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Truck Convoy Protests COVID Restrictions, Disrupts DC Traffic


Truck Convoys Washington DC: On Sunday, a convoy of semi-articulated trucks, recreational vehicles and cars circled Washington DC in anticipation of what their protesting drivers have promised will be an intense week of traffic disruption around the US capital in support of several demands – including the lifting of all coronavirus pandemic-related restrictions.

From its temporary base at Hagerstown Speedway Vehicle Racing Site in Maryland, organizers of the “People’s Convoy” of about 1,000 vehicles have announced they plan to celebrate the new work week by driving slowly around Washington D.

Truck Convoy Protests
Truck Convoy Protests
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C.’s notorious Beltway (or ring road) at the minimum legal speed in an effort to get their message across to national politicians.

Last week, a convoy formed in California as a result of trucker protests further north that have paralyzed Ottawa and disrupted Canadian transport routes to the US. These demonstrations stemmed from similar issues elsewhere in Canada and began disrupting US-Canadian relations.

As it makes its way eastward, it has acquired a band of similarly mobile, ideologically aligned companions along the way.

America is rapidly freeing its citizens from a patchwork of pandemic restrictions and Covid mandates as the recent surge of infections subsides in many states and officials and the public begin discussing a waning pandemic.

Convoy organizers are now being encouraged to adjust their demands in light of the shifting environment, offering a wider variety of aspirations and motivations.

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On Friday night at the speedway, some participants said the destination alone was worth making the journey. One trucker described himself as the lead trucker and announced to an enthusiastic crowd that he would drive his truck into Washington D.C.

However, it was unclear if the convoy intended to drive into Washington DC itself or create a jamb for government workers and lawmakers on their morning and evening commutes across states bordering on DC as they headed for work or home. After all, their jobs require them to oversee America’s affairs of state – no small feat.

US law enforcement agencies have taken notice. A previous protest, called Stop the Tires [denoting the US spelling of tyres], quickly turned into a “Stop the Steal” demonstration to refute Donald Trump’s false claim that he had been fraudulently denied victory in the November 2020 election.

On January 6th, extremist supporters of Trump, then Republican president, staged a violent riot at the US Capitol as they sought to overturn official certification by Congress of Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

“I wanted to create a Facebook page where me and my buddies could come together to debate the policies that would be implemented if Trump leaves office,” StoptheTires2020 founder Jeremy Rewoldt revealed to The Trucker magazine in November 2020.

At the speedway site, drivers expressed their displeasure with workplace vaccine mandates and other pandemic measures. Protesters chanted anti-Biden slogans and showed support for Trump.

At first glance, it resembled a Trump rally, complete with an enormous American flag draped between cranes attached to semi-articulated truck beds.

Many vehicles bearing license plates from across the US were honking their horns in an annoying tactic that drove Ottawa residents near distraction and led an Ontario superior court to issue a 10-day ban on horn blowing.

The US Department of Homeland Security is working closely with local authorities to prepare for a convoy’s arrival and has warned that truckers could impede emergency services.

On Sunday afternoon at their Hagerstown meeting point, an estimated 1,000 protesters gathered to learn the details of the plan. After a prayer service in which a pastor told them they were “heroes”, organizer Brian Brase instructed them to drive between 45-55 mph and stay in one line on roads leading towards or around Washington in order to best display the size of their convoy.

According to The Washington Post, they saluted with their morning coffees before departing for the nation’s capital.

Brase informed The Washington Post that drivers planned to circle the capital’s ring-road twice on Sunday and repeat this pattern the following days. “We don’t want DC shut down,” Brase assured them.

“We’re not anti-vaxxers,” Brase assured reporters, adding that their cause is simple: freedom. We want the option to choose for ourselves. Tomorrow will be a demonstration of just how big and serious we are about this cause.” It remains uncertain how long the protest convoy will last.

He instructed the drivers, mostly white middle-aged men, to celebrate their journey without providing instructions about what to do when they reached their destination or even what that might be.

On Sunday, it appeared that truckers had no plans for an end or destination and would continue driving around in circles until further notice.

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