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Renai Circulation – About,Origin & Anime


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Renai Circulation – About,Origin & Anime

Renai Circulation – About,Origin & Anime

About Renai Circulation

Renai Circulation” is the fourth opening theme of Bakemonogatari, the anime adaptation of the Monogatari light novel series. The theme was only used for two episode, the song has since became one of the most recognizable in the series, with it inspiring many musical covers and remixes.

Origin of Renai Circulation

Bakemonogatari was produced by animation studio SHAFT and first aired in Japan from July 3, 2009 to September 25, 2009, where the series centers around the protagonist Koyomi Araragi, who deals with deities and spirits that reflect people’s inner problems. “Renai Circulation” was composed by Satoru Kosaki and sung by Japanese voice actress Kana Hanazawa, and was used as the theme song for the “Nadeko Snake” arc, where Koyomi Araragi tries to help Nadeko Sengoku get rid of a curse that will eventually kill her without treatment.

Spread of Renai Circulation

Its catchiness and Kana Hanazawa’s cute singing immediately gained popularity among viewers of the anime. Shortly after, people began introducing this song to fan creations such as guitar or bass guitar covers, music remixes/mash-ups and MAD videos despite of its full version hadn’t been released yet. Creations were continually uploaded to the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga. Among them, a choreography for this song created by Niconico user MAKOTO (馬琴) particularly caught much attention. It became one of the most popular subjects for dance videos among female participants in Niconico’s dancing cover movement “Odottemita”.

However, by late 2009 to 2010, many popular fan creations featuring the song, including the above video, on Niconico were taken down by Aniplex, the copyright holder of the anime series, and its parent company Sony Music Entertainment, which their famous for their very opposition stance against online creations. Niconico users have been recording their deletion campaigns to niconico Pedia article in a negative tone. This song on Niconico taken down because their strict copyright-claims. Fan creates more than 4,000 vidoes.

Various Examples of Renai Circulation

1. Dancing Covers

2. Music Performances or Singing Covers

3. MAD or Parody Videos

Why did Renai Circulation become a song of the Otaku?

Renai’s Circulation lovely lyrics and addiction tunes have turned the otaku community for a long time.

Besides its fame and popularity of the popular manga-anime culture, Japanese music is equally essential and brilliant. For Otaku, the combination of anime and songs with addictive melodies cannot make it more impressive. A most obvious example is the Renai Circulation song that has to turn the otaku community over for a short time. The lovely lyrics are addictive melodies, and even Kana Hanazawa’s extreme vocals make this song place to another and appear dense throughout. The

In this series, each song has a close similarity to a character. It is the centre of the episode using the music. Kana Hanazawa performs Renai Circulation voices Nadeko Sengoku in the series. However, this song is only operating in the anime’s episodes of 9 and 10. Since its release in 2010, the music has remained the same attraction as the original one.

Popularity of Renai Circulation

The popularity of this song has spread vigorously to the otaku community, not only in Japan. Also in many other countries. Covered with various instruments even though the full version of the song has not been released. After appearing in the popular anime series in Japan. 

Besides, a dance on the music of this song created and attracted significant attention from the Japanese online community.

At the international meeting, Renai Circulation has tremendous for years. I am just the name of the song on Youtube. A series of videos with many different topics, from anime to games or movies, create and with various parts by fans on Renai Circulation’s soundtrack. There are always of great importance views. Besides, cover videos in many different languages ​​also account for a large number. On the world’s largest social network, Facebook, the posts about Renai Circulation always give great attention to the online community.

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