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Veronika Rajek: Biography, Age, Networth [model and influencer]


Veronika Rajek: bio: A 25-year-old Slovakian model and influencer claims she is the target of violent trolling because of her “beautiful” appearance.

In fact, she recently claimed that her Instagram account is frequently threatened with deletion due to people denouncing it as phoney.

She claims she has been accused of catfishing and possibly being an artificial intelligence robot because she is “too attractive.”

Veronika Rajek is an Instagram Model

Veronika Rajek

Veronika Rajek has over a million followers on Instagram, where she posts images of herself on a daily basis. Her Instagram bio states definitely that she is a “Certified Natural face&body.”

“People aren’t even aware that I exist… “It’s quite discriminatory that other ladies can do what I can’t,” she is cited in Mirror as saying.

Beautiful individuals, according to Rajek, “have it worse” because people online make their lives more difficult. The influencer claims she has faced it all, from being slut-shamed by women to being accused of enhancing her beauty.

Rajek apparently got a breast examination to show her figure was real, the results of which she shared with her fan base.

Rajek slammed anyone who questioned her in a May post, writing, “I never understood why people envy or follow things they don’t like and hence have feelings, that given person/thing is hurting them.”

She went on to say how surprised she was to see that thousands of individuals had reported her account “on the grounds that my stuff is sexual and spam.”

Know Who Veronika Rajek Is, the Idol Who Some Say Isn’t Real

Rajek is currently based in Austria, according to sources. She was a finalist in the Miss Slovakia 2016 and Miss Summer 2015 beauty pageants, according to her website.

She started modelling at the age of 16 and has reportedly appeared in shows for prominent designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Vera Wang, and Moschino.

Rajek also has an account on OnlyFans

Rajek went on to say that people only see the final footage that makes it to Instagram, but “nobody sees the process, growth, discipline, devotion, and spending time in the gym and taking care of health,” when asked about the hatred she receives.

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