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Ram Ranch – Features, Inhabitants & The Exodus


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Ram Ranch, sometimes known as a Dude Ranch. It is a structure created by Teakle-Sama after El Grande Bang created to house his newborn son Chepe Mac Donald. He’s started 37 men, 36 cowboys and leader Grant Mac Donald to raise the Chepe and teach him all-important a small chapel sport, AP university Mock of Trial.

Ram Ranch – Features, Inhabitants & The Exodus

Ram Ranch – Features, Inhabitants & The Exodus

The Features of Ram Ranch

  • It is home to the largest and most advanced showering facility designed by the master crafter himself by Teakle-Sama.
  • The yard is quite large; it housing at least 18 people.
  • After Grant MacDonald using the Creation Orb, which undid the destruction done to the Ranch by Dick Cheney, rebuilt the Ranch with fire the refusal to accept, which means that no matter what will befall the Ranch, but it will never go up in flames again.


  • Grant MacDonald
  • 36 Cowboys (unnamed)
  • Chepe Mac Donald
  • Look, PP Brendon
  • Prince Harry
  • Shawn Mendez

United States Invasion of Marine 

In the 7th instalment of the Ram Ranch arc with volume 43, Ram Ranch was under the building, under lockdown, by 28 United States. Marines led by Prophet and Cobra. They pull up their black Ford Raptor trucks. Helicopters are landing on the house shortly after their goal to get Prince Harry. He called in the British Army, forcing the conflict to a situation in which further action. Link PP Brendon initially with the United States Marines but quickly took to Ranch life. They were settling down there shortly after the war.

The Exodus

After the Battle of Stalingrad, Dick Cheney, running out of options. Release from a leash his final devastation of Oil Typhoon. Petroleum raining over the sky, drenching his former home of Texas in the wet and sticky liquid. The wooden structure of Ram Ranch became spread throughout widespread throughout the substance since Brendon forgets to turns the oven off before leaving to fight in the war. The Ranch burns to the ground. The cowboys, in desperate need of a home, took to stars. After constructing a spaceship from Iron Giant‘s human. They take off from a launching site. Once it enters outer space, they saw some letters F R I E N D S.

A large spacecraft pulls up to the rocket ship. Forty new friends greeted the cowboys. They lead them to Mars, where they had set up a trading post for relating to travellers. While resting there, the cowboys heard tell of the spherical object of Creation. Potent investigative procedure crafts from Teakle-Sama’s kidney stone. Cowboys immediately returns to Earth. After searching of many colleges and universities finally found it and were able to rebuild their home.

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