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Victor Wembanyama has always done things differently



victor wembanyama

victor wembanyamaNANTERRE (France) — Francois Salaun was sitting outside a cafe wearing a suit and taking drags from his vape pen on a rainy afternoon in Nanterre. Three years ago, he was a teacher at the high school just around the corner. Victor Wembanyama was a student who had to duck in order to enter classrooms but knew an extraordinary array of facts about the globe.

Salaun recalls asking his French students to write short stories about their dreams. While some shared their dreams of becoming basketball stars, Wembanyama was not one of them.

Wembanyama actually didn’t follow the prompt at all

Wembanyama actually didn’t follow the prompt at all. Instead, he wrote a story with a friend titled “Alice et Jules” about a couple whose lives were thrown into turmoil when Jules drove drunk and crashed. He then fell into a coma and woke up without having made contact with Alice. They reunited in the end.

Wembanyama preferred to do things his own way. Salaun was not bothered. He remembered Wembanyama being polite, smart, and gifted in French literature. He also said that he had a calm influence on the class.

Wembanyama was surprised by the recollection of his former teacher and it brought back a memory: victor wembanyama had once folded his long, lanky body in half so that he could play on his phone stealthily. Salaun then asked the class a question.

Wembanyama stated that he answered the question “like, out loud” while on his phone because he knew the answer. “And I recall him being like, ‘Thanks Victor, but what are your doing?’

victor Wembanyama began to laugh

  • victor Wembanyama began to laugh as he told the story. At least that moment, he was a typical teenager. He is 7’3″ tall and has never been a typical teenager.
  • He will be almost certain to be the N.B.A.’s top pick within eight months. The draft is the most talked about teenager since LeBron Jam, who called him an alien.
  • His play and potential have led to comparisons with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Hakeem Olajuwon and Kevin Durant.
  • Wembanyama can sometimes appear otherworldly when he plays basketball.
  • He is tall and has a wingspan of eight feet. It often seems like he is in two places at once. He is as fast as a smaller player but has no problem getting off the ground to block shots and grab rebounds.
  • Numerous scouts from the N.B.A. were present at this month’s Scouting Day. His French professional team, Metropolitans92, was playing against G LeagueIgnite, the N.B.A.’s development team for top prospects.
  • Team executives gathered in Las Vegas to see his game. Although Wembanyama’s team lost in the first game to Metropolitans 92, he scored 37 points including seven 3-pointers, and blocked five shots.
  •  Metropolitans 92 won the second match two days later. Wembanyama scored 36 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, and 4 blocks.
  • victor wembanyama stated that “I have always felt like I was on another level.” I was living a completely different life from everyone in school, including an elementary school.
  • I just thought differently than everyone else. I have always strived to be unique in all that I do. It’s something that I carry with me forever: To be original. Be unique. It’s almost like I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like I was born with it.
  • People who knew Wembanyama as children often joked about how he was from his own planet.
  • He was playing in a youth basketball league in his hometown of Le Chesnay west of Paris when Michael Allard, a Nanterre coach, saw him. However, Allard soon noticed more.

Allard stated in French that Allard was competitive and joyful.

Nanterre has both professional and youth teams. He won his first French championship at the age of 13. Although he loved basketball all his life, he fell in love with winning after that first French championship.

victor wembanyama stated, “I cried that morning.” “That was my first major title, so it was so wonderful.”

Wembanyama started learning English in middle school. He knew that he would need it to participate in the N.B.A.

He would need to know more than what he had learned in school. He watched videos from American Instagram accounts, as well as English-language TV shows.

He was in his teens when scouts began to flock to him.

Frederic Donnadieu said in French, “It was when He was 14 that I thought to myself, This one, he must go to the N.B.A .,'”.” Donnadieu, who was Wembanyama’s first coach at Nanterre, is now the president.

Felix Wembanyama, victor wembanyama’s father, and Elodie De Fautereau, his mother, tried to make Wembanyama’s life as normal as possible.

They ensured he was on top of his schoolwork. He was not allowed to practice with his friends if he received poor grades.

Nanterre coach Amine El Hajraoui said, “That bothered him more than anything else.”

Although Wembanyama’s parents requested that he not receive any special treatment, sometimes this was unavoidable.

At 14 he moved to Nanterre to live in the dormitory that housed the club’s players. It was a small building with brick accents, about 15 minutes from the school. Wembanyama slept in a specially made bed in northern France.

Nanterre’s club’s training area was right next to Wembanyama’s high school. It installed a refrigerator to make it easy to access the five meals per day that a caterer prepared according to nutritionists’ recommendations to help Wembanyama grow.

The school had a place for his coach to work. His schedule was managed by the principal. His mental and physical development was overseen by a group of 25 people.

Basketball was not a topic that Wembanyama discussed at home. However, his mother played and coached the sport. He was protected by his parents from the increasing number of media requests for interviews.

 They were concerned about forcing him to follow a certain path too quickly, fearing the consequences for his personal growth.

Donnadieu, his former coach, said that “if he ever decided that he would like to quit playing basketball because he was tired of the game, then he would have said, ‘I want a fun day, so I will go out.'” His story is fascinating and it’s very interesting today. It was sometimes too much for him when he was 15.

Michael Bur, who was the coach of Wembanyama in Nanterre used to do a simple exercise for his players. He would ask his players to pick a meaningful word that began with the same letter as their initial name. Wembanyama, as usual, took the assignment in another direction.

Bur remembered in French, “He said, ‘You know Coach, my name.” “I replied, Well, yes.’ Bur asked me in, French. Victor is my name because I can play all five of these positions. That was quite remarkable for a 16-year-old.

Maxime Raynaud, who was transferred to Nanterre during victor wembanyama last year, said, “Everybody is talking he being a unicorn being so different on the basketball court but in real life, he’s just a normal kid having fun with friends.”

Raynaud, Wembanyama, and Wembanyama were in training when Vincent Poirier (an older French pro) arrived. Gobert was a player for the N.B.A.’s Utah Jazz and had twice won the league’s Defensive Play of the Year Award. Teenagers began trash-talking.

Raynaud spoke of Wembanyama

Raynaud spoke of Wembanyama, saying that “as soon as we switched from talking about playing to actually being playing two-on-two, there was something that switched in his head and just turned into a kill mode.”

A viral video of the games was made. Gobert, 30 years old, is 7-foot-1 and chuckled at the excitement of seeing Wembanyama shoot over him. Gobert was 16 years older than Wembanyama.

Gobert stated that “in this age of social media, everything becomes magnified.” “You know what, that’s a lot more pressure on young children. His maturity is what I find most striking about him.

Wembanyama, who graduated high school in 2021 in Nanterre, left Nanterre’s professional club, Nanterre 92 in order to join ASVEL in Lyon, France. ASVEL is a club based near Lyon, France, and owned by the former N.B.A. Tony Parker, a French star.

In July, Wembanyama decided to return home. Metropolitans 92 is based near his parents’ house in Levallois-Perret.

The arena seats 2,800 people in the city sold out for the first three games.

“We come here to see Victor Wembanyama before he goes the U.S.,” said Jeremy Guiselin (27), speaking in French prior to a September game. It’s the last chance to see him before his superstar status before he is No. He is the No. 1 draft pick, but he will not be easy to find.

Each month, a group of employees from the team meets to discuss ways to help Wembanyama increase his strength and length. They are aware that opponents will use physical play against him.

Vincent Collet, coach of Metropolitans92 and the French national team, said that he had told Collet that he wasn’t going to try to get him into the first draft. “We want to prepare for the next goal which is to dominate the N.B.A.”

Wembanyama will miss a certain part of his life, and it will be a sad moment for him. He spent most of his life in France, mainly around Paris.

He said, “I’m going miss France, for certain.” “But I have worked my whole life for this, so I am truly grateful and thankful.”

Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson went toe to toe in two exhibition games held in Las Vegas. Henderson is expected to be drafted second behind Wembanyama next season. Henderson was able to hold his own before Henderson suffered an injury in the second game. But it was clear who everyone was there to see.

Wembanyama, despite all the chaos, still manages to unplug.

He sat down on a leather couch with tufted edges in the hotel, his knees sticking out a few inches above a coffee table, and talked excitedly about his favorite sci-fi and fantasy stories. He shared his favorite Star Wars books and said that he was a huge fan.

“I just finished the second volume of, what’s its name?” Wembanyama stated that he had read the book in French. To find the translation, he looked at his phone.

He said, “The Royal Assassin.” It is all you know.

He said, “I just finished reading my first English book a few months back.” “It was called ‘Eragon. You know all about it?”

Wembanyama puts his phone away every night before he goes to bed. He then goes through his bedtime routine and then falls asleep.

Wembanyama stated that while I could read nonfiction, my reading style is primarily to forget about the day’s events. “I’m not thinking about what I’m going do in the morning. Disconnect from the rest of the world. Fantasy is what really helps me do that. I can just let a book take me to another dimension and then fly.”

He began to read the “Game of Thrones”, also known as “Le Trone de Fer” (French translation: “The Iron Throne”) novels.

He said, “So far it may be the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.”

He’s seen the TV series and Tyrion Lannister is his favorite character, played by Peter Dinklage.

“He’s just so complex,” Wembanyama said. “And the way that he just settles into the story.”

He spoke of how much he enjoyed the TV series and was reminded about its end, which was widely disregarded.

Wembanyama smiled and shrugged his shoulders. It’s not about how it ends. It’s all about the journey.

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Cara Delevingne Does Hollywood Glamorous on the 2023 Oscars Red Carpet



Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne Makes Her Oscars Red Carpet Debut in an Eye-Catching Gown featuring a Thigh-High Slit
Delevingne will also serve as a presenter at tonight’s show. Cara Delevingne brought an old Hollywood glamour to Sunday’s 2023 Oscar red carpet.

At this evening’s award show, The Only Murders in the Building star, who is presenting, looked stunning in her daring red Elie Saab gown and Bulgari jewels. Her one-shoulder dress featured a thigh-high slit that showcased her platform Stuart Weitzman heels.

Delevingne took her glamorous style to the next level with a shimmery eye and bright rosy lip, finishing off with her hair pulled back off her face for an effortlessly stylish finish.

Delevingne, styled by Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi, got ready for her big night with hairstylist Danielle Priano and makeup artist Hung Vanngo. Vanngo used NakedBeauty MD Damsk Rose Revitalizing Gold-Infused Hydrogel Eye Masks to hydrate and plump Delevingne’s eyes – the ideal start to a glamorous night and the foundation for her makeup look.

Delevingne has been making waves on red carpets this awards season. She looked stunningly glamorous on the 2023 SAG Awards red carpet.

At the award show, model-actress Carolina Herrera, 30, stunned in an eye-catching long sleeve jumpsuit featuring plunging neckline decorated with large rosette appliques from their Fall/Winter 2023 collection. Additionally, this designer piece featured an overskirt which the star proudly showed off while walking down the red carpet.

Delevingne finished off her ensemble with black satin Casadei platform sandals and an amazing 74.73 carat necklace made of De Beers diamonds!

“Excited to be attending my first @sagawards tonight as part of the nominated cast of @onlymurdershulu!” she posted on Instagram alongside a picture of herself wearing the award show look.

Before the event, she shared on her Instagram Stories a behind-the-scenes glimpse of her beauty prep with Dior Beauty and celebrity esthetician Sarah Akram. To top it off, she donned bold brows and an intense red lip for full glam perfection.

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Delevingne has never shied away from making daring fashion statements at red carpet events. Last year, she graced the MIPCOM 2022 Fremantle photocall in Cannes wearing a flowy black minidress with sweetheart neckline and cutouts, paired with black heels with ankle-cuff detail and delicate jewelry. Delevingne kept her makeup understated but glamorous with a nude lip and glowing cheeks.

Cara Delevingne Reveals She Cried Watching Rihanna Perform at Super Bowl: ‘I Felt So Proud’

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne

The Only Murders in the Building star chose soft waves for her hairstyle, giving off an effortless aesthetic that complemented her breezy dress perfectly.

Delevingne also donned an all-black ensemble when she hit the red carpet at Paris Fashion Week last September.

Delevingne had earlier missed a New York Fashion Week event to honor her collaboration with late designer Karl Lagerfeld, Cara Loves Karl. However, she was present at the Paris party to commemorate this momentous milestone.

Delevingne donned an oversized tuxedo blazer adorned with a harness belt bearing her late designer’s name and atelier address. Finishing off the ensemble were red lips and thigh-high black boots.

On Thursday morning, Delevingne debuted another Cara Loves Karl ensemble on Instagram with a carousel of photos featuring an elegant black blazer, matching pants and classic pointed-toe pumps. She chose not to wear a blouse underneath the blazer to show off its plunging neckline.


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LA Outfielder Draws Shohei Ohtani and Justin Bieber Comparisons | Angels News



Draws Shohei Ohtani

Draws Shohei Ohtani: Over the last couple of seasons, few MLB stars have garnered as much attention as Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels. His production and dominance on the field has not been replicated in recent history and he looks set for possibly the largest contract ever when he hits free agency.

Being an international athlete from Japan, some might say his stature grows twice as fast as the average professional athlete. He’s currently representing his home country in the World Baseball Classic and they have yet to lose an official game with him leading the charge. If he can even grow any bigger than this right now, imagine what kind of legacy his name will carry if Japan were to win this entire tournament!

Draws Shohei Ohtani

Draws Shohei Ohtani

Ohtani has long since outgrown the title of professional baseball player, and more accurately describes himself as a global icon. Despite never making the playoffs thus far in his career, opposing franchises know what to expect when they encounter him on the field.

Bieber has sold approximately 150 million records during his music career and earned 26 Billboard Music Awards. He has performed on multiple world tours across various parts of Europe, further increasing his international fame.

Whitefield’s comparison of Ohtani to Bieber is a fitting compliment, given that Ohtani has only been with the Angels since 2018 and Bieber first burst onto the pop scene in 2010.

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Malaysia Denies Hong Kong Historic Asian Games Double Double in Squash



Malaysia Denies Hong Kong

After Hong Kong China upset India 2/0 to secure the women’s Asian Games Team Championship Squash title for the first time ever, Malaysia denied them a historic double by coming from behind and winning 2/1 in an exciting men’s final at Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The women’s final was a repeat of a qualifying tie 48 hours earlier in which Hong Kong, the second seeds, prevailed 2/1 over third seeds India to take pole position in Pool B.

India won the rematch in the final after pulling off an incredible upset, ousting defending champions Malaysia – led by newly-crowned ‘Greatest Player of All-Time’ Nicol David – who were seeded to take gold for a third consecutive time.

Unfortunately for the third seeds, Sunayna Kuruvilla could not reverse the outcome as she lost four games to Ho Tze-Lok before talented left-hander Annie Au secured gold for Hong Kong by defeating Indian top string Joshna Chinappa 11-3, 11-9, 11-5 in 28 minutes.

“HK team manager Rebecca Chiu expressed her pride in the girls,” who played well under pressure, adding, “I’m delighted for them and they certainly deserved this success.” Pictured above is the women’s presentation group from the 2002 Asian Games – congratulations!”

Hong Kong and Malaysia both advanced to the Jakarta men’s final unbeaten, hoping for their first-time title triumph.

At one point, it appeared a double was on the way when Yip Tsz Fung put Hong Kong ahead with four games to one over Malaysian Ivan Yuen after coming through an epic 20-18 second game.

With Malaysia on the brink of a thrilling comeback, team number one Nafiizwan Adnan (pictured above celebrating his triumph) defeated higher-ranked Max Lee 11-9, 11-7, 11-7.

Malaysia’s second string Eain Yow Ng – at 20 years old the youngest player in the squad – had never faced off against Hong Kong opponent Leo Au, the 2018 men’s individual gold medalist.

But in his biggest match yet, the young Malaysian truly came of age when he shutout Au in three games – 11-7, 11-7 and 11-4 – over 36 minutes to bring home gold for Malaysia.

“As a team,” exultant Ng (pictured above with his team-mates in the men’s presentation group) after their seventh consecutive win in the championship. “We came into this tournament knowing that we could win and it proved true for us.”

“I always felt confident that Nafiizwan would deliver a point for us and was just focused on my own game. However, I also did my homework well – doing lots of video analysis and beating the individual champion despite not playing in it!”

“I didn’t want to give up in my third Asiad without a fight. After being on the losing team twice already, I really gave it everything I had. Of course there was pressure when Ivan lost, but pressure is like dessert and that’s something that excites me!”

On Squash team finals day at Gelora Bung Karno Sports Complex, IOC President Thomas Bach was honored as guest of honor. Pictured below, Bach can be seen receiving a presentation from Asian Squash Federation President David Mui (far right).

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