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Who Has Betrayed the Brotherhood Among BMF Members?


The Black Mafia Family was once an influential drug trafficking organization with operations spanning the U.S. However, their once formidable operations were eventually compromised due to betrayals by some members within the BMF – such as Big Meech’s notorious snitching! This article dives further into their history and their members who betrayed it.

Who Snitched On Big Meech?

BMF Members

Omari McCree and William Marshall were the main members who provided information against Big Meech to police, building their case against both him and Southwest T. Former BMF associate Dexter “Sosa” Hussey discussed their downfall with DJ Vlad, whereby Dexter reported Omari as telling federal authorities about Big Meech being his cocaine supplier as well as disclosing key details regarding Big Meech’s drug operation to rapper Blue Davinci – although Omari ultimately changed his mind about testifying during trial proceedings – damage had already been done.

Sosa played an essential role in helping Meech and Southwest T communicate following their feud, as Southwest T was responsible for coordinating drug supply from Mexican cartels while Big Meech handled distribution – placing him squarely at the heart of their narcotics operation.

On trial day, their collaboration with authorities forced Big Meech and Southwest T into striking a plea agreement; according to an excerpt from The Gangster Report about BMF, Marshall’s decision to collaborate forced Flenory into making the deal before trial began in November 2007.

Marshall collaborated closely with authorities which resulted in Big Meech striking this agreement at trial day; Marshall’s decision ultimately forced Flenory into reaching this deal on trial day; according to The Gangster Report about BMF, it was Marshall who forced their hands in striking this agreement at trial start up.

According to The Gangster Report about BMF Marshall was responsible for forcing Flenory into striking this plea deal before trial started in November 2007!

What Is BMF?

The Black Mafia Family was formed by Demetrius Flenory (also known as Big Meech or Southwest T) and Terry Flenory (Southwest T). Together they had access to LA drug supplies as well as direct connections with Mexican criminal groups, leading them to establish cocaine trafficking operations across the U.S. by 2000.

In the early 2000s, Black Mafia Family used BMF Entertainment as a front for drug shipments and to launder profits; additionally they produced popular hip-hop artists who then collaborated with authorities against them. Unfortunately for BMF Entertainment they were found out in 2005 and brought down by one of their own members working with authorities against themselves.

BMF Members

Big Meech and Southwest T Flenory are played by Demetrius Flenory Jr. and Da Vinci respectively; additional supporting actors such as Russell Hornsby, Ajiona Alexus, Steve Harris, Kash Doll, La La Anthony as well as Snoop Dogg and Eminem provide additional roles. Here is the serial number list:

1. Demetrius Flenory Jr.
2. Da Vinci
3. Russell Hornsby
4. Ajiona Alexus
5. Steve Harris
6. Kash Doll
7. La La Anthony
8. Eminem
9. Eminem

Who Is Big Meech?

Big Meech was born in Cleveland, Ohio in June 1968. Together with his brother Terry he built an immense drug empire which controlled distribution of multi-kilogram cocaine across several states such as Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana Michigan Mississippi Missouri North Carolina Ohio Tennessee until there was an estrangement between the brothers in 2001 leading to Terry leaving for Los Angeles to start his own ventures.

Big Meech lived with his siblings in one house for most of his childhood years. Although neither his parents or himself drank alcohol, their household relied on food stamps and government aid for survival – often having to wear identical clothing with holes in the soles; eventually turning to trafficking cocaine on the streets after 20 years had elapsed – leading them to form their own Black Mafia Family.


Big Meech and other BMF members’ betrayals resulted in the demise of one of the United States’ premier drug trafficking organizations, the Black Market Forces.

Even powerful criminal groups are susceptible to internal strife and betrayals; thus this story highlights both loyalty and trust as pillars of criminal organizations as well as consequences of those who choose to turn traitorous.

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