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For gamers who want to eat as fresh as they look, there is DoorDash x FaZe Subs.


The Rugfather: The ideal supper for gamers

The “Rugfather,” so named after FaZe’s most popular video creator, is a surprisingly tasty combination of sweet and spicy. It is served on traditional white bread with the mysterious “FaZe Sauce” (a codename for Chipotle sauce), turkey and provolone, sweet pickles, Funyuns, and guacamole.

Simply put, the resulting combination is pretty damn good.

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This is a good sandwich that isn’t messy or challenging to eat; if we’ve ever seen the ideal gaming meal, this is it.

The Hot Drop: Instant fan-favorite

DoorDash x Faze Subs

When it comes to ingredients, The Hot Drop tries a little harder. Be prepared for some spice in your sinuses when you bite into this sub since it contains Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The spiciness of the Cheetos gives a sub that I wasn’t sure I’d like at first just the proper amount of pizazz when combined with the grilled chicken “tendies,” provolone, and buffalo sauce on white bread. This will undoubtedly become a fan favourite.

The #EZAF: A classic Cuban

The #EZAF is essentially a Cuban sandwich, to put it simply. On toasted bread, it has the standard Cuban ingredients of sweet pickles, ham, cheddar, and honey mustard with the exception of the Fritos sprinkled on top.

Being a major fan of Cuban sandwiches, this is the sub I immediately gravitated toward. It’s quite good for a Subway-style meal and satiated me just enough such that I didn’t feel overstuffed.

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The Cheeser: If it ain’t broke

Door Dash x Faze Subs

For those of us who enjoy grilled cheese, FaZe also has a simple cheese sandwich available alongside its other options. It’s a typical grilled cheese, nothing particularly noteworthy, but substantial enough for your younger sibling to eat while pretending to play Mario Kart with the P2 controller.

Final thoughts

Sincerely, these subs are a success. They were constantly being compared to Subway in my mind, but I couldn’t help but give them a much better rating than the big-name build-a-sub chain.

In contrast, they are considerably heavier and slightly more gratifying. I truly enjoyed the food because of the inventiveness of the ingredient combinations, and I will most definitely be ordering on my own in the future.

For those of you who adore bread, this sub might not be at the top of your list because the bread is soft but not particularly pliable. But when it comes to some gamer food, these sandwiches, er, subs, absolutely win.

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