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Video Footage Of Paul Pelosi Break-in Attack Shows Break-in And Assault With A Hammer


Paul Pelosi Break-in Police body camera footage depicts a brief, chaotic, and dramatic scene: the door to former House speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco home opens to two men struggling for control of a hammer. One intruder takes possession of the weapon away from Democratic lawmaker Paul Pelosi Break-in and strikes him in the head before officers tackle him to the ground.

On Friday, evidence in the case against David DePape was released that provides an exclusive look at what transpired during a devastating attack at the residence of one of America’s highest-ranking politicians.

 Paul Pelosi Break-in
Paul Pelosi Break-in

This video clip, running just over one and a half minutes in length, offers viewers an intimate perspective of the attack.

This tranche includes audio from Paul Pelosi’s 911 call, part of a police interview with DePape, and security camera video footage of the break-in. It was made public after The Washington Post and other news organizations requested copies and San Francisco Superior Court Judge Stephen M. Murphy granted them release.

The tapes from the Oct. 28 assault depict a grisly sequence: Pelosi alerting 911 dispatcher of an armed man standing feet away; DePape beating Pelosi in full view of officers; and after being arrested, DePape discussing his plans to kidnap and break bones with then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Last month, clips of the predawn break-in and assault at Pelosi’s home were shown in court but had otherwise been kept hidden from public view.

After the 2 a.m. attack 11 days before the 2022 midterm elections, wild rumors spread like wildfire by conservative activists and bloggers.

The San Francisco District Attorney’s Office argued that unsealing video and audio could spread misinformation and endanger DePape’s right to a fair trial by allowing someone to edit clips for social media manipulation purposes.

But Murphy ordered that footage playing in a public courtroom be given to the media.

Thomas Burke, a lawyer representing the coalition of news organizations who sought access to evidence including The Post, stated, “These are open facts.” According to him, the public’s right to access should not depend on conspiracy theories.”

Internet gossip had spread rapidly to Capitol Hill, where Republican officials doubted 82-year-old Paul Pelosi’s Break-in account of the violence and invoked unfounded homophobic conspiracy theories.

Prosecutors, however, maintain that what happened was documented and DePape himself explained his actions in tapes such as those recently released.

At a December hearing, San Francisco Assistant District Attorney Phoebe Maffei declared, “The most definitive proof of planning and motivation, in this case, were the statements made by the defendant himself.”

In his now-public interview with police, DePape declared: “I’m not trying to hide anything. I know exactly what I did.”

The audio and videos, part of a larger collection of evidence authorities have amassed against DePape, further refute the assertions made by far-right actors, mainstream politicians, and Twitter owner Elon Musk who used his platform to spread misinformation before retracting it hours later.

Some suggested DePape had not been driven to extreme right-wing politics; others even claimed (without evidence) that DePape hadn’t actually broken into anyone’s house.

DePape claimed in his interview with police that he was seeking revenge against Nancy Pelosi for what he termed the Democratic Party’s “lies and crimes.” Additionally, evidence released included a six-minute video recording of the moment DePape broke in through a back door.

Video footage captured by security cameras reveal DePape repeatedly banging a hammer against the door until he is allowed to enter.

After the attack, Musk, along with Republicans such as former president Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), who each promoted conspiracy theories, failed to address recordings that cast doubt upon many of their earlier assertions.

On Friday afternoon, Nancy Pelosi addressed reporters on Capitol Hill and declared she has not reviewed any of the newly released evidence and will not do so.

“I haven’t heard the 911 call. I haven’t seen the confession,” she insisted, adding with certainty: “And I certainly have no intention of witnessing the deadly assault on my husband’s life.”

Adam Lipson, DePape’s public defender, declared the decision to release the tapes a “terrible mistake”.

“Releasing this footage is disrespectful to Mr. Pelosi and serves only to fuel the public desire for spectacle and violence,” Lipson stated in a statement.

“The footage could inflame emotions and feed unfounded theories about this case, raising serious doubts about Mr. DePape’s ability to receive fair trial proceedings.”

DePape, 42 at the time of his arrest, told police he went to Nancy Pelosi’s home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco because she was “the leader of a pack’ of lies told by Democrats.”

He threatened to hold her hostage and break her kneecaps if she lied to him, in order “to demonstrate to other members of Congress there are consequences for actions taken.”

On that day, Pelosi was in Washington and it was her husband who awoke to an intruder carrying a hammer, zip ties, rope, and a roll of tape. According to authorities, Paul Pelosi Break-in talked with DePape before managing to escape to the bathroom and dial 911 – with DePape watching from nearby as he did so.

According to the recording, Pelosi advises the dispatcher “I have a problem, but he thinks everything’s fine.”

“He’s telling me to put the phone down and follow his lead,” Pelosi asserts.

When the dispatcher asks for the name of the intruder, DePape replies with “My name’s David,” and then informs her he is “a friend” of Pelosi. Pelosi quickly clarifies that he doesn’t know him and ends the call approximately 20 seconds later.

Eventually, both men went downstairs. When police arrived, the door opened and footage from one of the officer’s shaky body cameras captured Pelosi and DePape standing in the entrance with one hand on each hammer.

One officer orders, “Drop the hammer.”

Video footage depicts Pelosi falling to the ground and blood seeping onto the floor around his head as officers wrestled with DePape.

Pelosi was hospitalized for nearly a week with a fractured skull, and injuries to his right arm and hands, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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DePape has denied all charges against him – including attempted murder and kidnapping of a federal official – in both state and federal courts. If found guilty on these counts, DePape could face 13 years to life in prison.

On Jan. 6, 2021, rioters targeting then-House speaker Nancy Pelosi reignited national concerns about our deeply divided political culture. For years, she had been demonized by Republicans; on that fateful day in 2021, they shouted that they were looking for her as they stormed into the U.S. Capitol building.

DePape appeared to have been motivated by groundless conspiracy theories, publishing online rants filled with racist and antisemitic commentary.

He had compiled a list of other targets including California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) and President Biden’s son Hunter Biden as potential targets.

DePape lamented in an interview with San Francisco police shortly after being arrested: “This is just an endless crime spree.

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Q.1 What is Paul Pelosi’s net worth?

Pelosi founded and operates the venture capital firm Financial Leasing Services, Inc., through which he and his wife have amassed a personal fortune of approximately $114 million

Q.2 Who is Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Patricia Pelosi (/p@’loUsi/; born March 26, 1940) is an American politician who served as the 52nd speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 2007 to 2011 and again from 2019-2023

Q.3 How old is Paul Pelosi?


Q.4 Are the Speaker of the House’s powers great?

As speaker of the House of Representatives, you have a wide range of powers over your colleagues and are ceremonially the highest-ranking legislative official in the American government

Q.5 What is his/her salary?

  • President pro tempore of the Senate ($193,400)
  • Majority leader and minority leader of the Senate ($189,400)
  • Minority leader and minority leader of the House of Representatives ($189,400)
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives ($224,500)

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