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Richard Rawlings Net Worth in 2022


Richard Rawlings Net Worth: Fast N’ Loud, a Discovery reality series, was a hit that put Richard Rawlings (car builder) into the limelight. Rawlings owns the Gas Monkey Garage, as well as its venues for music or food. He is also a veteran of road rallies and a regular in NASCAR. Richard Rawlings’ net worth is $18 million as of 2022.

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Richard Rawlings Net Worth

Richard Rawlings
Richard Rawlings

Richard Rawlings, an American car builder and cross-country racer, entrepreneur and reality TV personality, has a net worth $18 million dollars. Rawlings is most well-known as the star and owner of Gas Money Garage. He is also the owner of Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill in Dallas, Texas and Gas Monkey Live music venues.

Fast N’ Loud, a Discovery reality series, was a hit that put Richard Rawlings (car builder) into the limelight. Rawlings owns the Gas Monkey Garage, as well as its venues for music or food. He is also a veteran of road rallies and a regular in NASCAR.

Full Name Richard Rawlings
Net Worth $18 Million
Salary $50,000
Date Of Birth March 30, 1969
Place Of Birth Fort Worth, Texas, USA
Height 1.85 m
Profession TV personality, race car driver and mechanic, businessman
Education Eastern Hills High School
Nationality American
Spouse Suzanne Rawlings (m. 2015), Suzanne Rawlings (m. 1999–2009), Karen K. Grames (m. 1993–1994)
Nicknames Richard Ray Rawlings

Early life

Richard was born March 30, 1969, and was raised in Fort Worth. When he was young, his father was an avid automobile enthusiast and took him to many car shows.

Richard was influenced by this as he worked with his father to build cars when he was a child. He bought his first car at 14 years of age, a 1974 Mercury Comet.

By the age of 16, he had already sold and bought multiple cars and was legally able to drive. Richard graduated from Eastern Hills High School in 1987 as a student.


Although he was passionate about cars it wasn’t his first venture into business. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he was a paramedic, firefighter and police officer. He founded Lincoln Press, a printing business in 1999.

Rawlings sold his company to open Gas Monkey Garage in 2002. Rawlings began to build cars for customers around the globe and is now a well-respected hot rod shop.

He was a mechanic and a road rally competitor. Rawlings held the 2007 world record for the fastest time to complete the Cannonball Run. He won the Bullrun, Gumball 3000 and Gumball 3000.

Reality Television

Richard and his Gas Monkey Garage were the central of Fast N’ Loud, a reality TV series. In 2012, the Discovery Channel began airing the show. It was so popular that two spin-offs were created.

Rawlings also got the opportunity to start other ventures through the series. Rawlings had the opportunity to work alongside several NASCAR drivers. He wrote Fast N’ Loud: Blood, Sweat and Beers in 2015, his autobiography.

Gas Monkey Live was also started by the entrepreneur. Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill was also created. To expand his empire, he also developed an energy drink brand in 2019. His reality show was cancelled in 2019.


According to reports, Rawlings earned $50,000-$75,000 per episode while Fast N’ Loud was still being aired. Richard still had a source of income even after Fast N’ Loud ended. His Gas Monkey Garage is slowly becoming a huge franchise.

The Texas native is the CEO of the company. His business ventures have earned him a substantial fortune, while he also makes additional income as a road rally professional and author. His net worth is approximately $18 million.

Personal Life

Rawlings wed Karen Grames on September 15, 1990. They split the following year He married Suzanne Marie Mergele in 1999. She was his second wife. They split in 2009 but reunited in 2015. Rawlings announced on Twitter in March 2019 that he was splitting up with Suzanne and seeking a divorce.

He proposed to Katerina Deason, his girlfriend, in August 2019. Rawlings shared their engagement via social media and stated that it was love at first glance. I realized that you were beautiful and graceful from within. It was then that I knew I wanted every moment of my life to be with you.

Katerina, I love you so much and promise to keep you laughing and loving your entire life. You are truly my soulmate and best friend. We pray that God will guide us as we live our lives together. You are my only love. R”In the 1990s Richard was shot by a car thief trying to steal his 1965 Mustang 2+2.

Richard Rawlings, a passionate transcontinental runner who has participated in many rallies, is also Richard Rawlings. Rawlings used to be the Cannonball Run’s fastest man, but someone beat him in 2013. Rawlings covered the distance of 2811 miles from New York City to Los Angeles in just 31 hours and 59 mins to beat the record. The record had been held since 1979. This is equivalent to driving an average speed of 87.6 MPH. He also won twice the Gumball 3000, and The Bullrun, which is an unprecedented feat.

Cannonball Run/Bullrun

Richard Rawlings, along with Dennis Collins, were said to have beat the Cannonball Run’s 1979 time of 32 hours 51 minutes. This was in May 2007. Jay Riecke, their rival, bet that they could beat their Bullrun 2007 entry. It was a black Ferrari550 with additional fuel cells. The final time they achieved was 31 hours and 59 mins. However, this time is still controversial because of the differences in distance and times.

They beat Jack May and Rick Cline’s 1975 time in a Ferrari Dino. The competitors didn’t leave at the correct places, or they took routes that were not compatible with the original Cannonball Runs from the 1970s. Their personal heroes Dave Heinz, and Dave Yarborough (who set the record in 1979 with a Jaguar XJ-S, leaving from Darien in Connecticut, instead of Manhattan) were unable to beat them.

Real Estate

Rawlings has a Dallas home. The home was built on 1.46 acres in 1960 and has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two half bathrooms. The home also features a mid-century bar with retractable doors, multiple decks and a sunken tub. There is also an outside master bathroom, a lake, and a Zen garden. His house is only four miles from the Gas Monkey Garage.

Social Media Activities

Rawlings makes use of his social media influence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to distribute promotional content. Follow his pages to get more information about Gas Monkey Garage or Fast N’ Loud episodes.

Car Collections

Richard Rawlings is passionate about cars. How does he get them? The Fast N’ Loud star is a master at spotting junk cars that he can buy cheaply. His crew at Gas Monkey Garage then restores, rebuilds, and customizes them.

He currently has a large collection of vehicles in his possession that he occasionally auctions. We have taken it upon ourselves to classify them, from older models to classics.

  • 1915 Willys Overland Touring
  • 1932 Ford
  • The 1932 Ford Roadster
  • 1933 Chrysler Royal 8 Coup CT Imperial
  • 1952 Chevrolet Fleetline
  • 1966 Saab 96 Monte Carlo Sport
  • 1965 Ford Mustang 2+2 Fastback
  • 1967 Pontiac Firebird
  • 1967 Mustang Fastback
  • 1968 Shelby Mustang GT 350
  • 1968 Shelby GT Fastback
  • 1970 Dodge Challenger
  • 1974 Mercury Comet
  • 1975 Datsun 280 Z
  • 1989 Lamborghini Countach.
  • 1998 Chevrolet Crew Cab-Dually
  • 2005 Ford GT Custom Coupe
  • Pickup truck 2015 Dodge Ram 2500
  • Jaguar XK120 Roadster Replica
  • Ferrari F40


Q. How much is the owner of Gas Monkey Garage worth?

A. Richard Rawlings Net Worth is $18 Million.

Q. Did Richard Rawlings sell gas monkey?

A. The Gas Monkey Garage car collection was up for auction on Bring a Trailer for a week and Rawlings sold all 29 vehicles.

Q. How did Richard Rawlings get rich?

A. In 2002, Rawlings launched Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, selling Lincoln Press in 2004.

Q. What does Richard Rawlings do now?

A. Opening two new restaurant/entertainment venues.

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