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Manlet – About, Origin, Memes & Spread


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Manlet – About, Origin & Spread

About Manlet

It is an expressing contempt term mentioning to men. Those are below six feet in height and feel compelled to emphasize their qualities through weight lifting and bodybuilding. Online, the time is frequently used similarly to “beta male” about reproductive success. It is most notably on fitness boards like 4chan’s /fit/ Health and Fitness and the BodyBuilding Forums.

Origin of Manlet

It is unknown when Manlet first started appearing in fitness threads. 4chan, a collection of historical documents destructive, only dates back to the searches for “Manlet” up to July 2012. But the earliest Urban Dictionary translation dates back to April 26th, 2005.

Spread on Manlet

Any height below 6 feet is typically referred to as manlet, while some also refer to 5’11” as “King of Manlets” because it is the highest achievable height before 6 feet. Time various height scales have creates to classify manlet heights. However, some of these charts shift the top cut off to either are 5’10” and up or exclude 6’1″. At the same time, the reasons for this differ and may depend on conversions to metric. The average height of Americans, or simply the height of the image’s creator, is 6’0″. It is, on average, typically see as the manlet cutoff.


Likewise, various height comparison memes have created surrounding the difference between 5’11”, 6’0″ and surrounding heights. Generally, these memes intentionally to an excessive degree the height difference between those heights. They are depicting manlets as much smaller than reality.

Additionally, various jokes have become popular surrounding the manlet term, most revolving around attempts by manlets to increase their height. The most notable marks include drinking gallons of whole milk, doing stretches in their workouts, and using lifts in their shoes or boots. A famous phrase in reply to manlets trying to defend or cover up their height is “When will manlets learn?”.

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