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Masaki Suda: Wiki & Age, Wife, Movies & Net Worth {2022}



Masaki Suda, Taish Sug, popularly referred to by the stage name of  is a Japanese actor and singer from Japan.

In 2004, he won his Japan Academy Film Prize for Outstanding Performance by an actor in an leading Role for his part in the film “Tora” and also earned him the Golden Bell.

His first single, “Mita Koto mo Nai Keshiki” was among the most popular singles to be sold in Japan.


Masaki Suda Wiki & Age

Masaki Suda

Taishō Sugō (born February 21, 1993), Masaki Suda is 27 years old. Taish Sug (aka Masaki Suda) is Taish Sug (aka Masaki Suda) is a Japanese actor and a singer.

His breakout performance in the film “Ghost Rider” brought him the Japan Academy Film Prize for Outstanding Performance by an actor in the Leading role.

Taish Sug also is a vocalist and composed his first single, “Mita Koto mo Nai Keshiki” (Italy 1939) that earned the actor a nation-wide music award.

His age is expected to be thirty-one by 2022. He weighs 72 kg and his height is 5.74 feet.


Hair color: black and he’s not currently married. The estimated value of his net worth is $350,000. and he owns several homes in Japan.

His net worth has not been publicly disclosed, but the income from acting is significant. Additionally, Masaki Suda is a part of the Hollywood Power List.

Masaki Height

Height In Centimeters: 175.26 cm.
In Meters: 1.7526 m.
In Feet Inches: 5′ 9″
Weight In KG: Not known
In Pound: Not known
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black (Approx)

The Japanese star was born 21 February 1993, at Minoh, Osaka.

The height of his body is 29,, and weighs 72 Kg. He is a man with Black eye and hair with blue.


In addition to the work he does, Suda also has a number of acquaintances in the world of music.

He’s very active on social media, and also is the authentic Twitter account. For more information, please read his bio below.

In his teens, Suda was already acting in films. He was in ‘The The Light That Shines There Only’ as well as Setoutsumi.’

He has also been a part of numerous television and movie shows. Recently, he was a part of the cast in the live action versions of My Little Monster.


Additionally, Suda has won several prizes for his acting for example, his award for the Japan Academy Film Prize for his performance in Wilderness.

Masaki Wife

Nana Komatsu is a Japanese model and actress who is the famous wife of the businessman and actor Masaki Suda.

She is most famous for her roles in movies. Nana as well as Masaki have been married since 2007. They have two kids.

Two daughters are theirs. Nana is a native of Japan and was raised by an old-fashioned family.


She also been an instructor and child actor. Nana is a well-known wife and mother of Masaki Suda.

The couple has been together for the past three years and have appeared in a couple of films together. They also appeared in a couple of films.

They are currently filming “Ito” (Yarn), which is based on a hit song by the popular Japanese artist Miyuki Nakajima. Their children are also named after famous artists.

Alongside a lucrative performing career Masaki Suda also has an active singing profession.


Masaki Movies

Taish Sug, professionally referred to under the name Masaki Suda, is a Japanese actor and singer from Japan.

His debut single, “Mita Koto mo Nai Keshiki” was awarded the Japan Academy Film Prize for Outstanding Performance by an actor in the Leading role.

Taish Sug has been in a variety of Japanese films and released a number of singles. If you’re not familiar about his name or work you can find his biography below.

“Fireworks,” Suda’s first award-winning movie, explores the dark aspect of the lives of many people.


Although this film can be dark, and depressing however, there’s always light towards the light at the end. Suda’s versatility lets him play sad and happy characters.

The actress’s friendly manner brings comic relief to the dramatic film. She can also be seen in a variety of dramas and films.

Masaki Net Worth

The estimated net worth of his is to be between $1 million and $5 million. The figure is inclusive of his earnings from performing and singing.

The Japanese actor and singer is an extremely well-known figure. Suda has appeared in numerous television and film shows.


The actor has voiced character like the adorable ninja, and has was featured in a variety of anime shows.

Suda is a well-known TV name and is well-known for her role as a regular on the animated show “Minoh.”

She is also a songwriter, singer as well as a songwriter and actor. This is a brief review of the estimated value of Suda’s net worth.

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