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Zheng Shuang: Bio, Age, Children , Husband & Net Worth


Zheng Shuang Chinese actress rose to fame with her role as Chu Yuxun in the television series Meteor Shower.

She was the youngest actress ever nominated for Best Actress at the China TV Golden Eagle Awards.

She went on to star in the romantic comedy Love O2O.

Her popularity has continued to rise since the success of the series. Let’s learn more about Zheng Shuang’s life.

Zheng Shuang Biography

Zheng Shuang

Zheng Shuang (born Zheng Yihan; 22 August 1991)is a Chinese actress. Zheng Shuang age is just 26. She was born in Shenyang, China.

Her parents are businessmen. Her mother is a businesswoman named Liu Yan. She has no siblings.

Zheng’s parents divorced when she was young. When she was 16, she was the youngest student at the Beijing Film Academy.

Zheng’s father also died in a car accident. She was later disqualified from the acting department at the Academy.

As a young girl, Zheng was a child actor. she signed on to a leading role in a hit television drama.

She has starred in more than 20 television dramas and several variety shows. She also appeared in 5 musical videos, short films, and commercial ads.

In addition to acting, she also has a successful musical career. At this age, Zheng Shuang’s career is growing steadily.

Zheng Children

There is a lot of talk in China about surrogacy and the Children of Zheng Shuang, who are supposedly orphaned in a Chinese surrogate mother’s womb.

But the truth about surrogacy and the Children of Zheng Shuang is quite different. In fact, Chinese surrogacy is banned.

And so, how did Zheng get his kids? In the end, he paid a professional parenting coach. But Zhang dismissed the claim as ridiculous.

Despite the fact that he has become one of the most successful stars of Chinese cinema, Zheng Shuang is still plagued by mental health problems.

She even considered suicide during the filming of the Chinese TV drama “Swords of Legends.”

She did not eat or drink while filming, a fact she shared with her parents.

Zheng Heng finally returned to the project after Zheng Shuang pleaded for help. She even bought some pills on Taobao.

However, Zhang Heng stopped her from taking them, saying that she disagreed with the doctor’s recommendations because she was the star of a movie.

Besides, her parents worried about giving her a child.

Zheng Husband

The relationship between Zheng Shuang and her husband has been rumored since her debut in 2009.

The actress and model made her acting debut in the 2009 drama Meteor Shower, which became a hit series.

In 2011, she joined three other projects to gain fame and recognition, including War of Desire, No Limit, and Mural.

All three projects received numerous awards.

The actress and her husband have remained close ever since their first appearance in the same project.

While both women were talented, Zheng was not pregnant and unable to bear a child.

Besides, she was unable to carry the pregnancy, and Zhang was not in a position to give birth.

Although Zheng and Zhang Heng have been together since the beginning of their relationship, they were separated three months before the birth of the first child. T

his separation pushed Zheng to seek professional advice about terminating the surrogacy arrangements and performing an abortion.

Zheng Movies & Tv Shows

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang first came to international attention in the 2007 movie Meteor Shower, in which she starred as Chu Yuxun.

She later won the Best Actress Award at the China TV Golden Eagle Awards and also starred in the romantic comedy Love O2O.

She continues to impress moviegoers with her diverse roles, and her impressive list of credits is growing by the day.

Her success was accelerated in 2009 with the hit drama series “Secret History of Princess”, which won her the sixth Hong Kong Film Directors Guild Award.

She also starred in multiple projects in 2014, including Swords of Legends, The Cage of Love, and Love Weaves Through a Millenia.

Despite the recent controversy surrounding her surrogacy practices, Zheng Shuang’s career continues to climb.

Zheng Net Worth

If you’re looking for the biggest Chinese celebrity in Hollywood, look no further than Zheng Shuang’s net worth. The Chinese actress has an estimated net worth of $1 to $5 million.

She has made her name as an actress and singer in movies ranging from romantic comedies to action films.

According to Forbes, Zheng Shuang earned between $1 and $5 million as of 2021.

The Chinese actress is married to a successful movie producer named Zhang Heng, who is a successful businessman.

He is the only child of Liu Yan, a housewife. Despite her busy schedule, Zheng Shuang maintains a lean physique.

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