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Tyrus Wife: Who is Tyrus Wife And How Many Kids They Have


Tyrus Wife: Tyrus, who is 6’7 inches tall and weighed over 375 lbs. He is a big wrestler and you have to be noticed. Tyrus is one of the most well-known wrestlers in the National Wrestling Alliance.

Ingrid Rinck was his wife. She is a fitness guru, entrepreneur, and fitness guru. Ingrid is not only famous for her husband’s success, but she has also built an empire in the fitness industry. It’s a marriage of stars.  

Who is Tyrus Wife

Tyrus Wife
Tyrus Wife

Ingrid Rinck is Tyrus’ long-term girlfriend. She is an entrepreneur and fitness lover. Although much is unknown about her family and early life, it is confirmed that she is 41 years of age. She was born on April 24, 1981. We know that her father owned and operated a restaurant once, but we don’t know much about her family.

Although she did not go to college, she was able to make a successful career as a trainer for fitness and as a businesswoman. Sensible Meals was founded by Ingrid Rinck, her father’s help. It is both a prepared meal service and a health food shop that provides a wide range of fresh, heat-and-eat meals to its customers.

She has over 25 years experience as a trainer and holds a number of highly sought-after certifications. Rinck is not as well-known as her husband, a professional wrestler, and cable news personality. But she has a successful career.

Tyrus Confirms He Married Ingrid Rinck in 2020

Tyrus Wife: Ingrid Rinck seems to have been the center of the American wrestler cum TV personality’s love life. Tyrus didn’t know much about his romantic relationships before it was clear that she was the special woman in him life. According to several platforms, he is single and has never been in a relationship.

It became clear that something was amiss between him and Ingrid Rinck, a personal trainer. They were both seen together several times in public and began living together soon after. However, they kept their feelings private. It was difficult to determine if the two were married.

In April 2020, the famous wrestler confirmed that he married to Rinck for many years. Tyrus did not specify the year of their marriage, but he tweeted that he had officially proposed to Rinck after having been married for many years. He gave her a beautiful ring that represents her life, favorite color, business and the birthstone of their daughter.

How many children does Tyrus Wife have

Five children have been born to American wrestlers. One of his five children is Georgia Jane, as mentioned previously. She was born on May 7, 2014, and is now eight years old. Georgia is currently the only child Ingrid Rinck, Tyrus’ wife, has given birth to.

Tyrus and his wife, Georgia, have four additional children. They didn’t have all of them together. Ingrid Rinck had previously been married to another man before she met the wrestler and started dating him. The couple had two sons, Rock and Rhett.

Tyrus also had two children before he fell in love and married Rinck. Many reports claim that he was a father to a son and daughter with his former partner. Although there are no indications that this is true, the identities of the children remain unknown to the public. Their mother is not yet known.

Tyrus Height & Weight

He is 6 ft 7 in tall and 47 years old (201.0 cm).

Tyrus Net Worth

As of October 2022, Tyrus estimated net worth is $2 Million.

Some facts about Tyrus wife

  • Tyrus’ wife altered her diet after she started meal prepping for her son. She lost weight in the process.
  • The Rink Routine (TRR) is a creative lifestyle brand centred on the healing movement created by fitness guru Ingrid Rinck. She is the mother of three children and wife to famous wrestler Tyrus.
  • The Lord gave Ingrid three children. They are sons, Rhett and Rock, and daughter, Georgie Murdoch.
  • Tyrus’s wife, Ingrid, is on Instagram under the handle @ingridnck.

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