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Mahito: Is A Human-Looking Anime Character


Mahito is a human-looking cursed spirit with a patchwork face and grey eyes, according to jujutsu sorcerers.

Mahito has heterochromia in the anime since his left eye is dark blue and his right eye is grey. His grayish-blue hair is parted into three enormous strands with ties at the ends, and it goes past his neck.

Mahito has sutures all over his body, giving him the impression of being sewed together, in addition to his face.

On the left sleeve, Mahito usually wears a black shawl that is divided into three sections. He also wears matching pants with and without white shoes on occasion.

Mahito is a Human-Looking Anime


Mahito is an immature, sadistic cursed ghost that enjoys playing with people’s emotions. He believes he was created due to human misdeeds and sees himself as the embodiment of humanity’s hatred towards one another.

As a result, Mahito feels that humans should be extinct and cursed spirits should govern instead.

Mahito shows little empathy for human beings and appears to respect his own life as little as possible. He is committed to his cause, feeling that saving Sukuna is more vital than his survival.

Mahito doesn’t mind if cursed spirits eventually triumph, as long as he’s present to witness it.

Who is irritable and haughty

Unlike his ally Jogo, Mahito maintains a calm demeanor while being fun. Nonetheless, when it comes to their race, they share the same ambitions.

Mahito, according to Nanami, is exceedingly immature and superficial, similar to Satoru Gojo. Even in battle, when his life is on the line, he adores playing with humans. Junpei was befriended by Mahito because he saw him as a nice toy to play with.

He used Junpei’s hatred to force him to become a curse user. When his toy was no longer useful, Mahito used him as leverage against Yuji, killing him without hesitation.

When it comes to the concept of souls

Mahito is likewise quite philosophical. He believes that the human Soul existed before the body and is fascinated with the Soul’s nature. His cursed technique is based on this passion, and he utilizes it to test it on human victims to learn more.

For the most part, he maintains his cool, but when his safety is threatened, such as when Yuji demonstrated that his strikes might cause serious harm to Mahito, he becomes scared.

When Nobara Kugisaki used

When Nobara Kugisaki used her cursed technique on him later, he was taken aback when he was harmed because her cursed method can bypass physical resistance and assault the Soul in the same way that Yuji’s strikes can.

He then underlines the need to get rid of her, demonstrating his great desire to eliminate anyone or anything that could harm him.

After being badly injured by Black Flash and weary at the end of his second confrontation with Yuji, Mahito became afraid of Yuji when Yuji demonstrated his determination to track him down, seeing in Yuji the same callous disdain that Mahito saw in others.

Mahito then tried desperately to flee Yuji, demonstrating that, despite his arrogance and pontificating, he was little more than a vicious child at heart, who loved injuring others when he was not in danger but was terrified when the repercussions of his actions finally caught up with him.

Capabilities and Responsibilities

Overall Skill Level: Mahito is an unregistered Special Grade cursed spirit with more power than three of Sukuna’s fingers combined. He is younger than Jogo.

Thus he has less experience and is less potent as a result. Despite this, Mahito is significantly more powerful than a standard Special Grade cursed spirit.

He possesses a high level of intelligence as well as a cursed technique that is exceedingly hazardous. Mahito has tremendous development potential, as seen by the fact that he has developed amid battle on several occasions.

If it hadn’t been for Sukuna’s intervention

He defeated Grade 1 sorcerer Kento Nanami in a one-on-one battle by rendering his cursed technique unusable. After that fight, Nanami decided Mahito needed to be exorcised right away, or he would grow into something too dangerous for Jujutsu High to manage.

If it hadn’t been for Sukuna’s intervention, Mahito would have likely defeated both jujutsu sorcerers in their two-on-one duel with Nanami and Yuji. Mahito grew stronger while his life was in jeopardy during this battle, allowing him to create his Domain Expansion.

Later, during the Shibuya Incident Arc, Mahito pushed himself even farther, strengthening his Soul manipulating powers and producing complete clones of himself that were indistinguishable from the original.

Throughout their fight, he manages to land many black flashes on Yuji and Todo, allowing him to gather enough awareness of cursed energy and his Soul to activate Instant Spirit Body Of Distorted Killing, further enhancing his power.

Mahito possesses exceptional physical strength. In their second bout, he thrashed Yuji Itadori severely, causing him to cough up blood. He dealt a solid hit for Yuji while transforming his body with Idle Transfiguration, causing him to bleed from the brow.

Mahito said that he could have split Yuji’s head if he had put more effort into it. He could quickly demolish a large number of Mechamarus and was powerful enough to pin Nanami down.

Mahito’s attacks can be so powerful when boosted with Black Flash that they made Aoi Todo cough up blood despite the latter focusing his cursed energies.

Enhanced Speed: Mahito possesses a tremendous amount of speed. When he used Idle Transfiguration during their combat, he was able to blitz past Nanami’s guard. He was able to outrun Yuji and assault Todo so quickly that he had no choice but to concentrate his cursed energies.

Improved Reflexes: Mahito possesses exceptional reflexes. He was able to react to Yuji and Todo’s attacks and counter them when fighting them.

To some extent, Mahito kept up with Todo’s Boogie Woogie. He even fought Yuji and Nanami on his own, avoiding and countering their punches at breakneck speed.

High Intellect: For a cursed spirit, Mahito possesses exceptional intellectual aptitude. He was able to correctly guess that jujutsu sorcerers were looking into him, and he was able to lay a trap for them.

After just a few exchanges, Mahito can deduce his opponent’s skill level and even their cursed technique. Because of his bond with Sukuna, he was able to do so accurately against Nanami, and he was able to learn that Yuji possessed the power to view souls.

He’s also a master at deceiving his opponents using a number of ruses. Mahito, along with Suguru Geto, is the brains behind his faction’s operations.

Enhanced Durability: Mahito is extremely hard to kill. Not only does his cursed skill make physical strikes useless, but Mahito’s spirit is also impervious to harm.

Nanami tried to crush Mahito’s body, but he went the entire battle without displaying any agony, even when his assaults were successful.

When Yuji was able to strike Mahito’s Soul, and both jujutsu sorcerers overpowered him, Mahito could weather the storm and unlock a new power rather than letting his body shatter under strain.

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