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Izuku Midoriya: Is The Main Character In My Hero Academia


Izuku Midoriya: is the main character in My Hero Academia, a famous anime, and manga series.

Deku is Izuku’s hero name. He was initially Quirkless, but after impressing All Might with his courage, he was granted One For All and became its ninth user.

Izuku is voiced as a child by Daiki Yamashita and Akeno Watanabe in the Japanese version and Justin Briner and Lara Woodhull in the English version.

Izuku Midoriya is the main character

Izuku Midoriya

Izuku is a teenage lad with green eyes and untidy dark green hair that many people mistake for black. However, the messiness throws a shadow on his hair.

He wore a black gakuran uniform with yellow buttons during his Junior High School years. He dresses in a light grey suit with a white dress shirt and dark green dress slacks, as well as a red necktie, for his time at U.AU.A. Izuku’s oversized red boots are his go-to footwear.

Izuku, who was formerly very slender, has obtained a variety of well-developed abdominal muscles due to his intense training with All Might and at U.AU.A.

Personality of Izuku Midoriya

Izuku is described as a nervous, honest, and cheerful young man. Despite being born without quirks, Izuku has pursued his lifelong ambition of becoming a hero, and he is greatly influenced by the No. 1 Hero: All Might.

While he is known for his timidity and occasionally meek demeanor, Izuku is also known for his heroic spirit, which he expresses with fantastic dedication and selflessness, as demonstrated when he saved Katsuki Ochaco despite the danger posed to himself.

Izuku is overjoyed at the prospect of gaining a Quirk and attending U.A.U.A. High, but he is also focused on becoming All Might’s successor to bear the One For All Quirk.

Izuku is a massive lover of heroes and knows a lot about them, especially All Might. He knows everything about the No. 1’s exploits and feats, no matter how minor or insignificant they are. As a fan of All Might, he is an obsessive collector of his goods, as evidenced by his dorm room.

Izuku is also incredibly knowledgeable and insightful about other people’s quirks and abilities, frequently devising new methods, plans, and ways to improve them. As a result, if Izuku concentrates on something, he tends to drone on and mumble, a trait that irritates his friends.

Izuku is likewise a character with a lot of movement. While he begins as an insecure, sad, and unconfident guy who is unsure of his skills, talents, and handling of his Quirk, he quickly matures into a more focused, dynamic, and driven character who has his sights set on being a great hero.

His time at U.A.U.A. and experiences, as well as his role as All Might’s successor for One For All, have all aided in his development as a character and a hero-in-training.

Izuku is truly defined by his ultimately heroic spirit and willingness to help or save anyone, even if he lacks the power or talents to do so. After witnessing Eri’s anxiety and the bandages around her arms, he became skeptical and distrustful.

His failure to save her from the incident stuck on his mind, and he was later appalled to hear the truth of her mistreatment. While this weighed heavily on his conscience, it also spurred his desire to save her with his buddy Mirio Togata.

He has also been able to assist others with their personal problems and issues, acquiring tremendous respect and even affection for numerous individuals who were previously adversarial towards him.

His determination to win fights, which he learned from his boyhood companion Katsuki Bakugo, goes hand in hand with his tremendous desire to save people. Because his vision of success is so ingrained with the picture of Katsuki in his head, Izuku goes so far as to imitate Katsuki’s actions during the battle, even though he acknowledges he dislikes this part of him.

Izuku also has a compassionate and merciful attitude toward the criminals he meets. While he recognizes that some villains are too ruthless to be sympathetic, he ponders the circumstances that led them to become villains in the first place.

As a result, he frequently wishes to help villains in need, regardless of their misdeeds, such as offering the Gentle Criminal and his lover, La Brava, a better life path.

Despite being the ultimate evil, he even believed that he could save his arch-enemy Tomura Shigaraki from All For One’s influence once he witnessed what remained of Tenko Shimura’s humanity and innocence after Tomura attempted to enter his consciousness.

While the other users believed Tomura was beyond rescue and that the harm he would bring was irreparable, Izuku feels that One For All should be used to save rather than murder, as All Might taught him, since he still wants to save Tomura.

He also tries to reason with Muscular to see if there was any other path for him to take and why he committed all of these murders, as well as Lady Nagant, a fallen Pro Hero due to the dark side of Hero Society until he had gotten her to open her eyes, and even Kai Chisaki of all people, who kept a promise he made to Nagant when he genuinely wanted to apologize to his boss but only on the condition that he would feel the same way about Eri.

Izuku was released from the hospital shortly after waking up from his coma. Then, in April, he addressed letters to each of his 1-A classmates, including Ochaco, telling the truth about his Quirk being a power passed down to him by All Might, that All For One and Tomura Shigaraki are now chasing him as a result of it, and that he had left U.A. High. Izuku had left U.A.U.A. High for that matter, at the start of his second year in April to keep them safe.

Capabilities and Powers

Even before getting his Quirk, Izuku exhibited many characteristics that characterized him as a hero, such as his courage and selflessness in assisting and saving others in need.

These characteristics alone drew the attention of his icon, All Might, who decided he was worthy of wielding his Quirk, One For All, and continuing his legacy as his successor, the next symbol of peace, the ninth user of One For All, and allowing Izuku to realize his dream of becoming the World’s Greatest Hero.

Powers of Izuku Midoriya

• One For All: One For All is a Quirk that has been passed down down the centuries and is presently in the ownership of Izuku, who received it from All Might.

Izuku can stockpile power using One For All, enhancing his overall stamina, endurance, and skill. Izuku is the first One For All user to establish a spiritual connection with previous users, as well as the first to acquire all of their quirks.

• Fa Jin: The Third User of One For All’s Quirk This Quirk is an Internal Power Explosion, which is similar to a Chinese Martial Arts move. He can store and release kinetic energy by repeating repetitive motions.

• Danger Sense: The Quirk of One For All’s fourth user. This Quirk causes a powerful throbbing pain in the head, which varies in strength depending on the oncoming threat. Izuku’s body suffers greatly as a result.

• Blackwhip: Daigoro Banjo’s Quirk, the fifth One For All user. Izuku can use her Quirk to summon dark tentacles to capture adversaries or move by grasping items.

• Smokescreen: En’s Quirk, the sixth One For All user. This Quirk produces layers of smoke in order to hide vision.

• Float: Nana Shimura’s Quirk, the sixth user of One For All. Izuku can suspend himself in mid-air because of this Quirk.

• One nameless Quirk: The second One For All user’s Quirk.

Abilities of Izuku Midoriya

• High Intellect: His high intellect has been a characteristic of his since the beginning. Izuku has demonstrated a high level of expertise in both battle and the world around him. As a result of focusing on his studies overnight, he is one of the few students in his class with the greatest grades.

He has also demonstrated that he is a quick learner and adapter, as his experiences with his Quirk have inspired him to develop new abilities and strategies that he can use to get around his Quirk.

Weaknesses of Izuku Midoriya

Though One For All’s power and nature are great, it is not something that can be handled lightly. In Izuku’s instance, it was originally tough for him to handle because he was continuously injuring himself when he used it recklessly.

He had to go through months of physical training to prepare his body for the Quirk even before that. The Quirk would inflict considerable pain and damage to his limbs, as well as drain his stamina if he tried to push himself over his limits.

Izuku learned to push himself beyond his limits throughout time, and he continues to do so to this day. It will take a greater toll on his body now that he has inherited a Danger Sense Quirk. Izuku has been discovered to be the Last Wielder of One For All when all of the other Quirks are joined.

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