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Rebekah Koffler: Wiki, Age, Family & Net Worth {2022}



Rebekah Koffler You Can About the Author and former DIA Intelligence Agent Wiki Bio:

Today we’ll discuss an intelligence agent that works from the US.

The person we’re discussing is Rebekah Koffler. She is an expert in the field of Intelligence.


Although she works for the US but the country she was raised in is Russia. of Russia.

Rebekah Koffler Wiki & Age

Rebekah Koffler

Rebekah Koffler is the Russia-born Ex- DIA Intel Agent. She was born on 15 June 1965.

The 56-years-old Author was raised in the Soviet Union of then. Currently, she lives in the USA, where she came as a young woman.

Ms. Koffler is taught both in Russia and the United States subsequently having a profound level of comprehension of Russians’ outlook and conduct.


the head of RED teams during the time of war games, and was associated with her work with the National Clandestine Service which is connected to the Central Intelligence Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In addition, she has been giving briefings on the problems related to Russia in members of the White House, Pentagon, and NATO.

Rebekah was also awarded the title that is known as National Intelligence Professional.

She’s also been called a “national asset’ by senior military leaders within the US.


Rebekah Family

Koffler is married to her husband, Keith Koffler who is a journalist and has 2 children; a daughter and a son.

Her parents were Russian Nationals. There isn’t much information about her parents. She spends much of her childhood in Russia with her parents.

Her parents always protected her from brainwashing in school in Russia. According to Rebekah, her family wasn’t poor as per Russian Standard. However, her mother had to steal food from the meat factory, where she worked in order to feed her family.

Her husband is the senior editor for Fox News Digital. He was born to parents Dr. Sandra Koffler( mother) and Dr. David Koffler (father).


Rebekh Net Worth

Rebekah Koffler’s current estimated net worth, which includes her work, articles, books, and publications, is around $2 million.

After resigning from her job as an agent specialist in Intelligence She began working as a consultant for a freelancing firm in strategy and doctrine.

Additionally, at the at the same time, she works as an agent of Strategic Intelligence at the economic consulting company called The Lindsey Group. Its headquarters are located within Washington within a neighborhood of Columbia.

It was in the past year that she was a member of TLG and remains associated with the group.


She has a wonderful marriage with family members and spending time with her family.

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