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Double Chin Surgery- Meaning, Cost, Procedure & More


Double Chin Surgery: Hi, Guys Today, I am going for more excitable information on Double Chin Surgery.

What is the meaning double chin?

When it comes to skin aging, the neck is one of the first areas to show signs of age, and fat tends to collect under the chin in some people. Their entire jaw and facial profile may be affected by the additional fat and loose skin.

Any of the following procedures can be used by a plastic surgeon to treat a double chin:

• Liposuction of the chin. Excess fat under the chin is removed with this surgery.

• Submentoplasty. This procedure combines chin liposuction with muscle tightening through tiny incisions under the chin.

• Lifting the neck. Lower rhytidectomy is a procedure that involves removing extra skin or tightening the skin muscles of the neck to give the face a more sculpted appearance.

A double chin can be reduced using any of the methods. If your skin isn’t particularly elastic and appears loose or saggy, you might not be a good candidate for liposuction or submentoplasty. In this instance, a neck lift is frequently recommended by a doctor.

How much does it cost to have a double chin surgery?

The cost of double chin surgery is determined by the surgical method used. A neck lift is more surgical and time-consuming than liposuction. The following are the costs of the procedure:

  • the time of the surgeon
  • facility and personnel costs
  • costs for medication and instruments
  • the cost of anesthesia

The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery estimates the average cost of neck contouring treatments to be between $1,200 and $12,700, based on a national poll of member physicians.

What is the procedure for a double chin?

A tiny tube called a cannula is inserted into the chin in various places during chin liposuction. Small and selective amounts of fat are extracted from each site using gentle suction. The end effect is a smoother, more even profile with less fat behind the chin.

A submentoplasty involves performing small incisions under the chin and employing neck liposuction.

A neck lift involves incisions behind the ear and occasionally behind the chin, removing extra skin and tightening neck muscles.

Double chin surgery procedures

The following are some basic chin liposuction procedures:

1. Your surgeon will check your chin and neck and mark the places where the cannulas will be inserted with a pen.

2. The skin is carefully washed with an antiseptic solution to prevent the risk of infection.

3. If anesthesia is desired, the surgeon will provide drugs or inject a local anesthetic (numbing medication) into the skin.

4. They’ll then make a series of small incisions in the skin, just big enough to insert the liposuction cannula.

5. They’ll next implant a liposuction cannula and remove the excess fat with a back-and-forth or fanning motion. To create a smooth, even facial appearance, they’ll pay special attention to how much fat is eliminated from each location.

6. Finally, if necessary, bandaging is performed. A customized chin strap is usually included to support the skin as it heals.

Areas to be operated on if you have a double chin.

Excess fat, wrinkles, or a lack of a jawline due to excess skin tissue are all candidates for double chin surgery.

Are there any dangers or negative consequences?

There are risks whenever foreign tools are put into the skin. Before the procedure, a doctor should review these with you to ensure you have all the necessary information.

What can you expect following a double chin operation?

Following the treatment, you should expect some swelling and discomfort. Due to swelling and bruising, the skin around the neck and chin may feel very tight. A doctor will generally remove facial drains within a day or two if they were placed to decrease blood and fluid buildup in your neck.

A doctor may advise that any incision areas be treated with antibiotic ointment. For a few days, they’ll typically recommend avoiding the sun or getting too much water on the face and chin.

The length of your recovery is determined by the surgical strategy employed by your doctor. Returning to work after chin liposuction usually takes a few days to a week. You won’t be able to return to work for around two weeks after a neck lift.

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