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Mallory James Mahoney: Bio, Age, Movies, TV Show & Net Worth


Mallory James Mahoney, she is an American teen actress. She is well-known for her role on the Disney Channel series Bunk’d, as well as the Netflix series On My Block.

Whether you’re a fan of her movies or television shows, you’ll want to know her height and bio!

Here you’ll find that information and more. Check out her height and bio to learn about her career.

Mallory James Mahoney Biography

Mallory James Mahoney

Mallory James Mahoney  (born January 31, 2005) is an American actress. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas, the United States. Sheb age is 17 Years Old.

Her parents are Michael and Natalie Griffin Mahoney.

She began acting at a young age and has since appeared in various films and television shows.

She is a vegetarian. She has been a vegetarian for nine years and is against animal cruelty.

Mallory Movies

Despite being a teen, Mallory James Mahoney is already making waves in the movie industry.

The teen actress is most popular for her roles in Disney Channel series Bunk’d and Netflix’s On My Block.

But she has more than just teen movies to her credit. She has also appeared in several television shows, including the Disney Channel series Bunk’d, which is currently on its third season.

Since her breakout role in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial, Mallory James Mahoney has gone on to star in several movies and TV series.

She has played the role of Jenny in the short film Dig, which premiered at the 2014 Sundance film festival.

In the same year, Mahoney appeared in Adventures in Babysitting, a remake of a 1987 movie of the same name.

Mallory TV Shows

In case you are unaware, Mallory James Mahoney is an American teen actress.

She has appeared in Disney Channel series Bunk’d and Netflix show On My Block.

Her acting skills have earned her the title of best young actress in both these series.

However, she is best known for her role as Bunk in the Disney Channel series Bunk’d. Below are some of her TV shows.

She has a close bond with her father and grandfather, Michael Mahoney. Mahoney started her acting career in elementary school and was considered a gifted student.

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She is now pursuing an acting career alongside her studies. Despite her successful career in television, she is very serious about her education and has no plans of giving up on her studies.

Mallory Height

Known for her role in the Disney Channel comedy series “Bunk’d,” Mallory James Mahoney stands at a height of 5 feet and 1 inch.

The actress is an advocate for education and has been quoted as saying that she doesn’t want to drop out of school.

This is an interesting fact considering her age and body measurements.

The actress is a straight-A student at River Trails Elementary School and has two dogs. She became a vegetarian at age six.

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Mahoney’s first acting gig was in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial and has since acted in several television shows and commercials.

Her parents are supportive of her acting career, but do not want her to sacrifice her education.

Mallory Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million to $5 million U.S. dollars.

Mallory James Mahoney is an American child actress who has been starring in TV shows and movies.

Her notable credits include the Disney Channel series Bunk’d and the Netflix comedy series On My Block.

She stands at five feet four inches tall and weighs 45 kilograms.

Her childhood was spent in a small town in New Jersey where she attended River Trails Elementary School and University Prep.

She started acting in 2014 and has since earned a substantial net worth.

She is very active on social media platforms, including Instagram, and has been posting beautiful pictures ever since she was four.

She has also starred in a Chuck E. Cheese commercial.

Her parents are very close to her, and she has two dogs at home.

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