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5 Proven Tips To Promote YouTube Video With Real Subscribers


Everyone is aware that if you need to grow your channel, you need to promote YouTube video. This is the secret to running a successful channel. However, it’s simpler said than done. It’s much more difficult to obtain YouTube subscribers in reality.

The amazing tips provided here can help you to promote YouTube video and increase your YouTube subscriber count.

 Promote YouTube Video
Promote YouTube Video

1. Admire Viewer Comments

Heartfelt remarks are the most personal kind of community engagement. Highlighting excellent, perceptive comments from your readers will help you get subscribers.

As you undoubtedly already know, when you “heart” a comment, a heart-shaped version of your profile picture is added. But even better, it also notifies and emails that person. According to YouTube research, liking a comment greatly increases the likelihood that the viewer will click the notice. This encourages visitors to return to your channel and in turn it will promote YouTube video.

2. Create An Engaging Channel Trailer

Make sure the YouTube channel trailer you create will capture the attention of any possible new viewers. You may already have a channel trailer that describes the content of your channel. However, it won’t assist you in gaining YouTube subscribers if it isn’t interesting viewers.

Getting your audience’s attention in the initial few seconds of a channel trailer is a terrific start. You can also tease viewers with on-screen text or entertaining excerpts from your earlier videos. Above all, letting people know what you have to offer will always persuade them to become a part of your community.

3. Increase Your Channel’s SEO

Improve your YouTube channel’s SEO to appear higher in search results. You will rank higher if you use well-known keywords in the channel and video titles. A Google Ads account is a fantastic resource for discovering searchable titles in addition to the search bar. Additionally, you should try to keep your title length to no more than 50 characters.

Meta tags and descriptions are also crucial. Incorporating well-known and pertinent keywords into these areas can also help in your videos’ increased ranking. However, it’s imperative to refrain from keyword stuffing. Including as many keywords as you can will have the exact opposite impact and cause you to rank worse.

4. Direct Viewers To Your Most Well-Liked Videos

Bring viewers from newer or less well-liked videos to those with a steady stream of subscribers. While you may want views on all of your videos, subscribers are already a given for your most popular ones. You have a better chance of gaining YouTube subscribers by directing visitors to these videos that have a lot of subscribers. This is one of the best ways to promote YouTube video.

These videos are not the only ones you can display on your end screen. Making a playlist out of your most popular videos or utilising cards to redirect is a fantastic alternative. You may even increase your YouTube subscriber count by making your most well-liked video your channel teaser.

5. Use A YouTube Brand Watermark

Include a well-known brand watermark on your videos. Even though you may already have a watermark setup, if it does not specifically invite users to subscribe, it may go unnoticed. This is because neither the watermark directly asks people to subscribe nor is it visible. On the other hand, employing a generic “subscribe” button will definitely increase the number of subscribers. Even a large red subscribe button like the one on YouTube is an option.

If you want to promote YouTube video properly, the aforementioned tips can be very useful in developing your community.

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