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5-Year-Old Boy Thrown From Mall of America Accident


In April, a stranger tossed a 5-year-old child from the third-floor balcony of the Mall of America accident 2019, breaking both arms and legs, as well as fractureing his face and skull.

According to a GoFundMe website maintained by a close friend of the boy’s family, he is back in school and walking without a limp seven months later.

According to a post Friday on the GoFundMe page made by the friend, Noah Hanneman, the youngster, Landen, is now walking “perfectly with even legs” and loves going to school with his twin brother and sister.

According to the article, Landen is joyful and powerful, and on his way to school, he is blowing kisses to everyone.

5-Year-Old Boy Thrown From Mall of America Accident

5-Year-Old Boy Thrown

On June 3, the 25-year-old Minneapolis man who tossed him off the balcony, Emmanuel Aranda, was found guilty of attempted premeditated murder. He is currently serving a sentence of 19 years in jail.

Mr. Aranda approached Landen’s mother and her son outside the Rainforest Café on the third level of the Mall of America at 10 a.m. on April 12.

According to prosecutors, she asked Mr. Aranda whether they were in the way and if they should move before he pulled Landen up and hurled him from the balcony without warning.

Mr. Aranda was apprehended by police while attempting to flee on a light rail train at the mall in Bloomington, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb.

He claimed police he was upset because he had been rejected by women at the mall for years and that he had planned to kill an adult standing near the balcony but instead selected the youngster, according to prosecutors.

According to authorities, Mr. Aranda already had an arrest warrant for assault in Illinois and a conviction for first-degree property damage in Minnesota.

According to many updates on the GoFundMe page, Landen’s family has constantly requested that their privacy be respected.

“While the miracle of his survival is what we celebrate and praise Jesus for every day,” Landen’s family stated in a statement in June, “we must equally realise that our darling boy has been on a very tough road to recovery.” A request for response from Mr. Hanneman was not returned on Sunday.

The boy had fluid in his lungs and stomach, as well as facial and skull fractures, as a result of the accident. According to the GoFundMe website, he underwent more than 15 different medical procedures or surgeries, including the removal of his spleen and the placement of a stent in a vein running through his liver.

He was admitted to the hospital in August with a limp and uneven legs due to a broken femur and an open wound on his stomach.

Mr. Hanneman said he tells Landen’s mother, “Mom, I’m healed,” when she asks how he is doing. You don’t have to bother me any longer.”

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