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Constance Nunes Net Worth [2022]: How Rich is The Female Mechanic?


Constance Nunes Net Worth: Constance Nunes, the only female mechanic in the Netflix reality series Car Masters Rust to Riches can be almost instantly spotted when you watch the Netflix series.  Nunes, the rose among the thorns, is a model and product expert for several automotive brands. Constance Nunes’ net worth is $2 million as of 2022.

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Constance Nunes Net Worth

Constance Nunes
Constance Nunes

According to Car Masters: Rust to Riches’, Nunes earns $20,000 per episode. Her other media appearances also make her money. She is currently signed as a model with NTA Talent Agency. She is also an automotive expert and has a shop. Although she has not disclosed her income as a mechanic it is estimated that she has a net worth $2 million.

Name Constance Nunes
Net Worth $2 million
Birth 17 November 1989, Los Angeles, USA
Nationality American
Age 32 years
Height 5ft 7in
Weight 52 kg
Partner Jared Toller
Profession Mechanic, TV Personality, Car Enthusiast, Model
Career 2005-Present

Early life

Constance was born November 17, 1989. Although she is from Los Angeles, California her family is Portuguese. Ernie, her father, is a mechanic who was also a driver in race cars. He introduced her to cars early on. She helped her father in his garage as a child. California native, she also attended a lot of her father’s races, which ignited her passion for cars.

Nunes, 16 years old, bought her first car, a 1964 Ford Mustang that she called “Babystang”. She made it her own project and spent a lot of money to customize it to her liking. She still drives the Mustang today.

Career Beginnings

She is actually a mechanic, despite speculation. She started her career in her father’s shop. After attending Ernie Nunes races, she was discovered and hired by a talent scout to model. She was a model for a variety of brands, including Jockey, Wrangler and JLUX LABEL. Later, she appeared in several commercials including one for the Superbowl.

Constance was also a stuntwoman in the films Dodgeball and Bring It On. Constance remained passionate about tinkering with cars throughout her career and was an aftermarket director at BMW, Audi and Acura.

Reality TV

Netflix launched a reality series in 2018 that focused on the lives of mechanics at the Gotham Garage. The series was called Car Masters: Rust to Riches. Constance Nunes, a gearhead, was a part of the original cast. She was the only female mechanic on the series and became an inspiration to the small number of women working in the automotive industry.

Constance was a part of all seasons. She opened Cars by Constance after the third season. She is currently a product specialist at Audi, 4 Wheel Parts and VP Racing Fuels.


Finding true love is difficult these days. But Nunes is happy to be married to the love she loves. Constance Nunes met Jared Toller many years ago. They fell in love and began dating. Jared, like Nunes is also a car enthusiast. That’s why she fell for him. Constance was born November 5, 1990. Our reports indicate that Jared and Constance met through a friend.

Jared claims that Constance was the first time he saw her. The pair soon became friends and asked each other out. After being in a long-term relationship, they finally made the decision to walk down the aisle together in 2019. Constance and Jared were married on the 9th February 2019. Their wedding ceremony is private so there’s not much information. According to reports, the lovers exchanged vows in Piru (California), United States. Constance and Jared have no children as of today. The pair seems to be focused on their careers.

Cars Collection

Nunes began working as a mechanic at the age of 14. Her father taught her all the skills and techniques she needed to become a mechanic. She bought her dream car, a 1964 Ford Mustang, at the tender age of 16. She fondly calls it “Babystang”. A 1964 Mustang costs $55k. She is proud owner of an Audi A5. According to reports, Nunes bought her second car for $45k.

Height & Weight

Constance Nunes is a woman of average height. Constance Nunes is 5′ 7″ tall, 170 cm high and weighs 55 kg (121 pounds). She is 34-26-34 inches in height. She also has brown hair, and brown eyes.

How Much Does Constance Nunes Make?

Constance Nunes, a car mechanic who makes an average of $35k-$70k per year, walks home each year with a net worth between $300k and $600k. Constance Nunes makes a lot of money remodeling cars and appearing on the Netflix reality series. She also makes a handsome living as a model, and commercials are her main source of income. Nunes also runs “Cars By Constance”, a business where customers can personalize their cars.

According to her biography on her website, she’s been in the remodeling industry for over 15 years. Constance Nunes’ monthly earnings are estimated to be at least $50k. Her weekly income is estimated to be about $10k. Nunes is also an influencer on social media, with over 1 million followers on Instagram. The following section contains more information about Constance Nunes and her earnings.


Q. How much does Constance Nunes make per episode?

A. $20,000 per episode.

Q. Does Constance work at Gotham Garage?

A. As well as working with Gotham Garage, Constance opened her own car shop recently, which she has called CARS By Constance.

Q. Who is Constance Nunes husband?

A. Constance Nunes married to Jared Toller.

Q. What is Constance Nunes real name?

A. her full name is Constance M Nunes.

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