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Features and Specification on ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Laptop 15.6″ FHD 144Hz Ryzen 7 4800H


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ASUS TUF A15’s Price, Availability, Design, Performace & More

Our Judgement

It is a brilliant affordable Gaming Laptop that manages to implement the right balance between Performance and Value. Its 1080p solid performance, uncompromising build quality, and extensive selection of ports. These win many fans, especially amongst the competitive multiplayer video players.


Great 1080p performance

Good value

New AMD processors

Perfect Battery life


The Noisy fans

Not the most powerful Gaming Laptop

Design won’t be for everyone

In the Asus TUF A15, we have found one of the most compelling gaming laptops in recent memory. It is not exciting for typical reasons. That usually accompanies a new gaming device, moreover.

The device has not come in packs with the best brand elements, the best gaming PCs; it provides flashiness. One would find in the gaming laptops of Asus’ Zephyrus’s. These are also more powerful in their own right. Asus TUF A15 is a reasonably standard-looking Gaming Laptop.

The Asus TUF A15 is also known as the Asus F506IV. It sets itself apart by offering outstanding performance—supplies by the strong Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU. The AMD Ryzen 4000 mobile CPUs have seriously impressed us. On a gaming laptop whose quality of performance is matched by a very reasonable price tag.

The Specification Sheet

Here are the Asus TUF A15 arrangements sent to TechRadar for review: 

  • CPU: 2.9GHz AMD Ryzen 7 4800H Processor’s with octa-core, 8MB cache, up to 4.2GHz increase.
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce’s RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6, RAM of 16GB LPDDR4 (3200MHz).
  • Screen is 15.6-inch Full HD (1080 x 2560) LED 144Hz.
  • Storage is 1TB SSD (PCIe, NVMe, M.2.
  • Ports is 1 x audio jack, 2 x Type-A USB 3.2 (Gen 1) and 1 x Type-C. USB with 3.2 (Gen 2), 1 x Type-A USB2.0, 1 x RJ45 LAN, 1 x HDMI 2.0b.
  • The Connectivity is Intel Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5.
  • A camera of 720p.
  • Weight in 5.07 pounds (2.3 kg).
  • Size of 39.5 x 25.6 x 2.49cm (W x D x H).

Price and Availability

It is what we would call an affordable gaming laptop. It means not as Cheap as Budget offerings. But nor is it expensive as high-end gaming laptops continuous. Affordable when it comes to gaming laptops means a decent thick of change.

The Asus TUF A15 starts at $1,300 (£1,300, around $2,000). That is certainly pricey. Moreover, it gives much better value for money than some gaming laptops, like the Alienware m15.

So, one is looking at a price in the same area as the HP Omen 15. Dell G3 15 is both fine 15-inch gaming laptops. But ones who don’t, at the time of writing. Give the relatively recent components as the Asus TUF A15 targets enthusiasts.


As with the other gaming laptops in Asus’ TUF series, the Asus TUF A15 is a big, bulky device. That is a far cry from Asus’ Zephyrus range. But then, that is part of the appeal, as the ‘TUF’ name suggests. The Asus TUF A15 places to build the quality and durability at the leading of its design. 

It is not a rocky laptop that one could drop from a height and not worry about it. But it is a gaming laptop one would happily give up in a backpack. It was taking to friends’ houses and LAN parties.

Some of the Ultra-Thin and Light Gaming Laptops feel so delicate that one would be frightened of taking them out of the house. Not so with the Asus’s TUF A15.

It is indeed a design that does not shy away from the fact. It is a gaming machine, but it is not entirely overboard. Suppose one would like to give it some more gamer street credibility. Asus TUF A15 will come with a sheet of stickers to covers up the laptop.

The carriage comes in two colors – Fortress Gray, the color of our review model, as pictures, and Bonfire Black.

On the opening of a laptop, there are even more design choices to appeal to gamers. There is almost compulsory RGB lighting for the keys. The all-important WASD keys are more highlights with a semi-transparent coloring. Leaving one no doubt that it is a laptop for gaming.

The industrial design is undoubtedly attractive, and it is also functional. The device gives the laptop extra protection from Knocks and Bumps. There is also a honeycomb-like design on the base of the machine. It keeps the device from sliding with the cells in the structure, housing cooling the release.

The thick design also allows Asus to pack in many ports, with an Ethernet port, HDMI, two standard USB ports. The USB-C port on the left-hand side, altogether with a port to plug in the power supply. At the same time, on the right-hand side, there is another standard USB.

It is a good selection and should allow one to attach up the favorite peripherals without the need for an adapter. LAN port is especially welcome’s on a Gaming Laptop. We are giving faster and more actual network speeds.

Meanwhile, the screen is an Excellent, Large, 15.6-inch 1080p display with a 144Hz refresh rate—more supporting the TUF A15’s gaming achievements. One can also get a version that tops out at a 60Hz refresh rate.


Here is how the Asus TUF A15 fares in our suite of benchmark’s tests:

  • 3DMark is Sky Diver: 33,361; Fire Strike: 14,961; Time Spy: 6,367.
  • The Cinebench R20 of 4,265 points.
  • The GeekBench 5 of 1,175 (single-core); 7,708 (multi-core).
  • The PCMark 10 (Home Test) of 5,388 points.
  • The PCMark with 10 Battery Life: 5 hours and 14 minutes.
  • Battery Life with TechRadar movie test) of 11 hours and 44 minutes.
  • The Total War of Three Kingdoms (1080p, Ultra): 49.9fps; (1080p, Low): 140fps.
  • The Metro Exodus (1080p, Ultra) of 45.44fps; (1080p, Low): 118fps.


At the start of this review, we mention what made us particularly exciting about the Asus TUF A15 is its choice of components. Such as many of the latest hardware from both AMD and Nvidia.

In the CPU department, the Asus TUF A15 features the new AMD Ryzen 7 4800H. It’s not entirely the flagship mobile processor from AMD. That will be the Ryzen 9 4900HS. But the Asus TUF A15 is not aiming to be a flagship laptop.

It is seeking to be a machine. That gives a mix of performance and value. That is why we like Asus’ option of the 4800H.

We have talks elsewhere on how AMD’s Ryzen 4000 mobile processors. It could transform gaming laptops, and the Asus TUF A15 is an excellent example of this. With the eight cores and 16 threads bringing a level of power. We expect to see in much more expensive laptops.

It’s paired with an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU. Again, it is not a flagship GPU. But it is a brilliant 1080p performer. I am making it an excellent choice for this kind of gaming laptop. It is one of Nvidia’s more affordable GPUs.

Still, it offers outstanding performance like modern ray tracing support and with 6GB of GDDR6 memory. It is a wise option for a laptop in that costs need to be kept down.

As one can see from our standard, the graphically demanding Metro Exodus runs at 45fps frames each second at Ultra. With a little pulling, one will get it to play over the magic 60fps mark. At the same time, it still looks great.

With the less intensive games, such as Fortnight or CS: Go. One is going to be able to take advantage of the 144Hz screen for fast. And are responsive gameplay.

So, it is not a gaming laptop that is stuffed full of the most influential tech. But it gives excellent performance with modern games at a price point. That is a lot more affordable than those of high-end gaming laptops. That is a win in our book.

One thing that did bug us, moreover, was how loud the laptop got when playing games. When the fans on the thing kick in, they kick in loud. We are uses to noisy gaming laptops. They have got to be kept cool somehow. But the fans in Asus TUF A15’s are remarkably disturbing.

The Battery life

We have come to never expect too much from a gaming laptop when it comes to battery life. But the Asus TUF A15 does not do too badly here. With the PCMark’s ten battery life standard. It reproduces moderate use. It is taking five and a quarter hours to drains the battery.

That is not too bad for a gaming laptop. It is in part thanks to the energy efficiency of the AMD Ryzen 7 4800H. It does not diminish the battery as fast as the more power-hungry Intel CPUs. We frequently find them on these laptops.

Here the battery is a big 90Wh one. It is a lot larger than one would usually find in a gaming laptop. Not distance off the maximum size. One is legally allowed to bring onto a plane. That also explains the excellent eleven hours, forty-four minutes. Uptime we record in our encircle 1080p video standard.

At the same time, playing a put into video is not the most demanding of tasks. The phenomenon that the TUF A15 lasts so long is awe-inspiring. However, when it comes to gaming, the uptime drops to around two hours.

Depending on the kind of game one is playing. That is still not bad and could get one through a shortish train journey. But, as with the other gaming laptops. One will want to plug this in while one plays.

Buy it if

  • One wants an affordable gaming laptop.
  • Asus TUF A15 gives excellent value for money. While it’s not the cheapest gaming laptop globally, it manages to build quality and performance that its mid-range and budget rivals lack.

You want a laptop for competitive play.

The Asus TUF A15 is excellent for people who play many competition esports. Thanks to a high-refresh-rate monitor for fast response times. Built-in LAN port for quick and stable connectivity.

One wants strong to build quality.

Asus’ TUF is a lineup of gaming laptops that make a big deal of their military-grade durability, and for a good reason. The laptops feel like they would last a long time. It means one can take one out and about one without worrying about it getting damaged.

Don’t buy it if

One is all about the 4K

Asus TUF A15 is a fine performer at 1080p, but don’t expect astonishing 4K visuals. First of all, the screen is ‘just’ in Full HD. But even if one attaches the laptop up to a 4K monitor or Television. The RTX 2060 GPU won’t cut it.

One wants something Thin and Light.

The extra ports and not flexible body means this is not a thin and light laptop in any shape or form. If one wants something Ultra-portable, look elsewhere.

One wants a Silent Machine.

Asus TUF A15 is a noisy machine. When the fans kick in, and at the same time, one can limit how much they are uses. One also wants to keep the laptop cool. It is a tricky balance, but we found the noise to be completely distracting when gaming.

So, it is essential information on the topic of ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Laptop 15.6″ FHD 144Hz Ryzen 7 4800H.

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