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Nagito Komaeda: Heroes Are An Ancient Tradition All About


Nagito Komaeda: Heroes Wiki is a spin-off of the “Villains Wiki,” and it’s intended to be a comprehensive encyclopedia of heroes from all media, from vintage cartoon shows to epic plays, movies, and video games.

Heroes are an ancient tradition that spans almost all cultures and captures the imaginations of both children and adults; this wiki aims to honor those childhood fancies as well as characters who continue to inspire us well into adulthood.

Nagito Komaeda Hero for Headline

Nagito Komaeda

Knuckles the Echidna in the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy’s tritagonist, first appearing in Sonic 3. He was tricked into fighting Sonic by Eggman when he initially appeared. Sonic said that he had come to steal Knuckles’ Master Emerald, although he had merely come to stop Eggman.

When Knuckles’ Master Emerald is in jeopardy, he usually gets involved. He’s a talented martial artist who’s as fast as Sonic and just as strong. Despite their competition, he and Rouge share a secret crush for one another.

Knuckles is a treasure hunter as well. After hanging out with Tails and Sonic, he said that treasure hunting is his favorite activity.

He is a stoic warrior with a pure heart who has committed his life to protect Master Emerald. He is the Echidna clan’s sole survivor, and he has vowed to preserve and safeguard Master Emerald with his life. He is Sonic’s team’s prodigy and a loyal friend. He is, however, a loner by nature. He was also Team Chaotix’s former leader.

Knuckles was the tritagonist in most games and Sonic Boom spin-off series, the secondary antagonist in Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, one of the main antagonists in Sonic Triple Trouble.

The main protagonist in Knuckles’ Chaotix, a major character in Sonic and the Secret Rings as Sinbad, Sonic and Blaze’s stories in Sonic Rush, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, and Sonic Forces, and a supporting character in Sonic 2006.

He is voiced by Nobutoshi Canna in the Japanese version of the full series as of 1998 and Dave Mitchell in the English version. Michael McGahan, Ryan Drummond, Scott Dreier, Dan Green, Travis Willingham, and Dave Mitchell were among his prior voices.

Idris Elba will voice and motion-capture him in the Sonic movie sequel.

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