this was the only way to win from the start, which makes him upset.

On the last page of the chapter, when Luffy grabs a lightning bolt, Yamato says that Onigashima will fall after Kaido is defeated. In the meantime, he seems to be watching his opponent’s grand attack with a look of welcome determination on his face.

Before Chapter 1047 comes out, the series will take a one-week break, which is bad news. This means that fans won’t get a new official issue until Sunday, April 24. Spoilers will likely come out the Tuesday before, and scanlations will come out Thursday night or Friday morning.

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