‘I feel liberated’:the women celebrating their body hair

May 21, 2021

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Women celebrating their body hair

‘I feel liberated’:the women celebrating their body hair

For the past month, women worldwide have been celebrating the joys of ditching hair-removal products as part of a campaign called Januhairy. Here, they share their stories.

Things will come a long way since 1999 when the actor Julia Roberts hit the headlines globally for wearing a dress that exposed her unshaven armpits. Gen Z pop stars, from Amandla Stenberg to Miley Cyrus, are regularly seen with body hair. Brands are cottoning on, too. Last year, Nike and No7 ran advertisements with models showing body hair underarms and upper lip, respectively. Even the present advertisement trope of a woman shaving an already shaven leg was a challenge by Billie’s razor company. It had marketing secondary that shows underarm, leg, and pubic hair.

In real life, however, the sight of a woman in public with body hair remains rare. However, norms are slowly changing; almost one in four women under 25 no longer shave a hollow under the arm at the shoulder. Compared with just one in 20 in 2013. According to the market analyst Mintel.


One campaign helping to continue this trend, and normalize body hair on women, is Januhairy. This power encourages women to grow their body hair for January and share images of themselves online. They were started by students Laura Jackson and Ruby Jones in 2019. The campaign hashtag has now attracted thousands of posts from women worldwide. As the end of this year’s Januhairy approaches, we meet the movement’s founders. Others are taking part to talk on how accepting their body hair has to change how they feel about themselves and their bodies.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Laura Jackson: ‘Make sure you are choosing for yourself.’ Photograph: Instagram or Januhairy.

‘When I see my body hair now, it reminds me of my love for myself.’

Laura Jackson was a student at Exeter University. When she first grew out her body hair. It was May 2018, and it was working on a one-woman stage show. She had written and would perform in. “It was on the pressures put on women to accept by these beauty rules to feel accepted.” She says. “As part of the show, I grew out my body hair for the first time. I will not have to do it if I.

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