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Dissolving Swim Trunks: Woman with shorts on the beach makes fun of her brother


Dissolving Swim Trunks: Pranks often get out of control, and one woman is being chastised for playing one on her brother. A woman from Tennessee is facing outrage after giving her brother a pair of “dissolvable” bathing shorts and video him wearing them while they vanish in the waters of a public beach.

Dara Roberts perpetrated the heinous prank last month and documented it on TikTok. It has received almost 28 million views. Dara’s brother is shown in the video. Seth in his bright blue bathing trunks. Seth is completely unaware of the fact that the shorts will dissolve as soon as they come into contact with water.

Dissolving Swim Trunks

Later, he is shown entering the waters at a public beach, fully oblivious to what is about to happen to him.

Seth also throws a football around in waist-deep water before realising his swimwear is practically gone in the video. Seth states in the video, “My swimming trunks ripped… terrible.”

Dara, on the other hand, continues to videotape her brother’s misery and can be heard giggling at his humiliating situation. “Stop filming me. Seth says, “I’m serious.” “I’m completely undressed!”

He won’t leave the pool until he gets a new pair of shorts, claiming that he can’t be seen naked in public, which is a reasonable argument. However, this film is cut at this point, so it’s unclear whether Seth changed into a new pair of shorts or stepped out of the pool naked.

“We haven’t told him the whole truth yet.” If you happen to be reading this, Seth, please accept my heartfelt condolences. Dara captioned the video, “I’m sorry.”

However, TikTok users were not happy with the gag, according to reports, and turned to the comments section of the post to call out the sister for the insensitive prank.

One user remarked, “Funny in a backyard pool, but not in a PUBLIC location with your sibling.” “This is more embarrassing than humorous,” said another. He sounded genuine in his dissatisfaction.” Other people noted that if the gender roles were reversed and a woman had to go through anything similar in public, the authorities might have intervened, which we believe is a valid point.

According to the storey, Dara followed up with a video in which she mocked her detractors.

She wrote alongside footage of herself, which was backed by SZA’s song “I Hate U,” “@ the overly sensitive TikTok users.”

SZA Good Day Official Video Song

People were still rallying against her for putting her brother in this situation.