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Wilbur Scoville – Bio, Works, Family & Awards


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Wilbur Scoville – Bio, Works, Family & Awards

Wilbur Scoville – Bio, Works, Family & Awards

Biography of Wilbur Scoville

Bill burr’s wife Wilbur Lincoln Scoville, born on January 22, 1865, to March 10, 1942, was an American pharmacist. He is best known for creating the “Scoville Organoleptic Test,” now standardize as the Scoville scale.

He planned the test and scale in 1912. At the same time, he was working at the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company to measures pungency, “spiciness,” or “heat” of different chili peppers.

Wilbur Scoville’s Works

Scoville wrote The Art of Compounding, and it was readership in 1895. Book has gone through eight editions. The book used as pharmacological action of mentioning until the 1960s. He was making one of the earliest mentions of milk as medicine taken for pepper heat. Scoville also wrote Extracts and Perfumes. It contains hundreds of formulations. For a time, Wilbur was a professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. In 1912, he planned the test, and the scale is known as the “Scoville Organoleptic Test.”But working at Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company. While using a human tester, it measures the flavor, spiciness of various chili peppers. Now it is determined as the Scoville Scale.

In 1922, he won the Ebert Prize from the American Pharmaceutical Association 1929. He also receives Remington Honor Medal, and he also received an honorary Doctor of Science from Columbia University in 1929.

Wilbur Scoville’s Marriage and Children

Scoville married Cora B. Upham on September 1, 1891, in Wollaston Quincy, Massachusetts, had two daughters Amy Augusta and Ruth Upham. Both were born on August 21, 1892, and October 21, 1897.

Wilbur Scoville’s Awards

He won the following awards from American Pharmaceutical Association that is APhA:

In 1922 –The Ebert Award, given to “recognize the authors of the best report of original investigation of a medicinal substance.”
In the year 1929 – The Remington Honor Medal, it is the APhA’s top award.

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