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Who Is Latarian Milton? Where Is He Now


Who is Latarian Milton?

Latarian Milton
Latarian Milton

Latarian Milton is an infamous criminal from the United States who first gained widespread notoriety in 2008 for stealing his grandmother’s car and engaging in an explosive destructive spree near Palm Beach, Florida. Milton quickly earned notoriety as a teenager for his reckless and antisocial behaviour that carried over into adulthood as criminal activities became part of his routine lifestyle.

Latarian Milton was born September 30th 2000 in Palm Beach Florida. From an early age he displayed a rebellious and defiant attitude, engaging in inappropriate activities with his peers as well as criminal acts. But his most memorable act – joyriding in his grandmother’s SUV – catapulted him into national headlines.

Milton was only 7 when he stole his grandmother’s SUV keys and went on a destructive rampage, vandalizing multiple properties and creating havoc throughout his community. Law enforcement ultimately apprehended and sentenced him to juvenile detention – drawing widespread media coverage, and becoming known as the “Hood Rat Kid.”

Recent Activities and Legal Troubles

Latarian Milton has repeatedly attempted to change his life through rehabilitation and turning points, yet has continued his criminal activities. Most recently he was involved in another carjacking incident where several individuals coerced a Lyft driver’s vehicle into theirs before taking it for themselves and driving it off with it. Milton was later arrested and has been charged as an adult with carjacking.

As of 2023, Milton is serving a jail sentence for his latest criminal act. While his age is an objective factor, his actions and behavior should not be glorified or celebrated as they are illegal and hazardous to both him and others.


Latarian Milton stands as an example of the perils associated with criminal behavior and of making responsible and positive choices. Although initially popular for his outrageous antics, his subsequent criminal activities serve as an object lesson on antisocial behaviour’s destructive results. Everyone- especially young people- must strive to make responsible choices that contribute to both their wellbeing and that of their communities.


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