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Christie Smythe skipped marriage therapy to see Martin Shkreli in jail


Christie Smythe, who left her husband and job for “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli, recently defended her ex, stating she missed her first marriage counselling session to visit him in prison.

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Christie Smythe skipped marriage therapy

Christie Smythe

Smythe, 39, told The Sunday Times that she and her ex-husband were scheduled to begin treatment the day she was allowed to visit Shkreli for the first time at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Former Bloomberg reporter who visited the inmate admitted she arrived 52 minutes late.

Smythe told the press, “I didn’t count the minutes; he did.” Even so, we eventually tried marriage counselling, and it was a total failure. They gave no advice.

She described her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend as symbolic before breaking up with them. Smythe and Shkreli, both 39 at the time, became acquainted in 2015 when she began covering him for Bloomberg News.

As CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, the hedge fund investor raised the price of anti-parasitic Daraprim in 2015.

Smythe reported on his arrest for securities fraud, but she quit because of her association with him.

Elle 2020’s article about the former journalist “upending” her life for “one of the most detested men in the world” generated tremendous social media outrage. Because to the publication, Shkreli released Smythe through his lawyers.

But in May, she revealed to The Post that despite their differences, they remain friends. I’d love to give him a hug in person. I’ll always care for him,” she stated when he was released from federal jail.

“He was unhappy with me when I went public, but I feared that if he got sick in prison, nobody would help him. The essay “I left my spouse for the most loathed guy in America” went viral on Sunday.

If you say everyone deserves a second chance EXCEPT Martin Shkreli, you don’t mean it. Smythe is writing a serialised book about the love affair on Substack and has a new boyfriend.

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