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Stella Immanuel – Bio, Education, Career, Personal Life & Net Worth


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Stella Immanuel – Trump’s New Covid Doctor

Stella Immanuel
Stella Immanuel

Stella Immanuel’s Biography

She was born in 1965 Cameroon. Stella is a Cameroonian-American Physician and Pastor. Immanuel remembers an interest in becoming a Doctor from the age of four.

Stella Immanuel’s Education

She attends Cameroon Protestant College. A secondary school in Bali, Cameroon. In 1990. Stella graduate from Medical School at the University of Calabar in Nigeria. In 1992, she moved to the United States.

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Stella completes a Pediatric Residency at the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center in New York City.

Stella Immanuel’s Career

She starts her career at a pediatric clinic in Louisiana. In December 1998, she began practicing at the Southern Pediatric Clinic in Alexandria, Louisiana. In February 1999, Stella joined the General Pediatric Care Clinic as a Pediatrician.

In 2006, she owned the Rapha Medical and Therapeutic Clinic in Louisiana. Stella also runs a Fire Power Ministries church.

Stella Immanuel’s Medical and other claims

Stella Immanuel's
Stella Immanuel’s

Immanuel’s medical claims are sometimes combining with her Spiritual Beliefs. She believes many Gynecological illnesses result from having sex dreams with Succubi and Incubi. Receiving demon sperm and the spirit of spouses causes Endometriosis, Infertility, Miscarriages, and Sexually transmitted infections.

In a 2015 sermon, Immanuel told space alien DNA is used in Medical Treatments. And that “Reptilian Spirits” and other Hypothetical run the United States government. The same year, she also said lighting is using Witches to destroy the world.

Through the Abortion, Gay Marriage, Children’s Toys, and Media. Such as Harry Potter, Pokémon, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Hannah Montana. In another 2015’s lecture, Stella said. Scientists are developing vaccines to stop people from being religious.

Dr. Stella Immanuel and Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doc’s Four things one should know

Here are a few things that one needs to know about Stella Immanuel. The doctor, President Trump told he thought she was very excellent. On the same day, Florida sets a new record for coronavirus deaths.

1. Stella Immanuel says one does not need to wear a mask. She also believes in fact of entangling with Demons.

2. She says there is a coronavirus cure. There is not.

3. Stella not only recommending a Drug. It does not work, but one that could hurt people with Heart Problems or other Medications.

4. Stella’s advice is not Harmless. It may make the pandemic situation worse and last longer.

Stella Immanuel’s Relationship Status and Children

Not Known.

Stella Immanuel’s Popularity on Social Media

After the social media companies remove a viral video showing doctors spreading proven by evidence information on the novel coronavirus, a phrase is inspired by one doctor’s past. It claims to starts trending on Twitter: Evil sperm.

Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter have removed the various utterance of the video. Twitter said to The Washington Post that they violated the covid-19 misinformation policy.

Stella Immanuel’s Controversial Video

A Houston doctor. She praises Hydroxychloroquine. Says that face masks are not necessary to stop transmission of the highly spreading coronavirus. It has become a star on the conservative internet.

It has to garner tens of millions of views on Facebook on Monday alone.

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Donald Trump Junior declares the video of Stella Immanuel a must-watch. At the same time, Donald Trump himself retweets the video.

Before Donald Trump and his Supporters accept Immanuel’s medical expert skills. Although, it should consider other medical claims that Immanuel has made. Including those on Alien’s DNA, the physical effects of having sex with Witches and Demons in the dreams.

Stella Immanuel’s Net Worth

She has an estimating Net Worth of around a 1.1million dollars.

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